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Machka 05-13-14 03:59 AM

Originally Posted by vschippy (Post 16717058)

As its getting colder down under picked up some new winter jerseys on special from Rapha

Very nice colour! :)

Drew Eckhardt 05-13-14 08:54 AM

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Stahlwille 730/5 split beam torque wrench, 6-50 NM, +/-3% over the entire range, works for left-handed threads, just slide the scale to set torque, no need to return to zero after use, interchangeable heads.

I'll add a little one to match it too.

vschippy 05-13-14 03:09 PM

Originally Posted by Machka (Post 16753799)
Very nice colour! :)

Thanks I'm very partial to anything blue in colour :thumb:

Cycle19 05-13-14 03:13 PM

What are your thoughts on the Shimano ultegra 6800 wheels? Thinking of getting some

rekmeyata 05-13-14 03:33 PM

Originally Posted by Cycle19 (Post 16755837)
What are your thoughts on the Shimano ultegra 6800 wheels? Thinking of getting some

I've heard nothing but good things about those Ultegra wheels, very reliable, very street worthy. Their on sale for $334 for the set at | Shimano Ultegra 6800 Wheelset | Road Race Wheels

Machka 05-13-14 05:32 PM

Originally Posted by vschippy (Post 16755827)
Thanks I'm very partial to anything blue in colour :thumb:

So am I, and that is one of my favourite blues. :)

coppercook62 05-14-14 09:43 PM

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New bike on way neededto make room in my studio

Gus90 05-14-14 09:55 PM

dtrain 05-14-14 09:57 PM

Just got one of those Kool Stop Tire Jacks to help me mount tires on Pacenti SL23's...:o

Actually, they are on now. Just heaven help me if I flat.

metalheart44 05-14-14 10:19 PM

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Just ordered, scheduled for delivery August 4th --- matches my bike

Gus90 05-15-14 07:15 AM

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That look is telling me I better send it back...

ProfsrChaos407 05-15-14 07:42 AM

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New tires. Bontrager LT1 700x35

New pedals. Shimano PD-M324

zymphad 05-15-14 07:51 AM

Shimano 105 12-25 cassette.

dbf73 05-15-14 09:19 AM

Felt AR5 w/ DA Di2 from my Z2 will post actual photos shortly

TheDavid 05-16-14 08:35 PM

Rapha Brevet Long Sleeve jersey blue with the pink hi-vis and 2 Arundel stainless steel cages for my Kona Jake the Snake.

Cystar 05-17-14 04:08 AM

specialized tarmac sl3 expert with fulcrum 7 wheels and ultegra 6700. bought it yesterday and took it out for its first ride today. still fiddling with the set up on it.

RugbySH9 05-17-14 06:01 AM

Giro prolight slx

Giro Prolight SLX Shoes - Road Shoes | Competitive Cyclist

kahughey 05-17-14 12:08 PM

Bibs and a jersey

capsisking 05-17-14 05:15 PM

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I picked up a new bottle :-)

capsisking 05-17-14 05:15 PM

I have no idea why that's sideways...

edfungus 05-17-14 05:43 PM

Noob mistake.. bought some nicely used sram red 130bcd chainrings for my bike... well I got 144bcd and 110 bcd, no 130bcd :/ Now I need to find a way to get rid of them UGH

ARPRINCE 05-21-14 10:43 AM

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Shimano SH-R241

cmdr 05-21-14 12:05 PM

Salsa Colossal Ti w/full Ultegra 6800 group. Pics later.

just dank 05-21-14 01:01 PM

Originally Posted by ARPRINCE (Post 16778930)

are those the top ones?

ARPRINCE 05-21-14 01:21 PM

Originally Posted by just dank (Post 16779418)
are those the top ones?

Dunno - but maybe close to it? They used to retail for $299 but chainlove had them for $105. So I decided to get one before my size runs out.

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