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Fendertele 08-09-20 02:32 PM

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

daihard 08-10-20 12:11 AM

Just bought a 2021 Specialized Roubaix Sport. I've only ridden it for a few miles, but I already love it.

znomit 08-10-20 12:54 AM

My favourite winter top finally gave up after 10 years of cosy riding on chilly nights.

New one on the way. Looks like they've improved the pockets otherwise the same.

gvelayo 08-10-20 05:36 AM

Bought a set of 12mm thru axles for my Fuji GranFondo

John Montgomery 08-10-20 12:00 PM

Will it FIT on my handlebars? TBD Broke before I used it once! Installed last night, found it on the the floor, broke, this morning. I want my money back!

oris 08-10-20 12:25 PM

Zipp Tangente Course R28 tire and 2 spare tubes since a nail decided to spoil the end of my Saturday ride.

bampilot06 08-10-20 01:57 PM

longer stem to increase reach. Gloves for comfort. Also bought extra co2.

Cowboy905 08-10-20 02:59 PM

Osprey Katari 1.5L hydration pack. Been a pretty hot summer in Toronto and 2 bottles aren't cutting it.

taco2ewsday 08-11-20 07:25 AM

Some Pearl Izumi bibs and some cliff bloks from REI

mgopack42 08-11-20 09:26 AM
Argon 18 Krypton pro.

noodle soup 08-13-20 04:44 PM

alazzaro 08-13-20 06:14 PM

Originally Posted by ZiggyC63 (Post 21629112)
2021 Tarmac SL7 Pro in white picked up today!

Any pics
How is your knee clearance with the aerofly when out of the saddle?

alazzaro 08-13-20 06:18 PM

SBR Rocker for my kickr
Rear light for my bike and 1 for my wife

Looking to sell my sl6 pro

ZiggyC63 08-13-20 06:22 PM

canít post pics yet since Iím new. Clearance is fine, no issues at all

Originally Posted by alazzaro (Post 21639813)
Any pics
How is your knee clearance with the aerofly when out of the saddle?

alazzaro 08-13-20 06:29 PM

Originally Posted by ZiggyC63 (Post 21639826)
canít post pics yet since Iím new. Clearance is fine, no issues at all

I'm new as well
How long until we can post pics, and have all features?

Hikebikerun 08-13-20 07:08 PM

Got some 28c Conti GP5000s to replace the stock Bontrager 25c tires that came on the bike. Dropped 10psi, incredible difference in smoothness and speeds all up slightly.

Looking at a new Wahoo Kickr now....

Tonquani 08-14-20 01:02 PM

Parktool CN-10

They may be expensive but they make great tools!

Tonquani 08-14-20 01:04 PM

Originally Posted by alazzaro (Post 21639844)
I'm new as well
How long until we can post pics, and have all features?

I think it's 10 posts until you can start a new thread. Not sure about pictures...

ZHVelo 08-15-20 11:53 AM

I got myself a new cockpit look - Profile Design clip-on bars and Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.

Quick test ride already done, love it, can't wait for the long Sunday ride to test both.

RockiesDad 08-15-20 12:19 PM

Fairlight Strael. London UK to Bay Area California in three days...

Ogsarg 08-15-20 02:39 PM

Originally Posted by Ogsarg (Post 21578195)
A Specialized jersey on sale (never tried any of their kit) and their SWAT mini tool that attaches to the seat.

The Swat mini tool was a waste of money. Fell out of its holster on one of my last two rides. It seemed very secure but obviously wasnít. Lesson learned.

7BikeTourist 08-16-20 07:45 PM

Put a set of Panaracer Gravel King SK tubeless tires on a new set of Shimano GRX WH-RX570 wheels. My second set of tubeless tires.

Iím pleased with tubeless tires. Although there is a real learning curve when it comes to mounting them.

My first attempt mounting the Gravel Kings was a complete failure. The tires went on the wheels fairly easily, without resorting to tire irons. Hands only. Getting the bead to seat and the tires to hold air was a whole different experience.I first tried my trusty Silca floor pump, not enough volume. I tried soapy water, no go. I got out my compressor and cranked it up to 120 psi. Nothing but wind blowing through the bead. I even tried putting sealant in the tires along with the compressor. Big mess.

Finally consulted the inter-web and found a suggestion to mount the tires with a tube in them and let them sit overnight. Then remove the tube carefully, only breaking the bead on one side of tire. Put the stem back and muscle the open side of the tires back on the rim. At that point I was able use my floor pump to seat the bead. Really amazing how well the suggestion worked. Thought I would share.

Hapsmo911 08-16-20 09:13 PM

Got this the other day. Waiting on the powermeter, bars and wheels to show.

Ilbiker 08-16-20 09:21 PM

Just ordered a Garmin 530 today. Been using my Fenix 5X, but since I canít run anymore, it was time for a proper bike computer.

gios 08-16-20 09:28 PM

Camelbak Podium Chill 21 oz.

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