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bismillah 09-30-10 02:14 PM



Yaniel 09-30-10 02:21 PM


a_phat_beat 09-30-10 02:31 PM

purchase free since june.

a_phat_beat 09-30-10 02:32 PM

Originally Posted by Yaniel (Post 11549160)

my thoughts exactly.

FreddyV 09-30-10 02:55 PM

Originally Posted by Yaniel (Post 11549160)

It's cheaper than an actual 'Dale ;)

ID64 09-30-10 03:06 PM

Originally Posted by Flatballer (Post 11532675)
wow, that's a nice looking saddle. How much lighter than the normal SMP is it?

This one is 165 g

nthach 09-30-10 03:08 PM

El cheapo but pretty decent air pump.

BarracksSi 09-30-10 07:12 PM

Originally Posted by Yaniel (Post 11549160)

Originally Posted by a_phat_beat (Post 11549234)
my thoughts exactly.

Originally Posted by FreddyV (Post 11549384)
It's cheaper than an actual 'Dale ;)

Maybe just trying to boost its CL price...

engstrom 09-30-10 09:15 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I gave the stock saddle 400 miles but it never really fit me right so this went on last night:

Attachment 171971

Grim 10-01-10 04:46 AM

Originally Posted by BarracksSi (Post 11550673)
Maybe just trying to boost its CL price...

C-Dale envy? hahahaa

What a small minded thing to do and it only impresses equally small minded people or it defrauds the truly ignorant.

Anybody that knows anything about a C-dale would spot that fraud from a mile. They also know C-Dals are equipped and priced about the same as any other good quality bike. That may change soon but still true.

I think I will go stick a Porsche Logo on a 74 Beetle because Dr. Porsche did designed it so its really a Porsche if I change the label and people will think more of me if I drive a Porsche.

bj.bonnette 10-01-10 07:00 AM

Originally Posted by engstrom (Post 11551425)
I gave the stock saddle 400 miles but it never really fit me right so this went on last night:

Attachment 171971

Looks like a madone 4.7 :) Nice bike

engstrom 10-01-10 07:10 AM

Originally Posted by bj.bonnette (Post 11552616)
Looks like a madone 4.7 :) Nice bike

Good eye! And judging by the sig in your pic I know why you recognized it. :) It IS a nice bike.

RedLeg 10-01-10 09:20 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Wheels Manufacturing with Evolution Ceramic Bearing for my Ultegra SL Crankset.

slynkie 10-01-10 12:33 PM

not very glamorous, but...
i usually use assos but they're out of stock.
trying out the Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech II's as my winter tire. got sick of contis.

oh, and separately bought -

Brian Sharpe 10-01-10 06:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
My new CygoLite Mitycross 400

LoCPC 10-01-10 06:12 PM

Shimano M076 Mtb shoes and Speedplay Frog pedals. Shoes are so comfortable that I tend to wear them at work for the first 30 minutes after arriving. Once coworker really like my "new shoes" with those fancy silvery velcro straps!

Need to put these on the Giant TCX commuter because getting tired of duck walking around in road shoes when I run errands. Though, I'm using Eggbeater pedals right now that came with the bike. Like those SP X pedals that I have been using. Not sure about the Frogs yet.

rangerdavid 10-02-10 06:08 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Got some more stuff getting ready for winter:

bunch of Kenda tubes (actually only 6, not this whole box)
Attachment 172123

new cassette
Attachment 172124

Pearl Izumi Thermal Bib Tights from PB on sale
Attachment 172125

Blackdays 10-02-10 09:14 AM

andrewluke 10-02-10 06:26 PM

More winter prep.

Looking into a Chris King BB pretty quick here. SRAM BB creaks after 300 miles and it's not a matter of torque.

derek.fulmer 10-03-10 04:52 PM

SRAM Force front derailuer, Gore wind stopper jacket, shop cycling cap, and a Romin Expert saddle.

mzeffex 10-03-10 05:04 PM


midgetmaestro 10-03-10 06:02 PM

pigmode 10-03-10 06:21 PM

After ride recoup...

Nachoman 10-03-10 06:25 PM
I bought two pairs. One in red and one in blue. Both back ups. They're my favorite gloves. thick and soft.

klages 10-03-10 06:38 PM
gooder bibs

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