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kabex 05-06-11 07:34 PM

that arundel cage makes me hungry for some reason


lowtech 05-07-11 08:03 AM

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My first road bike!

X-LinkedRider 05-07-11 08:54 AM

Getting my girlfriends future brother in law into cycling.
Helped him purchase this since he had a 500 dollar limit and having a warranty is probably best for him as a new rider and not super handy. After he offered to buy my Allez that is too small for him at 6ft and I ride 54cm frames, he set a limit of around the $500 mark as he is getting married in a couple of months.

He has not been fitted yet, so the handlebars will drop once we figure out his position. Obviously his first real upgrade will be some new wheels.

He ended up with this.. 2011 Fuji Newest 4.0

Da Sherm 05-07-11 10:36 AM

My last purchase was actually also my first purchase. 2011 Ridley Orion Ultegra w/ Mavic Cosmic wheels:

I also bought a few (well, a lot) of shiny new toys to go along with it that should arrive next week some time

littlebeetle 05-08-11 05:40 AM

Upgraded my pedal to ultegra pd 6700
Cost me $50 w/o cleat...very good bargin

Da Sherm 05-08-11 07:46 AM

Originally Posted by littlebeetle (Post 12611620)
Upgraded my pedal to ultegra pd 6700
Cost me $50 w/o cleat...very good bargin

Just one pedal huh?

98TJ 05-08-11 10:11 AM

Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2 - Large. $77 shipped from Ride-This.

robncircus 05-08-11 07:33 PM

Urge Endur-o-Matic helmet. Bought it for MTB, but might take the visor off and use it in crits too. At $99, it's significantly cheaper than my Cateye and offers more noggin protection int he event of a crash. It's surprisingly light at 309 grams, and actually has decent ventilation for what it is.

yos9 05-08-11 07:35 PM

Originally Posted by surgtech1956 (Post 12577317)
Garmin Cadence Sensor & Bike Mount(for my Garmin Forerunner 305) - birthday gift.

Just got the same thing (whole package) for my anniversary... psyched to try it out when it comes in a couple days...

littlebeetle 05-08-11 08:16 PM

Originally Posted by Da Sherm (Post 12611878)
Just one pedal huh? comes in a pair.
got it from someone who don't need it..That's why the price is cheap:)

valygrl 05-10-11 04:45 PM


SidLRides 05-10-11 04:49 PM

Just today
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Bought me some of these today...

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valygrl 05-10-11 05:35 PM

edit... picture of powertap disappeared!


xjustice09x 05-10-11 06:06 PM

I just got some of these on friday.

Grim 05-10-11 08:59 PM

Bad couple of weeks on tires. The Maxxis Detonators lived up to their name and one exploded without warning. I had just bombed down a long hill that I probably tickled 35mph came up the next hill and made a right. Got caught by a light and just about at a complete stop when the tire slit open. Picked up a set of Conti 4000 GPs in red tonight for it.

My Beater that I commute on a lot of late came up with a bad spot on the side wall of the front. Old tires so picked up a set of Conti Ultra sports in a 700x28 for it. Really wanted a set of gum wall Pasellas but none in stock anywhere around here. Had a $50 gift card for REI so we will see how these do for a while.

M_Wales 05-11-11 08:01 PM

bart998 05-11-11 11:51 PM

Velo-Orange Ti Saddle

littlebeetle 05-13-11 07:56 PM
Chain missing link - $5
Seat Clamp - $15

anthony_b. 05-13-11 08:09 PM

I just ordered a Cannondale Road Tandem 2...

...supposed to be in next week, still handmade in the USA.

iiimik3 05-14-11 01:50 AM

retired my other helmet, so picked one of these up on ebay. Should be here tuesday. Can't wait till it gets here so i can ride again!

M_Wales 05-14-11 02:01 AM

For my Raleigh Prestige buildup

sharrn 05-14-11 02:19 AM

c_mack9 05-14-11 11:32 AM

ultremo zx! hoping to get these on today and go for a spin.

X-LinkedRider 05-14-11 01:10 PM

Old Pedals - Shimano A520 SPD

New Pedals - Shimano 105-5700 SPD-SL

A picture of the whole bike with the new pedals. (Yes, there is a clear upgrade from the SPD to the SL style. Much smoother and feel more attached)

rmr1923 05-14-11 01:46 PM

hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, gauze, and medical tape :(

and a new (to me) 105 RD to replace the one i busted when i took the fall. good thing is i found one locally on craigslist for $20, installed it and everything works just fine. i'm planning on repainting the bike anyway so i don't mind the scratches on the frame either.

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