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eduskator 05-01-21 08:19 AM

(Finally) received the gravel bike yesterday after waiting for over 2 months. Worked on it a little yesterday and I am taking it for its first spin today!

dfrench52 05-01-21 08:25 AM

Parks DAG 2.2 hanger alignment tool. Because my bike just isn't shifting properly. I've ruled out user error or just being a klutz.😁

jleeg 05-02-21 04:54 PM
I purchased some stainless steel

tabl10s 05-03-21 02:35 AM

My third and last Cervelo RCA.

sneakerfreaka 05-03-21 03:57 AM

San Marco Superleggera saddle, I bought the slightly heavier Carbon FX model last year and itís quickly become the best saddle Iíve ever used. I found the Superleggera model online today with 61% discount, could not turn that down!

SapInMyBlood 05-03-21 05:35 PM

New light bicycle rims 😁
55mm front with Sondelux Dynamo hub, 65mm rear with carbon ti hub
With purple nipples 😜

ARPRINCE 05-03-21 07:14 PM

Jersey Pocket Essential Case
I use my Jersey pockets to carry tools, spares etc. I have 2 GCNs, and 1 Rapha small case. Wanted them all to be the same size, longer/larger and waterproof (like Rapha) so I got the next best thing (Muc-Off Rainproof Essentials Case) .

Compared to Rapha, material is very similar, the dimension looks the same (compared to the Large size) but $10 cheaper.


oldwinger14 05-04-21 07:52 AM

Picking up my bike today that has been upgraded from Shimano 105 to Ultegra Di2

drsmoooth 05-04-21 10:58 AM

My recent purchase
Elite Carbon Wheels, Ultra rear 11-28 cog set, Continental tires with blue side, blue brake shoe blocks, water bottles and valve extenders.

RandomDesign 05-04-21 11:52 AM

Upgraded my BMC Teammachine to Di2, added a BBInfinite 1-piece bottom bracket, BBInfinite oversized pulley wheels, Specialized S-Works Aerofly II handlebars and a YBN gold chain.

Jack Tone 05-04-21 12:36 PM

Originally Posted by RandomDesign (Post 22044394)
Upgraded my BMC Teammachine to Di2, added a BBInfinite 1-piece bottom bracket, BBInfinite oversized pulley wheels, Specialized S-Works Aerofly II handlebars and a YBN gold chain.


mstateglfr 05-04-21 01:17 PM

Originally Posted by ARPRINCE (Post 22043373)
Muc-Off Rainproof Essentials Case) .

Just amazon'd one to try. delivers tomorrow and free returns? no risk.

I looked at a few options earlier this year and sort of let it fizzle, so this new one could be great.

CityCountry 05-14-21 01:42 PM

Set up a removable front basket system using a front pannier rack and a click on system that is meant for the rear of the bike (MIK) and a Basil basket. It took a stupid amount of research to make it happen and I'm damn proud of the outcome.

Chuck M 05-16-21 04:55 PM

It was time for new tires and I went with the Continental GP5Ks with the tan/cream sidewalls. I like skin-walls and gum-walls on older bikes and this little retro touch gives the bike a little pop.

itchyjoe 05-17-21 07:28 AM

Originally Posted by WorldIRC (Post 22007559)
Garmin Rally RS200!!! I got 20% off too!

How'd you get 20% off? Do tell....

sjammer 05-17-21 09:18 AM

Set of Conti GP5000's and a new floor pump.

seedsbelize 05-18-21 06:57 PM

I bought four tubes and some chain lube this morning.

ultrarider7 05-18-21 07:36 PM
Reynolds Aero 46 Black Label Carbon Disc Wheelset
New bike excitement!

mruneedahelmet 05-18-21 10:12 PM

Ultegra 6800 11-28 cassette
Gravel King clinchers 28
Nitto Mod 55 bars

UCantTouchThis 05-19-21 04:35 PM

Nice for charging the GPS and bike lights before a night ride.

Cool alum GPR mount, well machined and came with an action camera aluminum mount/adapter, or light mount. So cool I ordered a second one the day I received this one. Love it!
Digging this inexpensive GPS. basic info but lights up at night so one can see the stats while riding. Vs the Garmin having to push buttons. Loads to phone app then synchs with Strava. Easy operation.

Sy Reene 05-19-21 04:49 PM

Made the $1/gram cut by shaving 35 grams against the older pump (that was getting a bit hinky with the hose). Nice and tiny nestled in its cage mount bracket, but I hope to never have to use it :thumb:
Lezyne Grip Drive HP

cbuddy2005 05-19-21 05:05 PM

Latest purchase is a new brooks B-17 saddle that I'm trying to break in--yep

gios 05-19-21 10:07 PM

Another Giro Synthe.

primov8 05-20-21 07:25 AM
Shamal Carbon db wheelset.
Rotor INPower w/42T crankset + Goodyear F1 32c tubeless tires.

jim dandy 05-20-21 08:39 AM

Latest Cycle Related Purchase
Well Ö This.

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