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ericssonboi 07-29-12 04:44 PM

Originally Posted by merlinextraligh (Post 14533784)
just got the compact version:

Aree you using the power balance feature?

Damn the new Red Cranks mean business

coppercook62 07-29-12 05:22 PM
Outstanding brakes

LowCel 07-29-12 06:48 PM

Originally Posted by ericssonboi (Post 14542173)
Damn the new Red Cranks mean business

You noticed that is the $2,050 red crank right? ;)

velohenley 07-29-12 10:06 PM

Mine soon to be a pair of 58 mm Boyd clinchers!

VA_Esquire 07-29-12 11:53 PM

Originally Posted by Pinkbullet3 (Post 14541419)

May I ask what you do for a living?

It is not as much about what you do for a living as what you do with your money.

primov8 07-30-12 07:02 AM

Originally Posted by Pinkbullet3 (Post 14541419)
May I ask what you do for a living?

Originally Posted by NWS Alpine (Post 14541477)
Takes pictures of his bikes for this thread

Don't forget the other threads... HOT or NOT, What bike do you have, Cult of Caad, etc.. :p

Both my wife and I are professionals in healthcare; I am a physical therapist and she is a nurse practitioner. We are also partners in 4 different private healthcare facilities/practices.

Originally Posted by coppercook62 (Post 14542292)

No other brakeset but the THM Fibula for a very unique frameset. Simply outstanding.

ColinL 07-30-12 07:15 AM

Bought Avid BB7 mechanical discs for my cross project. It's a Cannondale hybrid which currently has Shimano Deore hydraulics, but I can't use hydraulics with Ultegra shifters.

mogwai 07-31-12 10:57 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Got a new Bontrager RXL seatpost. Raised up my seatpost up a bit and the portion that was in the seat tube was all scuffed up... so I decided to buy a new one.

caloso 07-31-12 11:13 PM

The guy at the LBS said "Oh, is it cyclocross season already?"

littlebeetle 08-01-12 03:07 AM

a pair of panaracer closer for recent competition

danmc 08-01-12 07:20 AM

Originally Posted by danmc (Post 14533612)
This thing:

Holux GPS Sport 245

It's my first GPS for my bike, so it took me quite a while to figure it out. Riding my bike around my building in my cargo shorts and flip flops to save data.:eek:

For reference if someone else buys this, the software that came with it didn't work with Google maps. The version that came with it is 1.05. You must load 2.01, which you can easily find by searching on Google. Google changed the API key and the 1.05 won't work with it, you'll keep getting error messages. Once I figured this out, though (and reloaded about 3 times) it works like a charm.

Just in time for my first century tomorrow!

On the century ride the thing just shut off after 78 miles, losing all data! :eek: So I contacted the dealer I got it from in China, then decided to take it out again Monday for a nice ride around Hemlock and Conesus Lakes in NY, hoping to at least get some data. Unfortunately, going down a steep hill on a very broken up road the unit flew off its bracket (which is very unsatisfactory for holding it), bounced on the pavement a couple of times and into the brush. Took me quite a while to find it. It looked surprisingly good for the abuse it just took. Of course it has some scratches on it. So now I'm trying to get the dealer to give me a replacement, but they have no way of knowing if I didn't cause the issue by dropping it so I'm not sure if they'll take it back. Should've gotten a Garmin. D'oh!

rjones28 08-01-12 01:34 PM

Mike F 08-01-12 06:49 PM

DaveWC 08-02-12 07:13 AM

Sold my Aeolus wheelset online so I ordered a matching Body 50mm carbon clincher front wheel to go with the Powertap rear wheel I bought earlier. Should be here in about a week. The service from Boyd has been really good considering the crosss-border shopping.

Mike F 08-04-12 05:34 PM

On sale at my LBS for $50

LowCel 08-04-12 07:07 PM

Had a bike fit done yesterday, hopefully that was money well spent. While I was there I bought some new cleats and an ISM Adamo saddle for the tt bike.

Today I installed a third bike tray on my bike rack. I can now easily transport three bikes and three people to races.

TrojanHorse 08-04-12 08:40 PM

Just picked up some of this at the LBS because I'm lazy... Holy cats, it's like grease eraser! I used it on the cassette, couldn't be happier.

AK404 08-04-12 09:52 PM

A saddle bag!

ddeadserious 08-05-12 10:18 AM

Ghost Ryder 08-05-12 10:26 AM

Looks like the $$$ you saved went to getting some nice accessories.

ddeadserious 08-05-12 10:31 AM

Yes sir! I went back and forth over which model Tarmac to get, and in the end, it came down to the fact that I really wanted a frame with a matte finish, and the cheapest 2013 model that offered that was a bit out of my price range. Figured I'll keep the frame longer than the components and I can upgrade as needed. Got all of the accessories at my local Performance on sale, including the Garmin, which was a return. Bike arrives Tuesday, I am beyond excited to get it.

Ghost Ryder 08-05-12 10:54 AM

Tiagra isn't all that bad.(Finicky for me @ best) It will most def hold up a few years, or when you decide to upgrade.
Hopefully in those years the price of Di2 will come down!

shiro13 08-05-12 10:59 AM

3 Attachment(s) with HRM and cadence sensor.

Tyranniux 08-05-12 11:10 AM

2 Attachment(s)

DaveWC 08-05-12 11:14 AM

Love Skratchlabs.

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