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kayakdiver 06-17-09 08:48 PM

Originally Posted by fatallightning (Post 9121007)
Orbea Starship frame, Soul 4.0s, Deda Newton stem and bars. Gruppo next week. Catch my drift?

Sounds like a few pictures very soon. Looking forward to it:thumb:

.Jared 06-17-09 10:22 PM

Picked this a couple days ago....

startedspyder05 06-17-09 10:50 PM


Beats my new pair of gloves...but I'm enjoying those gloves

PSR215 06-18-09 09:10 AM

A Giro helmet for $139. Had a crash last month in which I smacked my head . Luckily it was inside my old helmet which wasnt dented but it was 4 years old and they say that you should have it tested after its subject to impact. Between the age and crash I just bought a new one.

botto 06-18-09 09:11 AM

Jynx 06-18-09 09:21 AM

Originally Posted by botto (Post 9123218)

should have bought the SL version in gold. :innocent:

botto 06-18-09 09:22 AM

Originally Posted by Jynx (Post 9123294)
should have bought the SL version is gold. :innocent:

i'll leave the gold chains to guidos and poseurs. :thumb:

Scummer 06-18-09 09:41 AM

2 x Look Keo Sprint for my race and cross bike.
Additional Garmin 305 mount for the cross bike.

I need to stop spending money on cycling gear.. gahhh

Luddite 06-18-09 11:21 AM

Tomorrow I'll be spending $20 + tax on retaping my handlebars. I'll probably pick up the same $13 bike computer I have for my hybrid and get the shop to install it for $5.

I'm hopelessly addicted to anything bike-related.

jesspal 06-18-09 01:40 PM

PBK has Conti' GP 4000's back in stock, I just ordered a set.

.Jared 06-18-09 01:49 PM

^I need some tires.....but there SO expensive!

p.s. picked up some tubes today

VA_Esquire 06-18-09 02:18 PM

2 x Vittoria Inner Tubes
Fizik Bar Tape

Now to look for more stuff to purchase.......

botto 06-18-09 02:22 PM

Originally Posted by .Jared (Post 9125550)
^I need some tires.....but their SO expensive!

p.s. picked up some tubes today


JBHoren 06-18-09 02:24 PM

Yesterday I ordered two pair of Under Armour compression shorts (long); two pair of Park Tool socks, and one Park Tool coffee mug (where hobbies overlap).

G60 06-18-09 04:09 PM

pair of Conti GP4000s, & a thomson elite post.

need to grab a few tubes and a new pair of gloves soon too.

Flatballer 06-18-09 04:32 PM

Black and Decker tool box. Nothing real big, 19" across.

Gonna put all my bike tools in it, along with some standard tools I have duplicates of for working on the bike. This way I'll be able to just throw the tool box in the car when I go to a race, and not have to worry about leaving a tool, or getting my clothes dirty with tools in my bag.

Also got some sunscreen (Coppertone 50 spf Ultra-Sweatproof stuff, we'll see how it does).

Beaker 06-18-09 07:22 PM

Snagged one SRAM OG1070 11-26 cassette from pbk.

asmallsol 06-18-09 07:31 PM

Powertap wheel paired to my 705

epenthetic 06-18-09 07:38 PM

A Road ID- the interactive one. In blue, I think?

Nick29 06-18-09 07:47 PM

In the last week and a half, I've bought a Bontrager Race X-lite tire from the LBS (to replace a cut tire), a set of GP4000s on sale from Nashbar (so I don't get stuck paying $50 for a Race X-lite or $66/tire for GP4000s the next time I cut a tire), a set of Specialized BG footbeds, and today, upon realizing that the shell of my 7 year old helmet was starting to separate from the foam, bought a Giro Atmos. I'm not looking forward to the next credit card statement.

VA_Esquire 06-18-09 08:05 PM

some cheap Tifosi sunglasses for riding tomorrow......

chuckb 06-18-09 09:42 PM

Toupe 143

yak 06-18-09 09:46 PM

Originally Posted by .Jared (Post 9125550)
^I need some tires.....but there SO expensive!

p.s. picked up some tubes today

:twitchy: :twitchy:

H1449-6 06-18-09 09:55 PM

For my bike path beater: A set of brass bells.


Seriously, I went Lance style and just got one.

I'll be here all night, folks. Try the veal.

kayakdiver 06-18-09 09:55 PM

Originally Posted by VA_Esquire (Post 9127573)
some cheap Tifosi sunglasses for riding tomorrow......

Been riding with a pair for about 6 months with zero complaints. 20 something ish dollars cheap and came with 4 lenses. Not bad bang for the buck.

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