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Homebrew01 06-04-09 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by botto (Post 9039347)

I used to ride tubulars with a name similar to that ... They were nice

Great pics too :thumb:

icyclist 06-04-09 12:16 PM

I love N. CA
Great roads - I've been lucky enough to ride each of them, although I live in the southern half of the state.


Originally Posted by Beaker (Post 9038585)
Bear Creek Road, north of Orinda, CA

Grizzly Peak, Berkeley/Oakland, CA (BF Ride)

South Gate Road, Mount Diablo State Park, Walnut Creek, CA

JimF22003 06-04-09 12:58 PM

<<quoted Botto's pics>>

I'm out!

Tulex 06-04-09 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by JimF22003 (Post 9042079)
<<quoted Botto's pics>>

I'm out!

No way, many have contributed beautiful pics to this thread, some of VA would be cool. As soon as I get a decent camera, I will add some of upstate NY.

bigbossman 06-04-09 01:11 PM

Skirting the south side of Mono Lake, CA HWY 120:

Still Hwy 120, getting ready to descend from Sagehen Summit to Adobe Flats:

Further down HWY 120, crossing Adobe Flats on the way to Benton Hot Springs:

June Lake Loop:

Bottom of June Lake Loop, Mono Lake in the distance (along with my wife and daughter on their bikes):

botto 06-04-09 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by Tulex (Post 9042138)
No way, many have contributed beautiful pics to this thread, some of VA would be cool. As soon as I get a decent camera, I will add some of upstate NY.

the canon sd550, that i took all but one of those pics with, can be had for $130 and less on ebay.

jonathdo 06-04-09 01:23 PM

Thread should have been called, "The Road Less Traveled"

bigbossman 06-04-09 01:25 PM

Tooling around Sutter Buttes, CA, with the family:

South Gate Road, Mt Diablo, CA:

East side of Nicasio reservoir, Northern CA:

huh? 06-04-09 01:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
In front of my house.

The Weak Link 06-04-09 02:36 PM

This is the best I can do. Sigh. It's Shelbyville, Kentucky.

RecceDG 06-04-09 02:55 PM

1 Attachment(s)
From this morning's 60 km ride. This is 25 km of perfectly straight 20 km/h headwinds.


admcptch 06-04-09 03:12 PM

Central PA farmlands.

From today's ride, a few miles from my house.

Towards the end of the ride, before turning around to head back home.

Excuse the quality, shot with a cellphone.

Tulex 06-04-09 03:16 PM

That's actually really good for a cellphone, isn't it?

admcptch 06-04-09 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by Tulex (Post 9043154)
That's actually really good for a cellphone, isn't it?

It's not too bad. 2MP camera in it. Shoots pretty decent outdoor photos.

cyccommute 06-04-09 03:42 PM

The Great Chanukah Blizzard of 2006

Picketwire Canyon, Southeastern Colorado

Steamboat Trail, Nebraska. Those aren't leaves. Grasshoppers.
At about 20 mph on a loaded touring bike

Lexington Bridge, Missouri. Scariest ride I've ever done!

Snake River, Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington at harvest

Rowena Hills, Oregon

Shifty 06-04-09 04:02 PM

Arches National Park

McKenzie Pass, Oregon

Culp Creek, Oregon

Dubbayoo 06-04-09 04:03 PM

I seriously need a cycling vacation.

Cue 06-04-09 04:20 PM

permanentjaun 06-04-09 04:44 PM

The sign reads, "Not a Thru Street."

permanentjaun 06-04-09 04:49 PM

PanicDog 06-04-09 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by Cue (Post 9043470)

Tom Stormcrowe 06-04-09 05:00 PM

BoSoxYacht 06-04-09 05:18 PM

Mississippi River Trail, north of Millington Tennessee.

mark_dc 06-04-09 05:23 PM

:thumb: I've got to get up to Massachusetts for some cycling. I didn't ride much when I lived there, but the roads were awesome for riding. Maybe a little narrow, given the traffic.

Originally Posted by zerotopanmass (Post 9035257)

This past weekend at Mt Greylock, MA.

mark_dc 06-04-09 05:45 PM

Great photos. I love the big open road photos from the western states, but also like the close-in scenery in the east.

Waterloo Rd. Warrenton, VA

Aaron Mountain Rd., near Washington, VA

Gid Brown Hollow Rd. Washington, VA (Shenandoah Mountains in the distance.)

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