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Schmadley 09-18-10 12:28 AM

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A road somewhere in Morrocco and Lysebotn Rd (UK - I think)

HigherGround 09-23-10 09:18 PM

Taken during a ride in Bucks County, PA during the spring of 2006:

Schmadley 09-24-10 03:27 AM

Was just sent this powerpoint presentation of the Tianmen Mountains Road in China:

"The road to heaven" - an apt name!

Pedaleur 09-24-10 04:21 AM

Nærøyfjorden, near Aurland.

petrolhead 09-26-10 08:10 PM

From Sunday's ride, Maraetai, south of Auckland, New Zealand

alexosh1234 09-26-10 08:25 PM

Palm Beach, Florida :-)

HigherGround 09-26-10 08:52 PM

Near State College, PA 2007

celticfrost 09-27-10 12:29 AM

Dallas Divide (Southwest CO)

celticfrost 09-27-10 12:54 AM

Bozeman, MT

vile1 09-27-10 12:58 AM

Staring down Old Julian Highway outside of Ramona, CA

Creatre 09-27-10 01:22 AM

South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ.

kimconyc 10-03-10 06:06 PM

Somewhere in the Gruppo di Sella...

Pedaleur 10-03-10 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by kimconyc (Post 11564005)
Somewhere in the Gruppo di Sella...



kimconyc 10-03-10 06:52 PM

Passo dello Stelvio the day before Stelvio Day, which would not be empty.*

* Technically, this is not "ahead" since we descended down into Bormio and not Prato allo Stelvio but nobody has to know :D.

robabeatle 10-03-10 07:25 PM

Mt. Lemmon
Tucson AZ (not my pics, but it is my backyard)

celticfrost 10-04-10 03:03 AM

These are all from this past weekend in Ouray, CO:

LorenzoNF 10-04-10 03:43 AM

Some from here in Norfolk, UK

rollin 10-04-10 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by Schmadley (Post 11484298)
A road somewhere in Morrocco and Lysebotn Rd (UK - I think)

Lysebotn Norway I believe.

Miller2 10-04-10 09:14 AM

Wow...I envy you guys. I have nothing like that here in GA.

kralizec 10-04-10 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by Randallissimo (Post 9038028)
Oh, those NZ pics are making me cry!

me too. I want to go to there.

Omega359 10-04-10 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by Cue (Post 9043470)

Wow, just wow.

Velo Vol 10-04-10 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by LorenzoNF (Post 11565771)

Looks like a awfully narrow road. Does it handle two-way traffic?

yak 10-04-10 12:51 PM

Mt Greylock, Notch Road, Adams, MA

c0urt 10-04-10 03:46 PM

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wow some of those are amazing.
this one is from ireland the tunnel is washington state.

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