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Tsuru 03-15-10 03:07 PM

New backpack for the commute.

aham23 03-15-10 03:11 PM

Originally Posted by North of You (Post 10529585)
^ How much u pay? Up here they are going for about $265.:eek:


retail is $250 if i remember correctly. later.

Sardian 03-15-10 04:07 PM

Nice looking bike, but the bar tape reminds me of a guy who says "Theeeeeeere Great!!!" (a.k.a. Tony the tiger).

Originally Posted by bikr13 (Post 10529661)

mzeffex 03-15-10 04:38 PM

I almost bought an HED disc wheel on a wim, but then realized that would be stupid and changed my mind.

McStuff 03-15-10 04:57 PM

I bought Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance yesterday.

geist 03-15-10 06:10 PM

Rear Lamp:

80vette 03-16-10 08:05 PM

ISM saddle

rc51crazy 03-16-10 09:05 PM

a set of Speedplay Zero stainless, selle italia slr xp saddle and a new polar HR monitor (the old one died)....the adventure continues

125psi 03-16-10 09:12 PM

Travel Trac Realtour $319 ............ I like it.

a_phat_beat 03-16-10 09:28 PM

merlin metalworks jersey.

kindablue 03-16-10 09:28 PM

Picked 'em up for $15 usd. I'm a fan, they are quite nice.

save10 03-16-10 09:59 PM

Williams Cycling System 58 Carbon Clinchers with 10% team discount and free overnight shipping.

recon455 03-16-10 10:18 PM

Felt AR4

swak 03-16-10 10:19 PM
Shimano Ultegra Pedals.
Toupe Team Saddle

Stoked for the coming season.

dmann 03-17-10 12:00 AM skid lid

lemak 03-17-10 01:09 AM


Jakedatc 03-17-10 09:04 AM

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San marco Rolls Due. we'll have to see how well i like it before deciding if it gets main bike or rain bike duty. either way it'll be better than what is on the rain bike now.

azncarbos 03-17-10 11:10 PM

Pick this up to replace homemade work sweet deal on it.

and also pick up this too... I must say it really nice bib for under $60! Try it today and it was comfortable and I didn't feel like i was wearing anything down there...LoL I highly recommend it

kindablue 03-17-10 11:38 PM

and also pick up this too... I must say it really nice bib for under $60! Try it today and it was comfortable and I didn't fell like i was wearing anything down there...LoL I highly recommend it[/QUOTE]

Are those performance bibs? If so which ones?

azncarbos 03-17-10 11:54 PM

Originally Posted by kindablue (Post 10541937)

Are those performance bibs? If so which ones?


The 2010 model and this one are the same.... plus extra 20% off!

carpediemracing 03-18-10 05:29 AM

In the past couple weeks I've been restocking the quiver.

The custom Tsunami frame, of course, and minor pieces to make that work with all the parts off my SystemSix.

HED Stinger6 wheels, these I put on about 2 weeks ago, raced them 2x, rode them outside 1x.

A lot of Bontrager tires - 1 pair each of their top and second-top tubulars, a pair of light clinchers for training, and then a slew of various other clinchers for training, winter wheels (25c), and tandem (28c). Bar tape (8? 10? A shopping bag of bar tape). I'm curious to see how the Bonty tubulars stack up against the others. They look like the Specialized ones and they're apparently made where Vittorias are made. Since I really like Vittorias... we'll see.

Full finger lightweight gloves for summer (my other set got trashed in a crash last summer, and since a lot of fingertip stuff ripped, I figure a full finger glove saved me from some painful fingertip scrapes). So, for crits, long finger gloves, always, even if it's for a once every decade or two spill.

Bell Volt helmet. Fits better, let's see how it works. I could feel the air going through it when I walked down the hallway in the house. I had to replace a helmet from last year and having only one summer helmet was freaking me out.

Next up: Want to order wheels immediately - Jet 6 front, Jet 9 rear.

Then, later, a spare Tsunami frame (which will probably become my primary bike). I have a couple minor changes I want to try.

Possible SRAM rear derailleurs with Shimano cassettes for all my Campy 10s bikes (I experimented with it, it worked, so now I'm considering converting all my wheels to Shimano). I may wait for a year, see what Shimano does in Fall 2010. But if they stay 10s for a while, I'll convert. Since I haven't done it already I'll probably go another cassette cycle (i.e. buy new Campy cassettes) and wait until they're worn.

Oh, and some size M kits. These size Ls are killing me. I fit them when I tried them on, but now I don't :)


Lectron 03-18-10 05:52 AM

mehran9o 03-18-10 01:52 PM

Just left a deposite for Giant Defy 2!
Have to pick it up in 2 weeks

mike868y 03-18-10 03:08 PM

Shimano Ultegra Junior 14-25 cassette. Can't believe they don't make a 14-26 or 14-27. They don't want juniors to mash the flats, but they also don't want us to spin on the climbs. Thankfully, the lbs is hooking me up and swapping the last 3 cogs from a 12-26 cassette.

nvrlnd7 03-18-10 05:56 PM

Ok here i am again, Cane creek s-3 headset...

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