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mzeffex 04-18-10 04:28 PM


steveymcdubs 04-18-10 04:31 PM


Shifters, 2x RD, FD, brakeset, cables for $150.


rumrunn6 04-18-10 04:52 PM

3/4 tights

rangerdavid 04-18-10 05:15 PM

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I got some gore bike knee warmers

Attachment 146812

some new Mavic wheels

Attachment 146813

and some gore bike leg warmers
Attachment 146814

Profoxcg 04-18-10 06:04 PM

nice !

Snowman219 04-18-10 06:35 PM

2010 Giant Defy 1. 19lbs.

cc3chan 04-18-10 06:46 PM
2010 S Works Road shoes

(知さん) 04-18-10 06:48 PM

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Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL wheelset.

Snowman219 04-18-10 07:06 PM

Originally Posted by waanfiride (Post 10549281)

I can't stand that version, the button is on the bottom vs the top so bumps cause it to change what stats you wanted tracked. Just a little bit annoying.

mike868y 04-18-10 07:15 PM

After a miserable ride in the rain on Saturday I finally ordered one of those clear rain jackets.

Herbie53 04-18-10 07:24 PM

after bouncing my head off the pavement and cracking my helmet to bits, I ordered a new one.

StoredBiff 04-18-10 07:25 PM

I got me some new Pearl Izumi riding gloves, a set of new GatorSkin Ultra tires and 8 boxes of inner tubes.... "Be prepared"

FreddyV 04-19-10 03:58 AM

Originally Posted by rumrunn6 (Post 10689221)
3/4 tights

Where do you get these. I am somehow only able to find 7/8 for men, and 3/4 for women. I need a pair of 3/4 for men.

rumrunn6 04-19-10 05:28 AM

Freddy ~ I got these rare items at a New Balance Outlet near me in Brighton, MA. They are NB brand as well. I got the XL. These come down o just under my knee.

here is some info
back pocket just under waist has this logo: NBx
when I searched for 3/4 tigths with the NBx logo I found:
mine have this reflective check pattern graphic on the thigh, but are all black and not this long of course
REI comes back with a women's tight but this is not what I have
mine are made in Viet Nam and here are some #s from the labels
SO910 KHM008
MRP 8301
RN# 96937
CA# 05054
RFC NBM 9207825N3

Nils 04-19-10 05:25 PM

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midgetmaestro 04-19-10 05:27 PM

siran 04-19-10 05:31 PM

And 2 tubes. :thumb:

cjump 04-19-10 07:39 PM

CvilleSam 04-19-10 07:57 PM

Pick up one of these today. Its really cheap and it supposed to be very comfortable.

notwist 04-19-10 08:07 PM

satisfied with my comps that i upgraded to the pro model
s-works next?

cuda2k 04-19-10 08:49 PM

Early 80's era Campagnolo Nuovo Record brakes, brake levers, and a set of top tube brake cable clips. Finally finishing the fully 'vintage' setup on my 78 Gazelle Champion Mondial A-Frame. It is currently built with Tektro brakes & levers since I was riding it from time to time with the club, but since I have two other steel bikes to ride with the group I'll set this one up as a pure vintage rig.

djski 04-19-10 09:08 PM

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learnmedia 04-19-10 11:09 PM

Ultegra 6700 brifters with Jagwire Racer cable kit in white.

acaurora 04-19-10 11:14 PM

Nice! I suggest a few bottles of Simple Green to keep handy for that bar tape... I know mine goes through a lot hehe

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