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mike9903 02-05-09 02:47 PM

09 Orca

SRAM Red Crank Ring

DeFeet Kneekers

Yokozuna Reaction Cables - on backorder with no ETA :rolleyes:

JBHoren 02-05-09 02:57 PM

Originally Posted by jesspal (Post 8308828)
shorts from hammer nutrition

And now you can say "Eat my shorts!" with meaning. :p

My recent purchases:
  • a pair of Cannondale Grind pedals
  • a green-light trigger
  • Nitto noodle handlebars (awaiting delivery)
  • new yellow brake+deurailleur cables (awaiting delivery)
  • Stella Azzurra Eleganza handlebar tape (yellow)

MIN 02-05-09 03:07 PM

New Ultegra SL drivetrain.

OC Roadie 02-05-09 05:46 PM

Just a couple of hours ago :D

BigSean 02-05-09 06:19 PM

Originally Posted by MONGO! (Post 8309351)

New bearing for my set of these, 4000 miles.

MarkSLC 02-05-09 06:29 PM

'06 Campy Chorus groupo and Rolf wheels for my Basso

mattm 02-05-09 06:36 PM


laduckslayer 02-05-09 06:38 PM

mollusk 02-05-09 06:44 PM

It should arrive tomorrow.

hammy56 02-05-09 06:57 PM

today: Powertap SL+ :)

MIN 02-05-09 07:07 PM

Originally Posted by mollusk (Post 8313045)

It should arrive tomorrow.

Well what is it?

mr handy 02-05-09 07:15 PM

Originally Posted by OC Roadie (Post 8312783)

great looking felt....

Last Friday a set of GP4000 w-chilli from PBK, and a couple sets of rim tape
hoping it will show up tomorrow but most likely wont show until Monday or Tuesday

halfspeed 02-05-09 07:24 PM

Trying to buy some new road shoes. Shimano R131s were a big disappointment. LBS has loaned me a pair of some spendy Shimanos and a pair of the new Bontragers. I might keep the Bontragers. We'll see.

slimvela 02-05-09 07:39 PM

All within the last three weeks:thumb:...

A campagnolo freehub from Spinergy for my Xaero Lite wheelset and...

3 of these...

a set of these...

one of these...heart rate and cadence

one of these...

one of these...

and a custom frame refinish by yours truly, :thumb:

Duke of Kent 02-05-09 07:42 PM

4 Vittoria CG Pave 24mm tubulars from PBK.

Sending another back to the US distributor for warranty. 2 on a pair of wheels, and plenty of spares.

tjspahr 02-05-09 08:15 PM

This frame...

PDXaero 02-05-09 08:23 PM
NOS picked up for a steal, (15.50) still in the mail though.

rOOster14 02-05-09 08:31 PM
new saddle.
set of chris king hubs(brown) laced on a set of DT1.1RR

euphoria 02-05-09 08:41 PM

parts for my brother's verrry late xmas build off of PBK + one o' those cannondale jerseys on blowout for my trouble

ok_commuter 02-05-09 08:43 PM

Schmidt dynamo hub for disc laced to Mavic Open Sport (Peter White Cycles). For the commuter and the thursday night road ride.

joshandlauri 02-05-09 08:52 PM

Road Morph pump, very nice.

Business810 02-05-09 09:31 PM

Rival crankset, but I might be making another purchase tonight so stay tuned...

challaday 02-05-09 09:39 PM

3 Pairs of new bibs today.
4 Vittoria Evo CX tubulars yesterday.
1 Pair Flit Zephyr carbon wheels Monday.

DataJunkie 02-05-09 09:45 PM

A new ulock for my commuter. I fail to see the need to spend money incessantly.

ok_commuter 02-05-09 09:53 PM

Originally Posted by DataJunkie (Post 8314124)
A new ulock for my commuter. I fail to see the need to spend money incessantly.


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