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noodle soup 02-26-16 09:40 AM

Originally Posted by aubiecat (Post 18565859)


aubiecat 02-26-16 11:29 AM

Originally Posted by noodle soup (Post 18565937)

Yes. I can't wait to try them out tomorrow.

Doctor Morbius 03-02-16 02:50 PM

Big spender. :D Bought one of these on ebay so I can use an older Ultegra FD-6503 on a newer frame with braze on.

TimothyH 03-02-16 02:57 PM

Big spender here too...

Sold a bunch of stuff tho. :thumb:

ARPRINCE 03-02-16 08:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Spurcycle bell knock-off $10

TimothyH 03-02-16 09:02 PM

Originally Posted by ARPRINCE (Post 18579635)
Spurcycle bell knock-off $10

I bet I could snap that thing in half with my bare hands.

fietsbob 03-02-16 09:04 PM

Tool Box stack from Sears . consolidating the many small boxes in to one .

ARPRINCE 03-02-16 10:26 PM

Originally Posted by TimothyH (Post 18579744)
I bet I could snap that thing in half with my bare hands.

Yup I bet you can...internet tough guy!

Vinnems 03-02-16 10:56 PM

Had a live and learn moment. First time buying a groupset, and I received (most) of my Athena 11 in the mail. I saw the shifters came with all the cables I needed. Didn't know they would come with it, so I ordered that separately. Would have saved $30, but I guess I can save it to replace the set that came with it when it wears out.

TimothyH 03-03-16 08:30 AM

Originally Posted by ARPRINCE (Post 18579882)
Yup I bet you can...internet tough guy!

dim 03-03-16 08:33 AM

my new (2nd hand commuter) .... a cheapie but in good / brand new condition ... not this exact one as in the pic, but exactly the same model/colour etc except mine has cheap pedals which I will change, and mine does not have the rear fender/mud guard . I only collect it on monday as I'm having it fully serviced

Vinnems 03-04-16 09:05 PM

Had another live and learn moment. My wheels came in (Campagnolo Zondas) and I didn't know wheels came with the skewers. I ordered those separately for an additional $40.
I don't know why I thought cables wouldn't come with the brakes and skewers wouldn't come with the wheels. I was even going to order a lock ring for the cassette separately because I thought it wouldn't come with the cassette in the group set. Guess I'm too used to being nickel-and-dimed for things. I'll see if I can return these and not get wrecked on UK return shipping. If not, I'll see what I can fetch on Ebay. I wouldn't mind keeping the cables, but the skewers are just a waste since I never really take my wheels off much that I would need a back up set.

FeltF2Tarmac 03-04-16 10:22 PM

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Ordered a new lid, never tried Rudy Project but gets high marks.

Soberider 03-05-16 11:27 AM

1 Attachment(s)
New Bike for me

FeltF2Tarmac 03-05-16 12:49 PM

Nice, New bike day is always good.

ltxi 03-05-16 05:47 PM

Latest....another Selle Anatomica NSX, on sale, for whenever I get another/a new road bike. Prolly gonna get another set of my preferred pedals for whatever it's gonna be soon, also.

TimothyH 03-05-16 10:40 PM

noodle soup 03-05-16 10:51 PM

Bell Sweep helmet for $43.49 from

Can't beat that price.

cyclebycle13 03-06-16 06:48 AM

Decided to try these and see if they'll hold (and for how long):

RonH 03-06-16 07:27 PM

I picked up 2 pairs of Sugoi bibs (one black, one blue) at the bike shop last week. Then the next day I got a 30% off coupon from Sugoi in my email so I bought another pair (black) online. :thumb:

Joeyseven 03-06-16 11:12 PM

what the hell is that?:wtf:

Jofu 03-07-16 01:31 AM

Originally Posted by Joeyseven (Post 18589489)
what the hell is that?:wtf:

Looks like carbon fiber bottle cages :)


VCSL2015 03-07-16 05:07 AM

Green helmet?

Originally Posted by hls811 (Post 17669643)

eric1971 03-07-16 07:34 AM

This will be arriving later this week. Going to build it up with Athena Silver.

noodle soup 03-07-16 12:23 PM

Originally Posted by noodle soup (Post 18563687)

still waiting for Ribble to ship this order.

I'll never order from them again.

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