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Oracle7775 02-07-17 03:40 PM

Originally Posted by gsindela (Post 19363393)
A few thoughts:
1. You are ripped!
2. Nice shave job.
3. Shoes look great.
4. Who cares about the socks. Own it!

Thanks! I MAY have flexed the calves a bit for the pic. :D

Shoes are fantastic, especially for the price, although it has only been trainer rides so far. More snug, yet roomier than my old Bontrager RL's, if that makes any sense? And of course the BOA fasteners are a quantum leap forward.

SpeshulEd 02-07-17 05:31 PM

Just tell people you were feeling a bit more tri than bike, so that explains the socks.

AristoNYC 02-07-17 06:43 PM

Sy Reene 02-07-17 07:53 PM

gotta catch 'em all!

rob214 02-07-17 08:02 PM

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just bought this tonight, did 20 miles on it, sweet ride

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lsberrios1 02-07-17 09:08 PM

Originally Posted by rob214 (Post 19364057)
just bought this tonight, did 20 miles on it, sweet ride

Attachment 551962

Very badass! You've got good taste.

Zoroman 02-08-17 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 8308626)
What was your most recent cycling-related purchase?

Mine, today (Wednsday) ... a gift for my husband. :)

Planet Bike Super Flash Rear Light

And on Monday I got one for me, as well as two tires, and handlebar tape ... getting ready for the season.

New drop down handlebars for my Cervelo Soloist (had mechanic install new brake levers and tape them up.
3 new seats for my rode and mountain bikes
A used Fuji Feather, single speed
Wrench 15 mm for Fuji Feather

jsigone 02-08-17 12:22 AM

ebay Carbone SL for $501 listed from TheProCloset store

SysteX 02-08-17 07:47 AM

Originally Posted by AristoNYC (Post 19363914)

How's the sizing on this? Seem true to their size chart?

AristoNYC 02-08-17 07:52 AM

Originally Posted by SysteX (Post 19364619)
How's the sizing on this? Seem true to their size chart?

I'm 6'4, 34 waist, 41 chest, 210#
I'm about 15-20 pounds over weight at 210 and I bought a large. It is tight, but once I slim out a bit it will be perfect.

Oracle7775 02-08-17 09:18 AM

I've been on a bit of a buying spree. Latest were these:

I'm doing a dirt drop conversion for my single speed mountain bike. It's going to be both awesome and awful!

I also ordered an Arione saddle to replace my specialized Romin. Other people like the Romin a lot, but the nose of the saddle is just too wide for me.

TimothyH 02-08-17 08:23 PM

FeltF2Tarmac 02-08-17 11:10 PM

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ARX LTD stem to match up with my Ergonova LTD bars, only 100 mm not 110 like pictured.

Doge 02-09-17 12:07 AM

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The Tyre. Custom config from Francois. Silk case, record tread. This config worked well last year.
Attachment 552192

hls811 02-09-17 08:38 AM

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stykthyn 02-09-17 08:44 AM

Originally Posted by hls811 (Post 19366873)


TimothyH 02-09-17 10:41 AM

Really digging the slate blue with white trim decor.

What color/brand paint is that? Do you have the color codes?


noodle soup 02-10-17 10:48 AM

Powertap GS hub and Sapim CX-Ray spokes

Workswell 56mm hoop

WhyFi 02-10-17 10:49 AM

^^^ How much was the rim, if you don't mind me asking?

99Klein 02-10-17 10:59 AM

noodle soup 02-10-17 11:01 AM

Originally Posted by WhyFi (Post 19369582)
^^^ How much was the rim, if you don't mind me asking?

retail is $150, but my builder got a little better than that because he frequently does business with them.

Carbon-Cycle has a similar hoop for $163, but the Workswell hoop is slightly wider internally. I've also read that C-C's hoop is painted matte black, not actual matte clear UD carbon.

gsindela 02-10-17 11:04 AM

Originally Posted by TimothyH (Post 19366246)

Very nice. Love the clean look of those.

WhyFi 02-10-17 11:04 AM

Cool, thanks!

noodle soup 02-10-17 11:11 AM

Originally Posted by WhyFi (Post 19369619)
Cool, thanks!

I have a set of Workswell 38mm hoops (25mm wide), and couldn't be more pleased with them after 5k miles.

kansukee 02-10-17 12:54 PM

Got a Powertap GS including the Campy hub from Trisports for $299; no tax and free shipping.

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