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adacas 11-08-09 01:13 PM
Got myself a new project!!! Nishiki custom sport

SpinDr 11-09-09 12:35 PM

Mavic Tempo overshoes

Spezialized skullcap

Tsuru 11-11-09 02:52 PM

Two new pairs of Bellwether Force Bibs for $55/ea

And tonight, new toe covers and cleats (broke & broke).

Torvidicus 11-11-09 03:35 PM

just got cold enough for me to not wear shorts

clausen 11-11-09 03:44 PM

Originally Posted by Torvidicus (Post 10022162)
just got cold enough for me to not wear shorts

No shorts?

Torvidicus 11-11-09 03:58 PM

have to even up the tan lines

Soloist Assassin 11-11-09 05:10 PM

I got these on the way for my Cervelo I'm building for training on, from briscoelab on here. Mike Garcia built clincher wheels. I may be able have it running before the weather gets really bad here. Can't wait!

Edsplace 11-11-09 05:22 PM

Picked up a CamelBak Fairfax (1.5 L) for road rides into remote areas with no water sources. Got it a couple weeks ago and have been able to use it twice. Love it!

andrewluke 11-11-09 10:01 PM

Just picked up a new saddle last Saturday and got to ride it for the first time today. Nothing fancy, just a cheaper specialized model but it's wider than my San Marcos that came on the caad and it feels oh so nice. 15 on the way to work and 7 back with one happy butt.

Oh, and after a near miss last week, a brighter rear flasher. Going to my real bike shop Saturday... That may be trouble.

JoelS 11-11-09 10:07 PM

WOOT! Chorus 11 now installed on my PedalForce RS. Big upgrade from the Mirage-8sp group that was on it. First ride tomorrow. Install went just fine. The new chain pins are weird. I've ordered a spare just in case I mucked it up.

Schmadley 11-11-09 10:10 PM

Chain Lube

thadcombs 11-11-09 10:11 PM

Just got one of these!

Got a better price from here...... Also has fast shipping. 4-5 days to Canada. Sweeeeet!

Also a suggestion, post a link to the site if you got a great deal on your new purchase!

and before that, got one of these off ebay.

rob! 11-11-09 10:11 PM

Bright orange jersey.

Second tail light (been doing 75% night riding).

Wool socks,

aham23 11-12-09 08:46 AM

2009 Hammer Nutrition Sale starts today!

1 Jersery
1 Bergamo Bibs
1 Heed (32 servings)
1 Recoverite (32 servings)
2 Boxes Espresso Gels


chriskitch 11-12-09 09:08 AM
a matte black Specialized Propero helmet on sale

Beaker 11-12-09 09:21 PM

Originally Posted by aham23 (Post 10025773)
2009 Hammer Nutrition Sale starts today!

1 Jersery
1 Bergamo Bibs
1 Heed (32 servings)
1 Recoverite (32 servings)
2 Boxes Espresso Gels



1 Jersey
1 Bergamo Bibs
1 Set of Knee Warmers
1 Box of Raspberry Gels (12servings)
1 Box of Caffe Latte Perpetuem (6servings)

andrewluke 11-13-09 12:00 AM

Completely forgot I won them on eBay, but I'm probably the only person I know excited to get a set of tiagra brifters. Smokin deal at $100 nib. But hey, running sora now, just about any new shifter is better.

Now only I had been a little more intelligent and made sure they fit my triple. I guess it's time to grow a pair and get that double soon... I think the finish is still perfect on the small chainring anyway lol.

Oh, and a couple jerseys, shorts, socks, and a wonderfully freddish hi-viz yellow jacket for those night rides home from work.

Ed Holland 11-13-09 12:03 AM

Brake pads to accompany my rebuilt wheels. Those new rims deserve them !

Flatballer 11-14-09 07:29 AM

Trek branded Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer, used a few times. Got it for $140, with the skewer and wheel block.

rangerdavid 11-14-09 07:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I just got one of these from

very nicely made, warm and toasty!! I just have to order a size larger in Capo stuff than I normally buy.

jdon 11-14-09 08:17 AM

6 Specialized water bottles- $12.

mzeffex 11-14-09 08:57 AM

6 for 12?! I paid 6 for one!

Just got this because I wouldn't stop getting yelled at -_-. I never ride the bike at night (mtb) yet I have to have lights on it?

scattered73 11-14-09 09:14 AM

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Got a new fork for my soma double cross.

Starclimber 11-14-09 10:58 AM

5 pairs of shorts, a jersey, arm warmers, a wind vest, winter gloves, and a few 'joke items' from the Sugoi warehouse sale courtesy of WildRide and TNT Veronica. Frickin' awesome, like early Christmas.

gfunk 11-14-09 12:51 PM

Specialized Tarmac Expert :-D

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