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joe_5700 06-03-09 03:00 PM

Nice empty flat road in the country in Nebraska outside of Valley.

x136 06-03-09 03:07 PM

Highway 1, north of Santa Cruz, CA.

anticlimbactic 06-03-09 04:56 PM

Leaving Crater Lake via North exit

big john 06-03-09 05:15 PM

Part of an after work ride.
Across the dam on the same ride.

big john 06-03-09 05:18 PM

From a century last year near Frazier Park.
Hwy 39 above Duarte, Ca.

big john 06-03-09 05:21 PM

From the same century above.
Angeles Crest last year.

Coop500 06-03-09 05:23 PM

Incredible pictures folks!

robncircus 06-03-09 05:25 PM

Machka 06-03-09 05:34 PM

A couple Australian ones ... Queensland area:

big john 06-03-09 05:34 PM

One of my favorites from Little Tujunga Canyon. I know, there are bikes in it and yes, we do go up that road in the top of the pic.
The bridge is Hwy 154 near Santa Barbara.

exhibitx 06-03-09 05:38 PM

Diegomayra 06-03-09 05:58 PM

The bridge is Hwy 154 near Santa Barbara.[/QUOTE]

Reminds me of ForestHill bridge in Auburn,Ca. Beautiful pic.

TBaGZ 06-03-09 06:08 PM

We have ZERO cool roads around here in swfl. Everything is flat and straight

WSKB 06-03-09 06:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Shap, Cumbria in the UK

fordmanvt 06-03-09 06:13 PM

Little Tujunga Canyon, Los Angeles, CA
April 10th, 2009

sojourn 06-03-09 06:21 PM

Cal State San Marcos, CA

Harmony Grove near San Marcos, CA

sickmtbnutcase 06-03-09 06:26 PM

I need to shoot more when I'm out...and move to someplace else like the places pictured. Great stuff.

Taken in western Jackson county, WI late april.

mollusk 06-03-09 06:45 PM

On the way up to the BRP:

garysol1 06-03-09 07:02 PM

Few road pics from around N.E. Ohio..

merlinextraligh 06-03-09 07:45 PM

Col de Izoard

haimtoeg 06-03-09 07:50 PM

Death Valley:

petebow 06-03-09 07:53 PM

not the greatest open road ahead photo, but whatever. near becket, ma - 5/22/09

kayakdiver 06-03-09 08:05 PM

Eastern Montana... last summer on hwy 2 105 degree

kayakdiver 06-03-09 08:07 PM

To the Sun Road... Glacier National Park...

zerotopanmass 06-03-09 08:10 PM

Rt 8?

Originally Posted by petebow (Post 9037670)
not the greatest open road ahead photo, but whatever. near becket, ma - 5/22/09

Is that Rt8? I ride there quite a bit myself.

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