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crazyarm07 02-08-11 06:53 PM

Reynolds DV3K Clinchers on Bonktown. Pics to follow when I get around to it.

ciocc_cat 02-08-11 07:06 PM

Louis Garneau Biogel gloves.

Omega359 02-08-11 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by Forza (Post 12196605)

How do you like that helmet? I've got a small crack in mine and I've been thinking of replacing it with the Ionos.

Velo_Tut 02-09-11 09:30 AM


I've had my Ionos for about a year and it's sweet! Light weight, comfortable and decent graphics (I have the one pictured above too). If you tend to take your shades off from time to time, the vents on the front are positioned perfectly for placing the extended arms of your sunglasses into. My Oakleys fit snug in this position even when riding. My first Ionos suffered in my worst crash, but I was amazed to see how the rear of the helmet caved in and took the brunt of the hit. The small point at the top and rear of the helmet crumpled up accordion style, but it saved my head. I bought another just like it immediately after my crash. It's a good purchase.

crazyarm07 02-09-11 04:10 PM

New Shoes (Reynolds DV3K Clinchers)

MileHighMark 02-09-11 04:16 PM

Castelli Pioggia gloves:

Phil85207 02-10-11 01:01 AM

A Garmin 800. My forerunner fell off the bike and got run over by a SUV so I upgraded.

Mr. Embrey 02-10-11 01:58 AM

It's here.
2010 Specialized Allez by Mr. Embrey, on Flickr
2010 Specialized Allez by Mr. Embrey, on Flickr

BikeMech 02-10-11 08:10 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Xero xr1 wheels. 16/20 spoke,1525 grams. Replaced my old 32 spoke 2100 gram wheels... :twitchy:

Carbon cages to replace my cheap aluminum ones. 20 grams versus 43 grams each..

Next: Either seat,stem,or frame but hopefully a dura-ace 7800 crank.

robncircus 02-11-11 12:12 AM

For a different bike but:


zitter 02-11-11 11:47 PM

slightly used

Forza 02-12-11 01:18 AM

Originally Posted by Omega359 (Post 12197618)
How do you like that helmet? I've got a small crack in mine and I've been thinking of replacing it with the Ionos.

Great helmet. This is my second Ionos. I have the white/silver in the 2010 model. The one I just picked up is the '11 with the new Roc-Loc 5. FWIW, I like them so much I have two. :)

One thing to note, they did change the fit for '11 contradictory to their marketing. I dropped a size in the '11, the biggest place where they made a change was in the width fit. IMO, the '11 fits my head better, and dropping a size over the '10 saves some weight and looks a little less well, full. :D

Chini563 02-12-11 09:00 PM

Assos F.I. Mille S5 two pairs!

Rapha's 3/4 Bib Shorts just one for now!

WhyFi 02-12-11 09:09 PM

3T Rotundo Team in Garmin blue -
Cabin fever has made my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) act up. I've been really good, but I came across a bar that I already wanted, in the Garmin Team colors that work for my bike (red is the normal accent color - no goo), on super-sale ($142[!]), with only one remaining... and in my size.

kleinboogie 02-12-11 10:50 PM

This year:

TT frameset, 38mm and 88mm tubulars from Dengfu
Disc cover for 404 rear
Giro Advantage 2 TT helmet (Black/Red)
Club gear (Bib, Skinsuit, Jersey, caps, pit shirts)
Spares (gloves, arm warmers, base layer, shoe covers [PI barrier and aero])
Nutrition (GU Brew, gels)
2x Cateye loop safety light kits (backup for me for the MUP, other for wife)
CR123A batteries 8-pack for the flashlight for late rides
4x GP4000s tires

5 tubular tires
Disc cover for 38mm wheel
SRAM Red Calipers, FD & RD for TT bike
Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow Saddle

droobieinop 02-12-11 10:56 PM

2 Attachment(s)

adxdopefish 02-13-11 12:28 AM

A boring necessary purchase today.

Missed out on my early morning ride because I snapped my crappy tire levels doing maintenance last night.

Asked the LBS to give me tyre irons that won't break. Apparently they use these in their workshop and are happy with them.

First impressions: very impressed.

kevrider 02-13-11 09:09 AM

2 Attachment(s)
fsa carbon post
cane creek IS 110 (black)
parts will adorn my new frame (orbea onix tlt) and be converted to a bike by the end of the week. can't wait! :love:

travkat 02-13-11 10:47 AM

this in white...

zrossiter 02-13-11 11:12 AM

Originally Posted by travkat (Post 12218328)

didn't know they had 2 paint schemes, had to google it to see...the white is surprisingly hot

travkat 02-13-11 06:26 PM

Originally Posted by zrossiter (Post 12218403)
didn't know they had 2 paint schemes, had to google it to see...the white is surprisingly hot

Thanks, and it is soooo sexy in person. If you click the image of the bicycle on their site it opens up bigger and you can scroll through the images.

littlewing6283 02-13-11 06:37 PM

ive been very bad, hahhahaahahha

VA_Esquire 02-13-11 06:54 PM

hmmm, I have seen such a bike, but with SRAM Force and other wheels.
has junior gearing though.

Soloist Assassin 02-13-11 07:00 PM

This BB was brand new 24hrs ago.

mzeffex 02-13-11 09:06 PM

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