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Elduderino2412 08-28-12 05:12 PM

Two chinese carbon Bontranger bottle cages:

and lezyne pump:

KoolAidnPizza 08-28-12 09:35 PM

Just upgraded to SRAM rival shifters and rear der. How many of you have gone from shimano and like SRAM better?

crashdodson 08-28-12 11:51 PM

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New 130mm +-6 FSA carbon wrapped aluminum stem.

OldManRiley 08-28-12 11:55 PM

Giro Aeon helmet. It was a steal on Amazon.

caloso 08-29-12 12:02 AM

A couple of bottom brackets, one for the road bike, one for the FG.

coppercook62 08-29-12 12:57 AM

I'm a big F1 fan and 65% Scottish. I have always lusted after David Coultards helmet. So I had a Catlike painted like his. My St. Andrews cross Catlike

coppercook62 08-29-12 01:17 AM

Originally Posted by oldnslow2 (Post 14652497)
You better be fast to live up to those colors.

jmccain 08-29-12 07:41 AM

Originally Posted by coppercook62 (Post 14666243)
I'm a big F1 fan and 65% Scottish. I have always lusted after David Coultards helmet. So I had a Catlike painted like his. My St. Andrews cross Catlike

That's awesome! Where did you get it painted (and with what paint)?

cvall91 08-29-12 07:56 AM

Originally Posted by coppercook62 (Post 14666262)

Wow that came out nice. Enjoy it

NRZ 08-29-12 08:14 AM

Originally Posted by qcpmsame (Post 14664878)
I got a new RADical bike stand in last week. Well built and at 39.00, free shipping it was a bargain. Very much like the Park Tool PCS-9/10 stands. Went over it with a fine toothed comb looking for weak points or materials at that price. Couldn't find any.


coppercook62 08-29-12 10:50 AM

Not my bike. Got helmet painted here

denske 08-29-12 07:33 PM

Originally Posted by Conan (Post 14615335)
My first Bib and jersey. Both Garneau. After a good 25 mi ride I can say I had no idea what I was missing. I had been riding in basketball and compression shorts and a t shirt. The Bib with the padding is sooo comfortable! And the jersey feels like the wind just comes right through and cools me down. Im sure this will help me do some longer rides. And the blue on the jersey matches my Celeste Binanchi very well :)

Looks awesome, where did you purchase them?

Elduderino2412 08-30-12 07:29 PM

I love Ebay, bought $100 Deda newton handlebars for $9.82(shipped) slightly used.
I feel kind of bad it probably cost more than that to ship, might give dude a few extra bucks.

KoolAidnPizza 08-31-12 02:14 PM

That's an awesome steal. Nobody caught the auction before it ended? God bless "no reserve"

Just sold some tiagra group parts (went to rival) and now have the funds for SRAM red cranks :D

DevinL 08-31-12 02:44 PM

Almost time to invest in long sleeves and pants =[

Conan 08-31-12 06:13 PM

Originally Posted by denske (Post 14669855)
Looks awesome, where did you purchase them?

At the LBS in Hudson, WI. And yea the L Garneau jerseys defiantly run small. I am about 6ft 200 lbs, and I got a XXXL. Way to make me feel fat, lol....

My most recent purchase is this! a Campagnolo Veloce RD! Now I have a full Veloce group :)

DeanB 08-31-12 06:39 PM

Got a new pair of Sidi MTB shoes today, got them for 60% off from Tacoma Bike

dynikus 08-31-12 06:40 PM

I've been going a wee bit crazy this month. I figured instead of just the last thing I got, I'd post everything I got recently, considering it was all around the same time. (within the last 2 weeks)
Felt f85
3 bibs (felt, pearl izumi, and cannondale)
1 jersey (felt)
scattante spyder helmet
4 pairs of bootleg oakleys + jimarti polarized glasses
live strong cycling cap
sidi genius shoes
look cleats + pedals
avenir seat bag
2 polar bottle
carbon water cage
topeak frame pump
some tubes and tyres
pearl izumi select gloves
selle italia flite seat (which ended up being worse than my felt 1.3)
selle san marco concor light (hopefully better than the selle italia)
fizik bar tape
sigma bc1609 computer
chain cleaner
chain wear indicator

And hopefully I can add a trainer to that list soon. I'll post some pics as soon as I get my trainer, and my hat and glasses come in the mail.

JasonCarp 08-31-12 06:59 PM

Nashbar: Profile Design Cyclometer stem mounts, Crossbar mini bag, first ever pair of bibs.
Clymb: Tri Jersey,
also bought some cheap Oakley knockoffs. $25 they suck.

Brian Sharpe 09-03-12 05:26 AM

Continental Ultra Gatorskin tires & new brake pads.

vwchad 09-04-12 02:06 PM

Decided it was time to get a proper floor pump. I've been using nothing but my Topeak Road Morph pump. Good pump, but I wanted a proper floor pump for the garage. After a little research I decided on the Lezyne Steel Floor Drive. Picked it up from REI this weekend. Very nice. Seems to be a quality pump. Looks good sitting in the garage too, which is a bonus.

primov8 09-04-12 03:27 PM

Just finished removing all Sram Red-black components off the Noah, and to be replaced with the following:

- SR11 shifters, f & r derailleurs
- Recon 11-25 / 11 speed gold anodized cassette
- KMC X11SL gold chain
- Praxis Works Clover chainrings(to replace the Rotor Q-rings for SR11 compability)

caloso 09-05-12 11:07 PM

Not sexy, but they make my bikes run better. New BB's for the roadie and the SSCX:

starjag 09-06-12 06:27 AM

Sugoi midzero arm and leg warmers :-)

rangerdavid 09-06-12 08:46 AM

5 Attachment(s)
New Red Shifters

Red Yaw FD

Couple of caps

A Pair of Castelli Aero Race bib shorts

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