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MezzoLew 06-04-18 12:21 AM

Picked up a new Helmut from Aldi - OK not a well known brand but here is the description:

  • Inmolded polycarbonate construction for great heat resistance
  • Patented 360 adjustment system
  • 11 Optimized, enlarged air ducts
  • Inmolded-insect-net
  • Removable visor
  • Security lock
  • Design integrated removable LED rear light with 6 powerful LEDs in 3 lighting modes
  • Rear light with battery included (Lithium coin cell CR 1620, 3V)
  • Reflective sticker

3 years

Price: 9.99 - not bad price!!

Looks well designed and fits well.

This is not me!

jitenshaman 06-04-18 03:22 AM

FSA carbon crankset bargain on Ebay to upgrade my Jetstream EX.

FSA octalink

metalheart44 06-04-18 10:42 PM

Berk Dila saddle, around 100 or so grams for the padded oval rails all carbon version. VERY comfortable ride for the chip seal rough roads I ride. It is similar in design to other "power" saddles, shorter nose and wider at the rear (160mm)

kevlar_heart 06-06-18 08:26 AM

New shoes for this Clyde's Ride

Hunt Race Aero Superduras


31 DEEP 24 WIDE 1595G

eabeaj 06-06-18 11:52 AM

Originally Posted by kevlar_heart (Post 20379720)

Hunt Race Aero Superduras


31 DEEP 24 WIDE 1595G

Just took my new set of Race Aero Wides for their first spin this morning. Extremely pleased (though that's compared to the unbranded stock wheels they're replacing, so the bar was pretty low I suppose...)

bbattle 06-06-18 07:28 PM

I had a wheelset built by my local bike shop. HED Belgium Plus rims, White Industries hubs, Sapim CX-ray spokes. 24/28 in 2x pattern. Tubeless with Schwalbe Pro One tires. I wanted bombproof wheels because I ride on a lot of sketchy pavement and gravel roads.

These wheels are about 0.5 pounds lighter than my Bontrager Race wheels with Gatorskins tires.

When I first rode on them, I didn't feel much difference but as my ride progressed, I noticed I was two gears higher than normal yet pedalling along with no troubles. I've not noticed a big difference(if any) while climbing but on the flats I can just hammer along. It's great!

woodcraft 06-06-18 07:30 PM

carbon mini pump.

Max 20 psi. Total fail, returned.

gvelayo 06-06-18 08:14 PM

Bontrager High pressure pump

Dave Cutter 06-10-18 09:58 PM

A new side-loading light (30 grams) water bottle cage, and a bicycle computer. I bought a Craigslist 2015 CAAD 10 a couple days ago... and it needed both..
It really is like new (seller said 21 miles on it). I couldn't have afforded it new.

noodle soup 06-13-18 10:34 AM

Garmin Edge 520 plus

f4rrest 06-16-18 12:50 AM

HED Belgium C2.
DT Swiss 240s hubs.
Conti sprinter tubies.
Mastik One glue.
Some used rims for stretching.

philbob57 06-16-18 04:30 PM

Jandd Briar rack trunk bag. It's the tallest I can put on my bike that fits under the seat. Very simple bag, nicely structured, and I think it will hold what I want it to hold. It looks pretty good on my bike, much better than the sagging, way too wide for my taste 'Roswheel' from Amazon.

SkepticalOne 06-17-18 05:14 AM

ctpres 06-17-18 08:02 AM

IGS618 computer for $119.00. More whiz bang wow features than I will ever need. Once I figure it out old Garmin 500 is going to one of the grandkids.

noodle soup 06-17-18 08:47 AM

$19.75 each, so i got 5

igorek 06-17-18 10:13 AM

I got Specialized S Works Power saddle from ebay

wipekitty 06-17-18 12:09 PM

Summer aero jersey...Sportful Bodyfit Pro.

I think I've put in enough miles this year to actually pull off something like this :lol:

Jadesfire 06-17-18 02:05 PM
And a Craft base layer.

MezzoLew 06-18-18 12:09 AM

A new bike for my 13 year old as he has outgrown his other bikes. A rather nice 1/2 suspension Carrera Vengance Limited Edition alloy daily rider. Equipped with Shimano groupset and Shimano M445 Hydraulic Disc Brakes. 160 so I am well pleased with this as they are going for over 200 in the UK. Also came with a free bike computer!

zacster 06-18-18 02:08 PM Just bought this stand, delivered today. I'm hoping it helps me in maintaining the various bikes in my house. I just did a cleaning of two bikes without it and it was just a PITA. Maybe I'll clean more often.

harrisonk 06-18-18 06:20 PM

Two purchases this weekend: (1) Bontrager Aeolus 5 carbon clinchers; and (2) Specialized SWorks shoes.

znomit 06-19-18 12:49 AM

Needed some new chain lube (FinishLine ceramic dry), so of course I had to pad out my wiggle order for the free shipping.

My Vittoria Voyager Hypers for the commuter arrived today too.

ARPRINCE 06-19-18 10:21 PM


harrisonk 06-21-18 01:48 PM

Berk Lupina saddle, unpadded, 3k gloss finish. 77 grams.

Igotdibs 06-21-18 04:42 PM

I officially retired my old 80's Look pedals and got some new Speedplay Zeros and cleats.

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