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rekmeyata 04-03-15 08:22 AM

Originally Posted by CafeVelo (Post 17685431)
^They are. Specialized is rolling out a new racing tire and has all on sale in efforts to convert people to them.

That's a good promotional program then.

Problem in the past with Specialized tires is that I've been able to find better tires for less because Specialized marks them up higher than the competition for tires that are just so so, except for the Armadillo tires that really do ward off flats superbly. I won't be able to test the new Roubaix tire till next year since I already have a set of newish Hutchinson Intensive long distance tire on my main bike and my other bikes I don't ride as much all have low mileage tires on. I have read a lot of favorable reviews on the Roubaix tire so I'll see if I like them whenever I start using them.

BoSoxYacht 04-03-15 06:24 PM

Flak 2.0 XL road Prizm

a77impala 04-04-15 06:45 AM

I wore out a set of SPD cleats, left side wouldn't hold at all. Thats the foot I put on the ground at all stops, at first thought it was the pedal but didn't matter which bike I rode.
New cleats, feel safer again.

spdntrxi 04-04-15 07:10 AM

Originally Posted by Gus90 (Post 17684237)
My Waterfield Cycling Pouch arrived yesterday and I emptied my saddle bag into it. For the most part, everything fit including spare tube, 2 tire levers, 2 CO2 cartridges, CO2 nozzle, multitool, and iphone 6. I need to get some rubber bands to put around the spare tube but all in all, works great. Not too thick although I do notice it a bit when I dismount at intersections as it might bump the saddle a little. I'm sure I could get it thinner if I work at it a bit.

sweet.. you got it.

spdntrxi 04-04-15 07:13 AM

Cyclic Fly6 v2.. v1 goes on the wife's bike now... 169 @ REI... that was cheaper then Cyclic's own offer of $50 off when I joined the kickstarter for FLY12. On other good news my Rideye has a blackeye after going down at 47mph (just the camera).. getting a warranty replacement. All those with Rideyes find a way to add a tether asap because their warranty is short.

Gus90 04-04-15 08:11 AM

It works great, especially if I wear a tighter jersey. I have a few that are a little baggier and it hangs a little loose. But with a typical jersey fit, it is like it's not even there. Between this and that Lezyne road caddy I bought earlier which I can use when I'm not wearing a cycling jersey, I've got a pretty minimal baggage thing going on which is great.

rjones28 04-04-15 01:24 PM

And a long sleeve jersey.

Mike F 04-04-15 02:13 PM

Originally Posted by Gus90 (Post 17684633)
Yes it is.

6 or Plus? I have the Plus and that would be the deal maker :)

spdntrxi 04-04-15 02:14 PM

Originally Posted by Mike F (Post 17690230)
6 or Plus? I have the Plus and that would be the deal maker :)

looks like a 6... because I have this pouch and a 6 as well..... 6+ is pretty big.. I don't think so.

Mike F 04-04-15 02:16 PM

^ rats... Thanks :)

Gus90 04-04-15 03:04 PM

Originally Posted by Mike F (Post 17690230)
6 or Plus? I have the Plus and that would be the deal maker :)

Just the 6. I think the plus would be a little too long but may still work as my 6 still has room to move up or down inside the pocket. The width shouldn't be a problem. Best to ask WaterField if it will work on a 6 plus though. I'm just not sure

Mike F 04-04-15 03:08 PM

^ Thanks

I checked this link and it will carry the 6 plus

mister 04-04-15 07:51 PM

For my birthday, I just got a full SRAM Force 22 group, a new Easton stem and wing bar, bar tape, and a new set of Mavic Open Pros. I'm just waiting for the wheels to be delivered, then I can upgrade from my Ultegra 6700 10 speed. Just need to replace the frame and fork and I'll have a whole new bike! Can't wait, can't wait!

ninerfan 04-07-15 11:38 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Purchased my first pair of cycling shoes, for my soon to be purchased emonda s4! (first road bike too)
Like the casual look to them, really wanted the Giro empires but couldnt justify paying double.

Giro Republic

PatrickGSR94 04-07-15 12:22 PM

heh they look like bowling shoes.

Tickstart 04-07-15 01:38 PM

A Bontrager standard aluminium bottle cage and a Trek-bottle for my Trek-bike!

atbat16 04-07-15 02:07 PM

Originally Posted by BoSoxYacht (Post 17688424)

So did you not like the jawbreakers, or were these sunglasses purchased for different purposes? Just curious as to which you are liking more, as I am in the market and looking at these options plus the radarlocks.

noob_rider 04-07-15 11:25 PM

Originally Posted by ARPRINCE (Post 17682211)

Where'd you get 'em from?

digibud 04-08-15 12:17 AM

I picked up a trek flash charger for my tubeless tires. Don't have to change them often but it will help when I do.

ARPRINCE 04-08-15 06:08 AM

Originally Posted by noob_rider (Post 17700068)
Where'd you get 'em from?

The Polarized Ice Blue is a Walleva Brand via eBay. Looks pretty much the same as an original replacement. What's missing is you don't have the rubber thinggy that protects your nose bridge.

Having said that, Giro already has 4 lens colors now.

spdntrxi 04-08-15 06:36 AM

S-Works Power 143mm 160g

therh 04-08-15 01:02 PM

Giro Savant. List $90. Purchase price $50.

Sy Reene 04-08-15 04:49 PM

1 Attachment(s)

SpeshulEd 04-08-15 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by Sy Reene (Post 17702411)

Should have went with Tagaderm!

Sy Reene 04-08-15 05:26 PM

as a nip protector? got 150 of these for about $6.. seem to work too..

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