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crazyed27 11-20-09 08:28 PM

These babys!!

davesax36 11-20-09 11:36 PM

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine from Sports Authority.

antipodean 11-21-09 09:36 PM

Ordered a set of these from CRC $750AU with free delivery.

adacas 11-22-09 12:58 AM

Originally Posted by Flatballer (Post 10057901)

6 count of boxes, 12 packs (2 bars / pack), $17 including shipping from Amazon. Pretty awesome. 72 packs * 180 calories each, almost 13,000 calories for $17. Plus they taste good.

I love these things

socalrider 11-22-09 02:45 AM

New Rear Wheel.. Had a new campy centaur 36h hub just sitting in the toolbox.. went to my LBS and had them build up on an aerohead rim, came out just over 950grams, not too bad for a 36h wheel..

Kai Winters 11-22-09 07:34 AM

Pair of bibs from Hammer.

cyclezealot 11-22-09 07:40 AM

Sorta cycling related but not for the bike... Since it's the holiday season.. My Christmas cards with Santa delivering on a bike with snow tires..2. for my bike club president from the club and for me.. A tour De France bicycle ties from Wild Ties... I will take care of my bike for Christmas soon. It needs a new set of tires.. And I need another "take a Look Mirror."

diverguy 11-22-09 09:05 AM

Last week I ordered a 2010 Cannondale Synapse 5 in blue with white trim. The LBS is changing out the handlebar tape for gray or silver and
will be using the seat and pedals I already have. Should be here, assembled, and ready for pickup about the second week of December.

Soloist Assassin 11-22-09 04:41 PM

1 Attachment(s)
some michelin krlions, intertubes, and skewers......

Jakedatc 11-22-09 05:46 PM

Hammer thermal vest and jug of Tropical gel. then they added in another gel flask and some heed samples :)

sprintr 11-22-09 09:22 PM

Hammes sale...

Unagidon 11-22-09 11:10 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Charge Knife saddle

Cane Creek Headset spacers
Fizik bar tape - white
Chamois buttr
4 continental tubes

valygrl 11-23-09 02:27 PM

New bike storage system:

velocanuck 11-23-09 09:44 PM

Originally Posted by valygrl (Post 10067712)


cyclezealot 11-23-09 09:46 PM

2 tires, 2 tubes and a Take A look mirror.

JacoKierkegaard 11-23-09 10:25 PM

New tube to replace a spare that I had to use.

Man I wish I had the disposable cash for some of the purchases in this thread.

Sardian 11-24-09 07:05 AM

Got this in the mail yesterday from Sports Authority.

mustang1 11-24-09 07:24 AM

Shimano 105/Ultegra brake pads and dhb eye shields (for night time).

RidingMatthew 11-24-09 11:02 AM

Easton handlebar, RavX full finger gloves and Shimano Alivio shifters (front and rear.) for my 97 Cannondale Super V. I rode with the gloves Monday night and loved them.

Transitioning my Cdale from grip shift to trigger. Looking forward to it!

diverguy 11-24-09 11:48 AM

Originally Posted by valygrl (Post 10067712)

Very nice! You win the prize. :-) Nice looking house. Enjoy it.

valygrl 11-24-09 03:33 PM

Originally Posted by diverguy (Post 10071280)
Very nice! You win the prize. :-) Nice looking house. Enjoy it.

:) thanks!

notbrant 11-24-09 03:58 PM

Originally Posted by garysol1 (Post 10038404)

What kind of rims are those, they look nice!

Kristen 11-24-09 06:41 PM

Craft ProZero baselayers and PI Thermafleece tights - I am going to ride through the winter this year.

Dirt Farmer 11-24-09 07:40 PM

Novara Headband

Hey, so it's only $12... it's something.

andrewluke 11-25-09 02:31 AM

misc parts to get my partial group installed. My Sora triple is now an Ultegra 6650 compact/BB and Tiagra STI brifters and an Ultegra FD. took a hell of a lot of adjusting, but i got the setup to work with no rubbing on the 9sp chain. soon, I'll get some ultegra brifters, RD, and cassette and be good to go 10 speed.

After 25mi today, I finally realize how crappy the sora stuff really was. It now shifts cleanly and far faster than it ever did before. not to mention that the compact is the perfect gearing combination for myself currently.

so if anyone wants some sora 9sp brifters or triple fd w/ 110 miles, i've got them to practically give away lol. should have a cannondale caad9 C4 stem pretty quick too as I'm going shorter on mine.

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