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AtomicCactus 09-23-09 08:44 PM

Originally Posted by ted7450 (Post 9730724)
I just bought a 2007 Felt F1, pair of Conti GP400 tires, new DuraAce 7800 shifters, couple forte carbon cages, look keo classic pedals.

That's gorgeous!

Bianchigirll 09-23-09 08:55 PM

I found a few old but useful things today

sanchrog 09-23-09 11:08 PM

bought A bike made in Germany . Fischer die fahrradmarke. no info found. rides great, only had to air the tires.

Dick Rhee 09-23-09 11:12 PM

I just bought a ton of stuff for next year:

Lazer's fit system makes Giro/Bell's "Roc Loc" system look stupid. The helmet is incredibly comfortable.

Rapha's Lightweight jersey. A bit pricey, but Rapha's jerseys fit me like a dream, and it's actually kind of hard to find a nice quality jersey without logos everywhere. I know a lot of people here think Rapha is a waste of money, but I really like the jerseys.

My favorite bibs. Competitive Cyclist were selling these for $120 yesterday (normally found between $200-230), so I picked up a couple to bring the grand total up to 3 pairs.

velocanuck 09-25-09 08:51 AM

ordered a Marinoni Piuma Steel hand built, custom geometry....4-6 weeks delivery

botto 09-25-09 08:55 AM

PlatyPius 09-25-09 09:24 AM

Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 9732526)
I found a few old but useful things today

Where in the hell did you find new Flickstands????

I have a case of those Minoura CO2 holders somewhere... I love them.

surfengine 09-25-09 10:23 AM

2 Attachment(s)
exowind direct RX

SpinDr 09-25-09 11:14 AM

Oakley Jawbone shades

Caisse D'Epargne s/s jersey

Altura Nightvision bibtights (it's getting cold!)


chadfox 09-25-09 11:19 AM

Steve90068 09-25-09 11:19 AM
KMC x10sl shifts and looks great!

varian72 09-25-09 01:03 PM

Altura Nightvision bibtights (it's getting cold!)


Those have a Chamois in them?

SpinDr 09-25-09 01:10 PM

Originally Posted by varian72 (Post 9743510)
Altura Nightvision bibtights (it's getting cold!)

Those have a Chamois in them?

Yup. Or at least that's what the website leads me to believe (I haven't received them yet).

jmcp60 09-25-09 01:32 PM

Originally Posted by htfiles (Post 8308876)

SIDI Genius 5-Pro
2 x Deda Dog Fangs
2 x Look Keo Grip 4.5 float
bag of ten cable end things to crimp on
cheapo cycling sunglasses (it's not winter here!!!)

All from PBK, took just a few days to get to Oz.

I got the SIDI Genius 5.5 at the unbelievable price of $185, shipping included.
The best part, I received the shoes quicker than some web retailers here in the US.
I know what are not rating retailers, but PBK is GREAT!!!!

pacificaslim 09-25-09 01:39 PM

I have a job that requires me to be the guy on call about one night a week and anywhere from 5 to 10 weekends a year (including this weekend: boo!). This means no riding since I have to be ready to respond within 30 minutes. I'm tired of missing out on riding so I think I found a decent solution... throw the road wheelset on to the cross bike and ride indoors!

I was a little sketchy on my first try but hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have it down.

(seeing that cadence/speed sensor in the photo reminds me I bought a Garmin Edge 305 a while back...less than $200 for everything on ebay. I've only had it out a few times but it seems to work great and the Ascent software is very cool!)

Scummer 09-25-09 03:15 PM

A set of long reach calipers for my Schwinn Continental fixie and a Selle San Marco Regal.
Today on my doorstep arrived some HEED and 64 portions of Hammer Gel.

Man oh man... almost a 1k in biking stuff this month alone. This has to stop.

eippo1 09-25-09 03:23 PM

Specialized Tarmac Comp that'll have a mix of Force and Rival components. Hopefully, I'll have it built up by late next week.

UBUvelo 09-25-09 03:56 PM

a few hours ago, it was this MTB rider's first foray into the alien world of road bikes...think it was a good bike to start with (Giant Defy 3).

realized i didn't have a bottle cage so rode back and got that just a minute ago (very cool that the LBS is a few blocks away)

PlatyPius 10-01-09 03:54 PM

KiuBWhy 10-01-09 04:09 PM

PBK arm and knee warmers.

Code: 10PBK (save an additional 10%) active right now. (not sure how long its been active, but usually its 5% off orders of $75 or more and 10% off orders of $150 or more)

BestSportEver 10-01-09 06:32 PM

Easton EA70 Wing Bar, Bike Ribbon Eleganza bar tape, New (and on sale) Pear Izumi Jersey, spare tube, and LG knee warmers.

riff 10-01-09 06:36 PM

10 of these...

and one of these....


caloso 10-01-09 06:37 PM

Cross tires, specifically Specialized The Captain CX Pro:

franknstein 10-01-09 06:38 PM

Bikenator 10-01-09 06:57 PM

I have a hummingbird metabolism when riding. :roflmao2:

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