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gundom66 11-20-10 09:47 PM

No pics, but I bought a Bontrager Bib Knickers, I think about 2 weeks ago and picked it up last weekend. And today, I picked up a Tifosi Tyrant in Fototec High Speed Red. There won't be any other purchases until I get my road bike next year. :)

Phiberglass 11-20-10 10:37 PM

Road Master 11-21-10 04:06 AM

My most recent cycling purchase was a 1936 CWC Roadmaster crankset w/ 52 tooth 1" pitch sprocket. My 36' Roadmaster had the crankset and rear New Departure sprocket converted to a Schwinn Sweet Heart crankset and rear sprocket with 1/2" pitch teeth and chain. Ya gotta love the skip tooth though.

BarracksSi 11-21-10 03:34 PM

Ultegra 6700 12-25 cassette and Ultegra BB. Trying a narrower gear range on the road bike and freeing up my Tiagra BB for eventual use on the commuter (got a Tiagra crank sitting around, waiting for the commuter's OEM crank or BB to crap out).

Oh, and white Arundel Gecko tape for the roadie. My fourth bartape job; looks better each time I do it. :D

cmolway 11-22-10 06:53 AM

Nashbar thermal bib-tights for $19. Yes they probably aren't the best but for $19, how can you go wrong.

LowCel 11-22-10 09:06 PM

VA_Esquire 11-22-10 09:13 PM

new shoe covers, winter gloves, and balaclava

LowCel 11-24-10 11:25 AM

A few goodies for my soon to be back up / rain bike.

Craft Windstopper Skull Hat: Black; LG/XL
SRAM 2010 Force Braze-on Front Derailleur
SRAM Rival Rear Road Derailleur Black
SRAM Rival DoubleTap Shift/Brake Lever Set
Jagwire J2 Inline Adjusters Black, Pair
Hudz HiTech Cable Donutz Wallonne White Bag 30
Jagwire Tube Tops 3G Housing Covers/Frame Protectors, White, Bag/4
SRAM Team GXP English Cupset Gray
Cinelli Cork Tape Black
FSA OS-190 Road/MTB Stem: 110mm; 84/96 degree; Black; 31.8

thesmoothdome 11-24-10 11:55 AM

Had to buy a new cold (Ok, cool) weather beanie with earflaps because the wife decided to put my wool Walz hat in the dryer. Sigh. At least I got to wear it once.

kayakdiver 11-24-10 12:33 PM

Originally Posted by thesmoothdome (Post 11836421)
Had to buy a new cold (Ok, cool) weather beanie with earflaps because the wife decided to put my wool Walz hat in the dryer. Sigh. At least I got to wear it once.


ndchao 11-24-10 12:36 PM

2009 Bianchi 928 Mono-Q Frameset
Mavic K10 Wheelset

pjn0629 11-24-10 01:18 PM

Originally Posted by dubsnyc (Post 11813796)
would you mind telling us how you like the bibs once you get them? I've been eyeing them also.

I've had these bibs since the beginning of the season, best.chamois.ever. the leg grippers are nice too, kinda has the grippy woven in with the fabric, instead of little nubs, its much more comfortable. the front is really low, so if you have to pull un arret pipi... you can. the straps are a little narrow, and widely spaced though, kinda non-traditional, and they feel more like suspenders, and have left like an imprint on my shoulder after 60+ mile rides, but I've never thought of the straps as uncomfortable. My Descente Bibs are a L, these are an XL, so size up.

MileHighMark 11-24-10 05:28 PM

One of these stickers:

caloso 11-24-10 05:41 PM

Just placed an order with our brother Psimet for one of these:

kandyredcoi 11-24-10 06:34 PM

LowCel 11-24-10 06:52 PM

Originally Posted by caloso (Post 11838150)
Just placed an order with our brother Psimet for one of these:

Very nice, I really like mine.

thirdgenbird 11-24-10 07:00 PM

Originally Posted by MileHighMark (Post 11838092)

that would look great over the word "scattante" on my bike

Grim 11-24-10 08:16 PM

Originally Posted by Grim (Post 11642283)
Picked up an inexpensive Carbon Fork for my Cannondale project. Need a seat post and then clean up the parts off the Centurion and see what I have. Hopefully I can get some time in on it after work a few days this week in between getting firewood split and maybe get it on the road this weekend. I am starting to think I may end up with a bike about 21ish pounds...not bad for a 63cm frame. :D

Been a good bike week!

Finnaly got this bike on the road today. The Centruion parts were just too far gone. I picked up a donor Novara Trionfo that had a full 105 SC group on it last week. Just seemed to be the way to go and a good price on the Novara. The Novar was actually a really nice bike with a Tange Prestige frame and I was able to sell it today and make a few bucks off that to cut my build cost.

The nickle and dime stuff came today today. The 105SC FD was a no go with the Cannondale frame 26.8 clamp needed a 31.8). Had a 105 braze on that was given to me this week so $15 for a Brazon adaptor, 90mm stem (63 cm frame to get the bars up for my back), bar tape, cables, BB cable guide, stem shims and some other parts for other bikes etc came $120. $30 of that was a new chain for my DD T700 and then I also had $20 off a over $100 purchase that came in the mail yesterday so that helped.
I haven't tallied it all but looks like I built a R800 (1998) level bike for under $300. Once I had all the parts in one spot assembly went very well. The RD requird almost NO adustment. I shifted it up a couple gears by hand put the cable to it a little loose, adjusted the H-L stops and that was it. It shiftered perfect with no adjustment on the cable tenssion. The FD was almost as easy. That will never happen to me again. LOL

I also saw an add for a Velo Orange Porteur rack on CL for $60 firm (they are $160 new) with a rattle can paint job. Went after it and the guy hooked me up with his cast offs that included 3 thread-less stems, Campy 8 speed avanti Brifters, FD, a Camp RD and brakes. Well loved parts but they all seem usable just need to find a bike to put them on. :D He also gave me the above mentioned 105 FD and a Campy record crank but I need to heli coil left peddle hole. The rings look new. They may end up on the Cannondale as they are 52/39 and I could use just a bit more low end then the 52/42 with the hills I have around here.

So my Raleigh thats not really a Raleigh that I wanted to build as a Porteur is now a Porteur after a couple hours with some paint stripper. Rode it to the LBS to pick up the other parts. Need to find a nice wicker basket to stick on it now for grocery runs :D

thirdgenbird 11-24-10 08:42 PM

and because shipping was so high:

Schmadley 11-24-10 09:32 PM


Bike (Matte Onyx) -
Pedals -
Shoes -

Should be picking it all up next week in time for a weekend down in the Snowy Mountains......

Little Dwight 11-25-10 12:56 AM

I'm a newbie, so I'm still working on some basics.

Cateye Strada Cadence

Blackburn Mars 3.0

Sugoi MidZero Knee Warmers

It gets cold in Houston, but never too cold.

Blackdays 11-25-10 01:19 PM

Razor, that is seriously the ugliest tape I have ever seen.

However, I'm sure it will go great with your dragon sticker.

NathanC 11-25-10 02:18 PM

What Blackdays said.

Wylde06 11-25-10 02:47 PM x2

Ill have to see how the hat works...but im a little disappointed that it doesn't cover the ears completely.

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