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ancker 03-27-11 08:06 AM

Got this (pardon the quick indoor picture):

Added these:
and these:
with these:

chasmm 03-27-11 11:58 AM

Giro Prolight:

deepakvrao 03-27-11 12:10 PM

^^^Nice. What size? And whats the head circumference? I'm 58cm and undecided between M and L. Wife has a Giro Stylus in M, and it's tight for me, but Giro suggests a M for 58?

Where did you order from?

chasmm 03-27-11 12:36 PM

Originally Posted by deepakvrao (Post 12418640)
^^^Nice. What size? And whats the head circumference? I'm 58cm and undecided between M and L. Wife has a Giro Stylus in M, and it's tight for me, but Giro suggests a M for 58?

Where did you order from?

I got mine from Bicycle Buys, about $160. I live close enough to them that I can pick it up, which is what I did. I wear a M in the Ionos, and went with a M in the Prolight.

I really like this helmet. It isn't warm enough here on Long Island to compare venting for heat between the Ionos and Prolight, but the the Prolight strap system is great (for me) and the difference in weight is noticable. I do think that the 2011 Ionos has a newer strap system though...

deepakvrao 03-27-11 12:42 PM

Would really like to know your head circumference too.

Adrianinkc 03-27-11 04:38 PM

Originally Posted by Razor From KC (Post 12418887)
whys that? and what ones did you have? I have the RL shoes ( the $120 ones ) and love them!

I also got the RL the silver ones. I started to have some serious problems with pain and numb toes, I tried to fix it with some new insoles but didn't work. So I got a BG FIT with the S-Works shoe and problems are gone. I do have some weird feet though so that doesn't help none.

Mr Pink57 03-27-11 06:23 PM
no cadence
both 32h
looks nice with a brown bike

Returned the Sigma for this:

My road riding bike is also a monstercross bike so it get's around, I also got a bunch of frame bags for adventure cycling.

nthach 03-27-11 08:35 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I've joined the cult of Garmin today guys.

swak 03-30-11 06:12 PM

Fresh New Wheels!
Easton EC90 Carbon Tubulars...

FreddyV 03-31-11 12:32 PM

Didn't quite purchase it, but received a Mavic CXP22 2011 rear wheel today, with Tiagra hub. Received it as replacement for a Mavic CXP22 2010 rear wheel that shredded during its warranty period.

Forza 03-31-11 07:51 PM

Used up some shop credit...

Spookeay Bird 03-31-11 08:11 PM

I odered this
Polar CS200cad Cycling Computer Heart Rate Monitor with Cadence

Starting to think I may have made a mistake after finding out I can't change the batterys in the transmitters . I am thinking I should send it back, add a extra bill and get the Edge 500.

c_mack9 03-31-11 08:45 PM

i just placed my first order for some riding gear. i got a jersey, 2 cages, and 4 tubes (on sale and buy 3 get one free) all from nashbar. hopefully it will all be here before next weekends ride.

VA_Esquire 04-01-11 06:24 AM

Pinch flat on a forte tube...then today random piece of glass found its way into my tire WITHOUT cutting the tire...just the tube.

yay for buying more tubes!

Crappymonkey 04-01-11 06:37 AM

Just ordered a TØRM T1 and T2 jersey yesterday

WhyFi 04-01-11 06:43 AM

Originally Posted by Crappymonkey (Post 12442342)
Just ordered a TØRM T1 and T2 jersey yesterday

I've worn mine (T4) a few times, now - liking it a lot. I'm really appreciating the little details (whether or not they're borrowed from Rapha!) like the angled pockets and zipper pulls.

redtires 04-01-11 07:19 AM

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needed a new one of these...

M_FactorX19 04-01-11 11:16 AM

i went on a spending spree lately and got the following items. sorry no pics

3T arx team stem; 3T Doric team carbon seatpost; Giro Atmos helmet; Sidi Genius 5 pro carbon shoes; 2 nice pair of bibs; and a new descente jersey.

surgtech1956 04-02-11 02:46 PM

Pearl Izumi Full Finger Gel Gloves, 2 short sleeve jerseys(neon hi viz and bright blue), lycra shorts, from Performance Bike.

Auzburner 04-03-11 10:30 PM

Last Monday
1 Attachment(s)
I decided to upgrade my 2011 Trek 1.2T with new:
LOOK KEO Classic Red Pedals
Clip in Velcro Garneau Shoes
Bontrager matching Blue bottle cages

Also a new kit for RIT Racing.

boostieboy 04-04-11 09:17 AM

wangster 04-04-11 07:53 PM

Just got these from Competitive Cyclist... haven't had a chance to really test them out yet, but from the quick couple of laps around the block, they are pretty amazing shoes.
Photo from RedKitePrayer

dejock 04-04-11 08:47 PM

Mmmmmm :)

Mansram01 04-05-11 01:06 AM

My latest upgrade... :D

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