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FeltF2Tarmac 11-28-15 08:18 PM

Black Friday free upgrade?

sirkoondog 11-30-15 08:08 AM

Got the wife a Cervelo R2 105 5800 size 48 at closeout price. (White frame). Ordered Ultegra Di2 upgrade on Merlin and new ROL SL wheelset for the bike. Gonna be dope. :)

cosmicfour 11-30-15 08:18 AM

I picked up a Garmin Edge 500 with speed/cadence sensor and HR monitor for $200 over the weekend. I wanted something other than my phone to track my rides and was not expensive.

RidingMatthew 11-30-15 12:35 PM

uh oh
I recently purchased an O2 rain jacket as a back up for the days I dont have my nicer rain coat and toe covers. I also bought for my own christmas present Ortlieb Hi Vis Panniers plus a Cygolite 550 for commuting.

i think i have a bike commuting problem...

although i really would like to get one of these to upgrade my road bike

D1andonlyDman 11-30-15 04:16 PM

Originally Posted by Nachoman (Post 18350216)
Patch kit. I don't need more patches. I just needed some rubber cement.

FYI, O'Reilly's auto parts carries Xtra-seal cold vulcanizing fluid, which is the good stuff, in one ounce tubes, for $2.50, or 8 ounce cans for $8. One ounce is the equivalent of SIX of the tiny tubes that come in Rema and similar patch kits.

Nachoman 11-30-15 06:41 PM

Originally Posted by TCR Rider (Post 18351097)
Picked up Rapha SS Jersey at their Black Friday sale

You'll be styling at the coffee shops!

rekmeyata 11-30-15 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by Nachoman (Post 18350216)
Patch kit. I don't need more patches. I just needed some rubber cement.

You don't need any glue, all you need is glueless patches, and forever never worry about dried glue

allen254 11-30-15 09:17 PM

I got a ultegra 6800 crank
ultegra 6700 cassette
KMC SL10 chain
Giro foray helmet blk/white
FSA csi os99 Stem
Castelli jersey prologo 3

pearl izumi pursuit jersey
louis garneau cycling bib tights and LG bib shorts
​Muc-off team sky lube (awesome lube super smoothe)

f4rrest 11-30-15 09:18 PM

I hate that the patch kits are less expensive than the cold vulcanizing tubes of cement.

Plus, the smallest individually available tube is 5gm, but I prefer the smaller 3gm tubes.

I just bought 6 park tools patch kits for 2.30 each on eBay just for the glue.

Adrianinkc 12-01-15 11:58 AM

Adrianinkc 12-01-15 12:01 PM

Blew Christmas funds on me, everyone is getting IOU's under the tree.

Jakedatc 12-01-15 03:42 PM

set of Michalin Pro4 Comp's for spring/summer
some extra High5 drink tablets
34T inner ring for some steeper stuff
shortly some new Hammer winter booties and maybe a helmet liner that is somewhere between winter and nothing.

interungulate 12-01-15 04:01 PM

A new set of Durano DD's just came in for me. 25mm, replacing a set of 7.5k+mile Luganos that came stock on my road bike. Very, very excited.

thin_concrete 12-01-15 04:15 PM

I picked up that Castelli jersey recently and wore it over the weekend. You will not be disappointed.

99Klein 12-01-15 04:17 PM

Quarq Elsa. Can't wait to try it out. Warm days are a comin!

series1811 12-01-15 04:34 PM

Castelli Toe Thingy
Castelli Confronto Jacket

Adrianinkc 12-01-15 05:35 PM


Adrianinkc 12-01-15 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by thin_concrete (Post 18358340)
I picked up that Castelli jersey recently and wore it over the weekend. You will not be disappointed.

I have the short sleeve one and love it. Can't wait for it to get here.

TankSlapper 12-01-15 07:34 PM

My first purchase from Merlin UK. Saved me about $100 vs US vendors. Fingers crossed....

DustDriver 12-02-15 02:53 AM

Garmin Speed & Cadence sensor, Selle SMP saddle.

dim 12-02-15 03:01 AM

waiting for delivery .....

Polite Cycling Waistcoat

SpeshulEd 12-02-15 08:58 AM

I had a bit of fun over the holidays.

Reflective Giro Empires:

POC DO Blades...

Some pink POC Raceday gloves to match the pink helmet, these gloves are my favorite, no padding, super comfy, and easy on/off.

Some new kits...

New chain for the fixed gear...

Seems the only thing I didn't buy was what I needed, new tires.

MakiNn 12-02-15 04:44 PM

Picked some sram BB bearings for when I get my bike back from the paint shop. Might as well go through most of it with some new parts.

AristoNYC 12-02-15 09:19 PM

Spent way too much money this weekend -$100 shoes $123, kit $100 $66 (from oakley site)

k_kibbler 12-02-15 09:51 PM

Edge 520
State Bicycle Santa Cats kit
Numerous lights in my endless quest to find the perfect light for my usage: Lezyne Hecto 300XL, Cateye Volt 300, Volt 200, NiteRider Lumina 350 Micro.

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