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rangerdavid 10-03-10 07:24 PM

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Picked up these Gore Bike Wear thermal arm warmers on sale at Nashbar for $27 (with a $7 off coupon)...

DitaDog 10-05-10 11:46 PM

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I didn't believe all the wheel hype until now.

caloso 10-06-10 12:00 AM

To stop:

To pump:

Yaniel 10-06-10 06:24 AM

Originally Posted by Razor From KC (Post 11564678)

put the tire decal above the stem.

plpete 10-06-10 09:20 AM

Stupid cheap at $72

For the cold days. $200 jacket snagged for $60 at a bike swap.

New cable set $24 bay brand new!

Standalone 10-06-10 10:36 AM

Jamis Satellite. Upgraded w/ carbon seatpost, new stem, neuvation M28s w/Kenda Calientes, weyless handlebars (have to check on the recall). Stelle Italia saddle, stock wheels/saddle/bars/stem/post, look 247's, 45.5 shoes (I'm a 47 in socks), extra avocet oxygen saddle, carbon stem spacers, 6 or 8 regular inner tubes, a pair or two of fancy tan latex innertubes, new unused tires (nice ones, forget which), funky look-compatible strap style clip pedals, etc.

Single CL purchase this weekend. Drove to Jersey for it. I think the 62cm bike weighs about 19lbs. Guy at my LBS, where they carry the satellite, was real surprised when he picked it up.

Obscenely cheap.

yak 10-06-10 11:46 AM

Santa Cruz Tallboy.

calamarichris 10-06-10 12:01 PM

Belt drive, hydraulic disk brakes, and a b1tchin' bed for my dog to commute on. 200 miles so far and I really, really love this bike!

clx1 10-06-10 01:52 PM

Zipp 101 Clinchers in the post!
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Ordered these today along with a pair of Continental GP 4000S

chado445510 10-06-10 02:17 PM

Originally Posted by clx1 (Post 11581103)
Ordered these today along with a pair of Continental GP 4000S

Very nice. Are those the 101s, or the training wheelset?

Herbie53 10-06-10 02:19 PM

RonH 10-06-10 02:20 PM

I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Conti Grand Prix 4 Season tires (700x23). Just under $72 each with tax at REI. :o

Sixty Fiver 10-06-10 05:13 PM

Picked up some MEC World Tour 40 litre panniers, a WTB Speed V test saddle, and some lovely Sakae pedals for a whopping 29.00.

JoelS 10-06-10 05:17 PM

A pair of Conti GP4000s to replace the Open Corsa's I was using. I love the ride of the Vittoria's, but they just don't last.

TRaffic Jammer 10-08-10 11:00 AM

On the way home after work I'm grabbing up the last pair of Sidi Dominators in my size. Clearance 50% off, YES!!!

midgetmaestro 10-08-10 01:07 PM

shovelhd 10-08-10 01:09 PM

Isn't that frame a little big for you, MM?

midgetmaestro 10-08-10 01:25 PM

psh. They had one in a 48 (luckily).

Adrianinkc 10-08-10 02:37 PM

Bought a bontrager r saddle and my butt said thank you.

phx1973 10-08-10 02:50 PM

I got my first set of clipless pedals (Shimano PD-M520) and shoes (Shimano MO086). I know they are mountain biking shoes, and I put them on my roadbike, but I need the comfortability for walk during my commute. I love them so far.

Forza 10-08-10 06:23 PM

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Courtesy of the REI Fall Sale 20% off coupon that started today.

mzeffex 10-08-10 06:32 PM


Jiffyjam 10-08-10 07:59 PM

Just picked up a new Surly LHT in "Blacktacular"

Jeepnut22 10-08-10 08:09 PM

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