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Bianchigirll 10-30-09 04:41 PM

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a '89 Bianchi Equinox mint condition. I rode it ten or so miles today and that is likely further than the original owner rode it in the last 20yrs.

coasting 10-30-09 04:46 PM

floor pump jow blow head rebuild kit.

X-LinkedRider 10-30-09 04:47 PM

Nice pickup. All original too. Cyclocross tires on there?

RIC0 10-30-09 04:49 PM

New seat and replaced just about every bolt on the bike with anodized blue ones.

RonH 10-30-09 05:15 PM

Got some new Assos arm warmers and DeMarchi bibs in the mail today. First time for both. I hope I like them. :rolleyes:

gnome 10-30-09 06:52 PM

3 Park TL1 Tyre Levers and a puncture repair kit.

X-LinkedRider 10-30-09 06:54 PM

Originally Posted by RIC0 (Post 9956187)
New seat and replaced just about every bolt on the bike with anodized blue ones.

I think the Blue bolts look great on that. it really accents the blue 8. What did that run?

RIC0 10-31-09 05:02 AM

Originally Posted by X-LinkedRider (Post 9956802)
I think the Blue bolts look great on that. it really accents the blue 8. What did that run?

Go to the cycling section of ebay and search for blue bolts.

wil-mart128 11-01-09 09:57 AM


Flatballer 11-01-09 10:21 AM

Oh my. That's quite a crank. Only 100 made for the US, and over $1000 each.

chadfox 11-01-09 10:51 AM

fastev 11-01-09 11:26 AM

2010 Roubaix Pro frameset. LBS will order it tomorrow, hope to have it in my hot little hands by the end of the week...

mzeffex 11-01-09 05:52 PM

Originally Posted by wil-mart128 (Post 9962904)

Didn't know those existed. Very nice.

adacas 11-01-09 09:33 PM
now I can keep score

mzeffex 11-01-09 09:46 PM
Except 26x1.5-1.95

BarracksSi 11-01-09 09:47 PM

Originally Posted by mzeffex (Post 9965913)

Originally Posted by chadfox (Post 9963097)

;) :d

nayt0nx 11-01-09 10:24 PM

New edition to the family

veloboy971 11-01-09 10:27 PM

as of the moment: tubes

JonnyHK 11-02-09 03:51 AM

New plastic strap/adjuster thingy for my Giro helmet. I was getting ready to buy a whole new helmet because of cracked and almost broken part, but the guys in the LBS said they could actually be replaced, and had stock.

HamboneSlim 11-02-09 06:18 AM

WoHo Firefly bag, skull reflector bolt, presta dice caps.

a_phat_beat 11-02-09 03:52 PM

Trek Criterium Thermatec Hooded Jersey

Adidas Scotchbrite Base Layer

Cannondale Gloves!CAN-13303.jpg

80vette 11-02-09 05:57 PM

Back to the Michelin Krylions cause the Commitalia Caypso's are only last 1K miles.
Lets hope the Taiwan made ones last like the French ones did.

spinwax 11-02-09 06:21 PM


Oh and fricken 3 pairs of new shoes. The new Specialized double Boa BG S-works shoe in white (can't get away from the Spec shoes. They just fit). Shimano R310s, and a pair of Bont A1s. Selling the Shimanos, just don't fit me well.

And yes, I am fricken broke now. LOL.

Ware 11-02-09 07:07 PM

^^ That, sir, is one hot bike. I don't own a TT/tri bike, nor do I have much use for one at this point, but I happen to love the way they look. I think I just love the aero-looking features. One of the guys at my LBS occasionally has his SRAM RED equipped Felt DA (not sure about the year, but the CF shows on most of the bike) hanging on the wall in the shop. They had a reception there following "Race Across the Sky", and I couldn't stop drooling over it. *sigh* someday...

Anyhow, cheers, and enjoy.

Ware 11-02-09 07:12 PM

I'm waiting on an ebay purchase to show up. This specifically:

Its some chinese knockoff, 68 bucks including shipping. We'll see how it goes.

By the way, I don't ride a cervelo... I just like the way this kit looks and I needed some more cool weather stuff.:o Also, 68 bucks for a jersey and pants w/chamois is cheap!!... right?

Edit:: I live in Northeast Nowhere Nebraska, so no one around here knows what Cervelo is anyway.

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