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GeneO 04-26-18 07:58 PM

Ordered one of these phenom prro's with my rewards money for my black Diverge + red Roubaix tape:

dmark 04-26-18 08:20 PM

Park PCS-10 workstand

seau grateau 04-26-18 08:49 PM

Hopefully some relief for my sweat-burning-my-eyes-out-of-my-skull problem.

jordanair45 04-26-18 09:31 PM

Zipp Service Course Stem. +/- 25 degrees.

Thats right. LOL cant wait to try this one out. Damn back problems..

Vegasclimber 04-27-18 12:04 AM

Decent used set of Assaults, new Corsa G+ skins, 11-30 cassette and changed the rings out to a Spidering Mid from the Standard it came with. Dialed in as much as it can be for Rosarito-Ensenada next weekend. On top of the wife deciding she wanted a road bike for her birthday, it has not been a cheap month haha.

K R 04-27-18 02:40 PM

The Jerseys are Asian sizes - upsize two sizes for US

Originally Posted by wipekitty (Post 20284020)
Nice work! :thumb:

The kid's large looked to be a cm or two shorter in the back than my favorite size small women's jerseys, but it shouldn't be a big deal with bibs. I've learned that the boys' L (and sometimes XL) sizes are often close to an American XS or Euro S in women's stuff.

After a couple of false starts we've figured out the sizing scheme for the Space Cats great Jerseys from Rouler. They are sized to Asian sizes. From what I experienced, the Adult Small equates to a US ladies Small. XL Adult is essentially a US Adult (Men's) Medium and XXL or 2XL is a US Men's large. Note also the zipper pulls are lefty as would be found with euro Jerseys. The graphics are amazing and quality seems excellent. We'll be team Space Cat in June for the 20th anniversary of the "Route of the Hiawatha" !

Niko19729 04-28-18 06:24 PM

A new bike. Found an 80's Peugeot at a flea market not too long ago. Paid only 20 for it. It was in very good condition, only needs new tyres.

Nachoman 05-02-18 07:40 AM
It is actually cycling related because I bought it for my next cycling vacation.

Ghostknife 05-02-18 09:44 AM

Mason x Hunt all seasons
Conti GP4000s
Ice tech rotors.

Of course they will all be showing up while im out of town lol.

FeltF2Tarmac 05-02-18 10:12 PM

Entrata FZ 3 for 1/2 off. Lightweight and see through. Definitely for hotter day,s. Bring it!

TimothyH 05-03-18 07:47 AM

Originally Posted by Sy Reene (Post 20309189)
Bug zapper?

Originally Posted by GeneO (Post 20309269)
New build or upgrade or broke?

Expansion (compression) plug.

The ENVE expansion plug is rather short and does extend far enough down into the steerer to support the entire stem. The Specialized expansion plug is widely accepted as one of the best. It is heavy but long and will support the entire steerer.

I just built a custom fixed gear bike. It has the ENVE part in it now but I will replace it once the Specialized part arrives if only for piece of mind.


TimothyH 05-03-18 09:08 AM

7Mesh G2 jersey
Cycling lingerie :p

rjones28 05-04-18 07:40 AM

evan326 05-07-18 02:07 PM

BB30 bearings for my main bike

130mm stem for my commuter

TimothyH 05-07-18 03:20 PM

Italian style on clearance at Backcountry.

De Marchi Legara jersey.

TimothyH 05-09-18 08:55 AM


Just received the De Marchi Legara jersey. Wow.

Fabric and construction on this thing puts others to shame. Rapha has nothing on De Marchi. Everyone should own one of these.

Very Italian sizing though and not cut for guys with broad chest/back or large biceps. If you are skinny on top then buy one. I've ordered the next size up and will be returning the one which fits least worst.


znomit 05-11-18 05:56 AM

Won this on auction. Its brand new but 2011 model so well shop soiled. Ticks all the boxes for a great commuter except fenders.

RonH 05-15-18 06:04 PM

I bought two of these

to go on this. :love:

cyclebycle13 05-15-18 06:33 PM

Originally Posted by RonH (Post 20342307)
I bought two of these

to go on this. :love:

Are those custom decals? Never seen that before.

RonH 05-16-18 05:44 AM

Originally Posted by cyclebycle13 (Post 20342352)
Are those custom decals? Never seen that before.

That's the decals Lynskey puts on the bike. Here's a pic from the website.

str8jakett 05-16-18 07:12 AM
Used the Edge 500 for 6 years now, don't want it to explode at an inopportune time without having my upgrade ready. Pre-ordered the 520+. Assioma is my entry into the world of power.

noodle soup 05-16-18 08:54 AM

I also just ordered Zipp SL-70 carbon bars, and a Zipp Service Course SL stem. Wheels will be next, once I figure out what I.want.

Jakedatc 05-17-18 06:19 AM

Some CB Candy 3's to go on my CX bike. My old Candy C's were bought used and are pretty beat up

noodle soup 05-17-18 11:00 AM

garmin mount

Di2 mount

Bontrager cages

Flatballer 05-17-18 01:44 PM

Originally Posted by str8jakett (Post 20342886)
Used the Edge 500 for 6 years now, don't want it to explode at an inopportune time without having my upgrade ready. Pre-ordered the 520+. Assioma is my entry into the world of power.

Assioma and a 520+ are probably my exact next big purchases to upgrade my old yellow non-ANT+ Powertap and Little yellow computer.

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