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Adrianinkc 12-29-14 06:51 PM

Ugly as hell but they work great. Rode in 20 degree weather this weekend without cold feet.

bianchi10 12-29-14 08:14 PM

Just bought this Rapha Winter jersey

Selling this:
Very rare Rapha Pro team jacket in chartreuse. Its an extremely nice jacket, but for my riding its just too warm or not warm enough. I have held onto it for last couple months simply for the reason that I didn't want to part with it based on its rare availability, but I came to realize that it doesn't do me any good hanging in my closet. PM me if anyone is interested. Size Large BTW

@lsberrios1....Cough cough....You need this to match your new shoes...cough cough lol

lsberrios1 12-29-14 08:19 PM

Originally Posted by lgp927 (Post 17424338)
I got this and an F-29 for Xmas !! :) i figured I deserve it for working 15 hour days for the last 7 months !! :D

Wow! No kidding. Congrats, that is a very special bike.

bmcphx 12-29-14 08:26 PM

Too bad we are such different builds @bianchi10 otherwise that shirt would be mine.

lsberrios1 12-29-14 08:31 PM

I got one of these on Amazon for those days that doesn't rain.

bianchi10 12-29-14 08:33 PM

Yeah, I put it up for sale and have been on the fence ever since. It was never a color option that was available on their site. It's weird how Rapha has made items that get into circulation but have never been on their site, like the black pro team jersey with white sleeve. Was never a piece you could buy from Rapha but they have been spotted here and there online. I got this from a guy online who claimed he worked for Rapha and decided to sell off some of his collection.

zrossiter 01-02-15 09:35 AM

1 Attachment(s)
105 group, for some sort of upcoming build. It was too cheap to pass up

killian21 01-02-15 10:26 AM

nashbar bacalava
nashbar mansfield 2 chamois tights
new jar of chamois butt'r
new cleaning brush set

bmcphx 01-02-15 12:31 PM

zymphad 01-02-15 01:30 PM

Straight seatpost.

Bunyanderman 01-02-15 03:08 PM

Slammed on some new speedplay pedals, and dropped about 100g. Looking into getting titanium spindles as they are the cheaper version.

RPK79 01-05-15 02:11 PM

Just ordered a couple cycling caps to keep my thinning head from burning through the helmet holes, a new jersey, a couple Conti Ultra Sports, and (the biggy) a Vuelta SLR wheelset.

Flatbroke 01-05-15 03:05 PM

Enve 6.7 clinchers.........

i wish. Ended up settling for a cygolite 850

alexaschwanden 01-05-15 05:34 PM

2015 Giant Escape 3 hybrid bike 369$ for long distance riding.

JTGraphics 01-05-15 07:25 PM

Starting 2015 with new
Sram XG1090 Cassette
KMC Chain
Opraxis Chain Rings
Spinergy Stealth PBO Wheels

chrism32205 01-05-15 07:30 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Twin Six jersey. I like some of their designs.

BigC_82 01-06-15 05:43 PM

I just signed up for 4 week bike mechanic class at lbs for February. I will get few tools and work stand along booklet.

bmcphx 01-08-15 07:12 PM

JBHoren 01-08-15 07:54 PM

caloso 01-09-15 12:35 AM

45t chainring for my favorite Junior's bike.

woodcraft 01-09-15 01:08 AM

Originally Posted by lsberrios1 (Post 17425042)
I got one of these on Amazon for those days that doesn't rain.

I LOL'd!

bianchi10 01-09-15 06:42 AM

Bike too?

geva 01-09-15 06:49 AM

my brand new wahoo KICKR!
and i also got my ZWIFT permission :)


bmcphx 01-09-15 08:01 AM

Originally Posted by bianchi10 (Post 17454792)
Bike too?

Yes, both items pictured.

WheresWaldo 01-09-15 08:48 AM

GoPro custom seat post mount 27.2 mm X 17

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