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aprieto28 05-05-19 07:15 PM

80's Centurion Professional

noodle soup 05-05-19 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by aprieto28 (Post 20915615)

Id love to see the actual bike you purchased.

aprieto28 05-05-19 11:01 PM

It's on it's way from Romania. I'll be sure to post some pics when it arrives.

canklecat 05-05-19 11:42 PM

Arundel Synth Gecko bar wrap. Not something I'd usually buy, but at less than half price it's worth a try.

The Arundel demo video helps. There's no adhesive. The all silicone tape grips itself and supposedly can be reused and washed for years. It can be wrapped thick and chunky as in my photo, or stretched to be thinner and more conventional looking.

It's heavy stuff, maybe twice the weight of regular Arundel Gecko tape. Stretching it tight and using less might reduce the weight. But even on my carbon bike I'm not counting grams. My headlight and video camera are heavier.

It feels like new rubber hoods. Grippy, soft and comfortable. I did a 40 mile test ride without gloves, including on a couple of miles of chewed up streets being prepped for fresh hot topping. Felt good, no raw hands afterward.

Frankly, it's kinda ugly, like... meaty. But the hi-viz yellow against my Trekenstein's purple frame and blue cable housing sorta appeals to my complete lack of fashion sense.
Arundel Synth Gecko bar wrap on early '90s Trekenstein Fifty None Aught Aught.

Kinda funky. Like... a goose neck lamp made of meat.

79pmooney 05-06-19 12:32 AM

Moderators, you can blow away that last post. (I cannot get into it.) I successfully inserted a picture the other day but didn't record how I shrank it size and file size. The above wasn't it!

And for the rest of you:

A steel Nitto S-84 lugged seatpost, 250mm

What a gorgeous post! Beautifully made, everything looks big, strong and well designed. Nicely brazed and the parts well machined. Bolts are 6mm Allen. Really easy to access and adjust. Setup was really simple. And the post wasn't even very heavy.

Nicest post my old Peter Mooney has ever seen and the first in the league of the frame it is inserted into. (And I paid $10 less to the shop I love doing business with than the online price I saw - for special order.)


BounceCT 05-06-19 08:16 AM

A pair of these...

fietsbob 05-06-19 09:50 AM

Swap Meet finds: TRP 'V" brakes , and Avid Speed dial 'Ti' model levers ..

and a Campag Rally long pulley cage to test on my Record RD ..


bruce19 05-07-19 07:04 AM
Bought this on Saturday.

RidingMatthew 05-07-19 07:26 AM

Originally Posted by bruce19 (Post 20917971)

that is a nice looking Cannondale!

Sy Reene 05-07-19 04:59 PM

On the opposite end of the price spectrum..

ooga-booga 05-07-19 06:01 PM

a couple of these...

canklecat 05-08-19 01:21 AM

Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 shoes. I wanted a second pair of Scott Road Pro shoes but couldn't find any. I needed another pair to try some Shimano SPD-SL pedals/cleats on a second road bike -- my other uses Look Delta.

The Tempo shoes are okay, especially at less than half price on an Amazon open box return special.

On the plus side they seem sturdy and well made. The sole is reasonably stiff. Paired with SPD-SL cleats they're easier and quieter for walking than my Scott shoes with Look Delta cleats (those are like ice skating in high heels). It's also easier to clip in, mostly due to the cleat design. But there's less float than the Deltas and I had to stop a few times the first ride to adjust the cleat angle.

On the minus side, they're not ventilated well enough for summer. No cloth mesh in the uppers or vents in the soles. They'll be good cool and wet weather shoes, and cold weather with shoe covers. The Scott Road Pro are about as close as you can get to a sandal, with plenty of cloth mesh and sole vents, and the shoe overall is soft yet supportive and durable.

The Fizik shoes don't fit me well, but that's not unusual. I have long, narrow, bony feet with high arches that have always been hard to fit. Even with the Scott I needed to replace the insoles with something that better suited my feet, but the width was fine. The Scott shoes fit so well I can only use thin socks, which are fine for summer use. The Tempo shoes are too wide and the Velcro straps don't snug up enough. I had to add two insoles for adequate arch support and metatarsal padding. I still need to wear thick socks to take up the excess space and get a comfortable fit without slipping.

So the Tempo shoes will be okay, and well suited to winter use. Eventually I'll get another pair of Scott shoes for the SPD-SL pedals/cleats.

Doctor Morbius 05-09-19 11:16 AM

Just bought a returned Continental Grand Sport Race 700x23 folding tire from Amazon for $12.73 plus sales tax. :thumb: Only needed 1 tire because of clearance issues with the front fork on one of my road bikes. I can use 700x25 on the rear and on my other road bike.

I have a set of these in 700x32 on one of my hybrids and I really like them, even though they have the lowly Pure Grip compound. Just think of how much faster I could go if I had the Black Chili compound! :eek:

bluezurich 05-09-19 06:39 PM

Latest and nearly greatest
Lake CX 241. I'm not 28 anymore, I can't wear Sidi's. These are a phenomenal shoe and they seem to be the only company whose normal width is many mm's wider than other's wide or high volume shoe. The boa system is so precise, my only gripe is they are a 3 hole instead of 4 since I am a Speedplay user.

TimothyH 05-09-19 08:12 PM

jadocs 05-10-19 07:47 PM

Press on the helmet and it squeaks. 😂😆
Very helpful when your behind the lead rider to let him know to speed it up. 🤡

phtomita 05-10-19 11:26 PM

Got a MF-TZ31 from Random Bike Parts - It is very cheap - so bought for a experiment instead of going around coop to find a cheap one....:)

deepakvrao 05-11-19 02:52 AM

Originally Posted by Sy Reene (Post 20919006)
On the opposite end of the price spectrum..

What is it?

berner 05-11-19 04:37 AM

I bought a bell for the bike. I'm so excited I ring it even when there is no one ahead of me.

Sy Reene 05-11-19 05:58 AM

Originally Posted by deepakvrao (Post 20924366)
What is it?

It's a silicone seatpost ring that sits on top of the frame at the clamp area.

str8jakett 05-11-19 06:25 AM

Just picked up two more pair of The Black Bibs when they got my size back in stock. I was pretty happy when I gave them a shot late last year and it's time to replace some older stuff anyway. Plus, it's great to be able to support a local company.

WhyFi 05-11-19 06:40 AM

Originally Posted by Sy Reene (Post 20924449)
It's a silicone seatpost ring that sits on top of the frame at the clamp area.



Sy Reene 05-11-19 06:47 AM

Originally Posted by WhyFi (Post 20924485)


because science.
seriously.. probably really no reason. I had one because my Fizik seatpost originally shipped with one. Now a couple years later it's looking a bit beat up.. so was a $5 add on to an order to get some free shipping.

They are supposed to keep water/crap from getting in your clamp/seat tube in theory. I think it's just a bit of bling, but it does help as a seatpost height marker if you remove or do any adjustments.

f4rrest 05-11-19 08:19 AM

Originally Posted by WhyFi (Post 20924485)


A few extra grams just because.

wipekitty 05-11-19 01:30 PM

Mystery Jersey Time...

I really like Al jerseys, but it is difficult to find the designs I like in my size and price range. So I was happy to find a deal on one, but from the vendor's website, it's entirely unclear which of the two colors it is. It will be one of these two:

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