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zitter 04-05-11 01:19 AM

After my shoes broke and caused me to crash, I picked up these

also just got this off bonktown

also just ordered these

should go well with our socks, sockguy is a great sponsor

marckap 04-05-11 05:49 AM

I just bought a 2005 Felt F1C with full DA 7800 and the Mavic Ksyrium ES wheelset. Should be getting it next week sometime.

Mansram01 04-05-11 05:25 PM

Originally Posted by zitter (Post 12459898)

Like the jersey! I have the same jersey but the short sleeve version.

zitter 04-05-11 06:08 PM

It's actually the jacket version. I bought it mostly for casual cycling wear and not so much for training since it doesn't get cold enough to warrant a jacket for a full ride here. I almost got the Borimo, but I'm glad I held off and got the Ganna since it has a much more retro and casual look.

VA_Esquire 04-05-11 06:38 PM

Originally Posted by boostieboy (Post 12455509)

you will not be dissapointed. I love mine!

M_FactorX19 04-05-11 06:56 PM

got a few more parts in the last few days including: new carbon cage, Rival FD, Force crankset, and a new park tool floor pump. i also just installed the 3T arx team stem and doric seatpost i ordered a while back.

Dxisocos 04-05-11 11:34 PM

Red shifters, Force crank+rd+fd. Shimano 105 cassette+chian.

ben8jam 04-06-11 12:17 AM

LOOK Keo Plus pedals - now, just need some shoes.. :/

skoobywrx 04-06-11 02:17 PM

Node 2, waiting for the duotrap to come in

equipe 04-06-11 04:38 PM

Picked up a Shimano CN-7900 chain

Just took my bike for a little spin to test it out. was all working fine... but something snapped, and now it looks like I have a case of the blown 105 front brifter. Balls. Let's see if I'll be able to warranty it.

wangster 04-06-11 05:09 PM

Castelli Free Aero bibs and Podio Jersey. They are super light and comfy... a little tight which just mean I need to lose more weight.

Also some Craft baselayers

jmagruder10 04-06-11 07:08 PM

A 2010 Team Jelly Belly Focus Frame, Fork and a set of RTS Carbon wheels . This was Jeremy Powers 2010 bike, if you look at the bike bike behind the focus , you will Jeremy Powers 2009 GT . Now I need some Sram Red.

hendrick81 04-06-11 07:25 PM

4 Attachment(s)
2010 caad9 1

rat fink 04-06-11 07:37 PM

Today, I found 2 pair of bibs (Giordana and Louis Garneau) in my exact size a thrift store along with like new Shimano Road shoes that are my sister's size for, wait for it... $6 :D

BarracksSi 04-06-11 09:08 PM

Originally Posted by rat fink (Post 12470146)
Today, I found 2 pair of bibs (Giordana and Louis Garneau) in my exact size a thrift store along with like new Shimano Road shoes that are my sister's size for, wait for it... $6 :D

Get out! :D

I bought my wife a Townie 21D. The 9sp balloon-tired model was cool with its drum brakes, but I couldn't guarantee that it'd have enough low end for her. I tell ya, though their "Flat Foot Technology" is exactly what she wanted.

rat fink 04-06-11 09:38 PM

Originally Posted by BarracksSi (Post 12470508)

I think it was karmic... Two weekends ago, I was an estate sale for a guy who was avid cyclist and the same size in suits as me. I found evidence of ASSOS bibs and other high end apparel. I found out that some guy who had left only a little before I arrived got them. Actually, he had a heap of jerseys, bibs, jackets... and they told him he could throw it all in a duffel bag and he could have it all for $50. :eek:

kabex 04-06-11 09:45 PM

$6 WANDA 700x25c tyres for my commuter (which had awful studded tyres lol) brand new, for real (although they're very low quality obviously, but miles better than what it had since they're slicks)
$1 pair of brand new "power grip" grips for the same bike
$3 black steel bottle cage (new as well)

sometimes cycling in a third world country ain't so bad. I was priced $18 for a brand new pair of 700c rims as well.

Of course, you go to a real cycling shop and everything costs 10x more (not exaggerating) and isn't 10x better, but at the moment I'm on a roadie hiatus while I save for a decent bike. I still ride daily though, in my commute. :)

Scooper 04-07-11 05:05 AM

A used Fit Bike (position simulator). A local bike shop had it listed on eBay so I saved shipping charges by picking it up. I've wanted one for a long time.

nixternal 04-07-11 10:26 AM

Replaced the Bontrager Maxi Pad Gel Tape with Fizik. I had Fizik in the past and loved it, so it was time to go back.

punk1979 04-07-11 06:03 PM

Picked up a couple of things

CaptJohn 04-07-11 08:36 PM

I got a new wheelset and saddle. Let the pictures do the talking.

boostieboy 04-07-11 09:47 PM

caloso 04-07-11 10:57 PM

Headset wrench.

Jeepnut22 04-08-11 09:21 PM

It has been done...

ben8jam 04-09-11 01:38 AM

Louis Garneau Exo Nerve helmet - kinda impluse, but it was on a good sale at Performance and my Bell helmet is over 10 years old...

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