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phee 06-26-11 06:09 AM

'09 Look 566. Had to clean the dust off in the LBS. It looks much better now :-)

cycleheimer 06-26-11 07:46 AM

A ton of high-end auto detailing supplies ... found at a garage sale!

Mr 53x11 06-26-11 09:46 AM

Originally Posted by Jandro (Post 12822883)

That is my favorite helmet, I have two in different colors.

Smallguy 06-26-11 09:48 AM

white specialized prevail from my lbs

ThinLine 06-26-11 10:19 AM

Deda Quattro 2 100mm stem in wet white.

Mike F 06-26-11 10:38 AM

Shimano 105 compact crank and Ultegra BB (out of 105 BB at performance - big sale this weekend). I always wanted a full group. Bike came with a FSA Vero compact. Cromoly spindle weighed a ton.

llamont 06-26-11 11:25 AM

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My Crank Bros. Blue Candy 3 pedals just came in from my LBS. Now if Nashbar would HTFU and ship my new shoes so I can mount the candies... I guess that's my karma for going outside of my LBS:notamused:

FreddyV 06-26-11 12:14 PM

Still waiting for this one to arrive on the doorstep. Just because the Brooks nearly made sure there wouldn't be a second child.

troutbreath 06-26-11 06:52 PM

Tubes. Replaced the front tube on Saturday due to a broken stem (using my last one) only to have the back tube blow out on my ride. *sigh*

Adrianinkc 06-29-11 09:49 PM

Just got this in today and wow night and day difference compared to my cheap bontrager helmet. Yes I know it has world champion stripes. Yes I know I will never be a world champion I know this. But it matches my bike (Matte Black blue and white) and my LBS jersey (Red, White, and Green) so it works for me.

Atavar 06-29-11 10:45 PM

Mudflaps from PlanetBike for $5 delivered. Ya gotta love their free shipping for parts policy!
Seems like quality stuff, installation was a breeze even with no instructions..

surgtech1956 06-30-11 06:52 PM

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New bike - Specialized Secteur Elite Compact, pink cages and compluter

DropDeadFred 06-30-11 06:55 PM

MikeyBoyAz 06-30-11 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by DropDeadFred (Post 12863661)

picked up those shoes last month... awesome. enough said.

DropDeadFred 06-30-11 07:02 PM

good to know. they felt hoping they treat me well!!!

markrj 06-30-11 08:32 PM

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My first non overstuffed saddle.

First ride was 65 miles. I could not really find a comfortable position. Tilted it forward a small amount around mile 47 which made it much better. Have about 125 miles on it and aside from a couple of sort spots I have no problems with numbness or pain. I think the forward tilt is too much as now feel increased pressure on my hands.

Having a pro-fit within a week.

Adrianinkc 06-30-11 08:36 PM

Originally Posted by markrj (Post 12864125)

I bought one also. Great saddle.

androidtt 06-30-11 09:22 PM

zitter 06-30-11 09:22 PM



Ultraslide 06-30-11 09:46 PM

Prescription Oakleys. Transition lenses. Nice.

c_mack9 07-01-11 05:50 AM

have you done any long rides in those bibs yet? i see them pop up on bonktown and im very tempted to try them out.

zitter 07-01-11 12:22 PM

my team bibs are exactly the same except with silicon leg grippers instead of compression bands and i've done 90 mile rides in them perfectly fine

i just got these yesterday so i haven't had a chance to get a good ride in on them

update on them, darker matte parts are actually ribbed and are amazing, they fit a little smaller and the material is a little thicker, but i love them so far, the compression bands are awesome

byrnemm 07-01-11 12:57 PM

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captainkanji 07-01-11 01:48 PM

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Just put the first down payment on this:

DeadheadSF 07-01-11 01:51 PM

Originally Posted by captainkanji (Post 12867426)
Just put the first down payment on this:

Nice, I'm looking to get one myself. Haven't decided yet if I want to buy a complete bike and upgrade as I go or get a frame and build it out.

As for recent purchases, well... I had to replace my Edge 500 after it took an unintended fall on my garage floor (LCD shattered) :( I will handle the new one as if it were an egg.

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