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dagray 09-05-15 10:47 AM

Got a pair of Schwalbe One tubeless tires in 700x23, and an Ultegra 10 speed cassette.

I took the 10 speed cassette and put it on my wheels for the Orbea, took the 105 10 speed cassette that was on them and put it on a 32 spoke wheel I had purchased for the Raleigh, and took the Sora cassette from that wheel and put it back on the stock wheel of the Raleigh.

I now have a trainer wheel to use with my old tires, my Orbea set up with tubeless tires, and my son riding the Raleigh in the factory wheels.

Jakedatc 09-05-15 01:09 PM

PBK had a sale so i got a new set of Sugio RPM pro bibs. hopefully they are nice. should be better than my oldest pair that are not cutting it anymore. Also some High5 drink tablets and a new Gatorskin for the gf's bike

92Esquire 09-05-15 03:14 PM

Jersey from my local shop. Like the shop logo, and the owner is a decent guy.

Tried buying some brake pads as well but none of the local shops had what I was looking for.

ingo 09-10-15 11:20 PM

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New Oakley Radar Path - Red Iridium. I have worn the M Frame Heater on every ride for 10+ years and they are great, just wanted a new look.

rjones28 09-11-15 11:54 AM

Fall's coming...

So, leg warmers and ...

jaxgtr 09-11-15 06:19 PM

FSA SL-K Seatpost, Stem and Handlebars

PepeM 09-11-15 06:31 PM

Just preordered the Powertap C1 chainrings.

jtaylor996 09-11-15 08:59 PM

2016 Cannondale Carbon Synapse 105!

TimothyH 09-11-15 09:43 PM

I ordered the Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack to make a $31 cycle computer out of an old iPhone. Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack for iPhone: Sports & Outdoors

Was $129 but is now $31. Comes with ANT+ radio transciever, speed and cadence sensors, mount and case with USB charging port for iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S.

See this thread for details...


ooga-booga 09-12-15 02:46 AM

a 50/34 compact crankset for the old 85 steel pinarello. it had previously been relegated to 15-40 miles rides around town because it is
heavy (and relatively bombproof) but i've done flattish/hilly centuries on it with a 50/39 and the bailout gear as a 39x27. i can muscle it up
short climbs but anything over 6% longer than a mile got pretty tough. it should be ready mon/tues and can't wait to ride it up some of the local

Rocket-Sauce 09-14-15 12:53 PM

Thrift store score of the year.

It is in 'functional but very well used' condition.

Redhatter 09-15-15 03:22 AM

Originally Posted by Rocket-Sauce (Post 18163307)

That just shows up as a grey circle with a white rectangle in the centre to me.

bruce19 09-15-15 04:55 AM

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This.....Colnago World Cup CX bike.

goenrdoug 09-15-15 11:13 AM

Originally Posted by Redhatter (Post 18164950)
That just shows up as a grey circle with a white rectangle in the centre to me.

Yeah, $5 seems like a lot for that. True, it's a functional grey circle, but.. meh.

Rocket-Sauce 09-15-15 11:26 AM

Originally Posted by goenrdoug (Post 18165950)
Yeah, $5 seems like a lot for that. True, it's a functional grey circle, but.. meh.

Weird. Is there a problem posting pics from Picasa (google+)?

SpeshulEd 09-15-15 12:40 PM

Originally Posted by Rocket-Sauce (Post 18165996)
Weird. Is there a problem posting pics from Picasa (google+)?

I'd imagine only you and your friends on google+ can see your photos.

smarkinson 09-20-15 11:11 PM

New Shimano 105 5800 crankset that I picked up from Ribble.

This replaces my Ultegra 6700. I've been trying to do more spinning and less grinding so I though I'd try a compact crankset and have gone down from 39/53 on the Ultegra to a 34/50 on the 105. I've also downsized from 175mm cranks to 172.5mm. I've felt with the higher cadences I've been doing lately that a drop down in crank length was in order. Current cassette is 25-12.

As the Ultegra 6700 is 10 speed and the 105 5800 is 11 speed I did some reading up on the internet and it seems that for the crankset the 10 speed versus 11 speed shouldn't be a problem. I've only taken a quick spin up and down the road and the shifting seems ok at the moment. I haven't changed the chain length (maybe next time I change the chain I will take a link or two off) or the front derailleur position yet. I will have to see how things go tomorrow on a proper ride.

I didn't need to change the bottom bracket bearings, the Ultegra came straight off and the 105 went straight on.

Tools required for this job:

Torque wrench (the two left side bolts need to be tightened between 12 and 14 nm)
Hollowtech II crank install tool, part no TL-FC16 (this is a small plastic tool that you use to hand tighten the plastic bolt on the left crank, I've used expanding pliers for this job before with some success but the tool only costs $5).
15mm spanner to get the pedals off and on.

I also took the opportunity to weigh the parts.

Shimano 105 5800 172.5mm 34/50 crankset weights:

Shimano Ultegra 6500 175mm 39/53 crankset weights:

HardyWeinberg 09-21-15 09:18 AM

arkel seat bag

SpeshulEd 09-21-15 03:09 PM

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer...Zwift here I come!

lsberrios1 09-21-15 03:42 PM

Specialized S-Works Power Saddle

Giant Contact SLR OD2 Stem.

Robius 09-21-15 04:15 PM

Moon Comet rear light. I really like it small and really bright.

f4rrest 09-21-15 05:05 PM

Park Tools chain tool. Cracked on first use. WTF?

GuitarBob 09-21-15 05:12 PM

Originally Posted by f4rrest (Post 18183154)
Park Tools chain tool. Cracked on first use. WTF?

Ouch. I used what I think is the very same tool for the first time yesterday on two different chains; so far, so good. I'm sure they'll replace it.

Wileyone 09-21-15 05:17 PM

Full Dura Ace 7700 Group set. Sans Hubs.

TimothyH 09-21-15 05:23 PM

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