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kensuf 07-01-09 01:14 PM

Miami (Pinecrest ride)
I'm going to be down there this weekend and am looking for a group ride on Saturday.

Are there any Miami guys on here that are in the know about the Saturday Pinecrest ride?

What's the scoop?


Saltybeagle 07-01-09 04:33 PM

sent a PM

jesspal 07-01-09 04:48 PM

Thats a popular ride down here.

sleazy 07-02-09 03:45 AM

Originally Posted by Saltybeagle (Post 9203412)
sent a PM

can someone post a few details to the forum? A pm doesn't do the rest of us any good.

Is "pinecrest" a reference to the school (but that's in lauderdale) or someplace in Miami?

I'm there quite frequently over weekends and if it's a good ride- would like to try to hit it.

Jquest 07-02-09 06:02 AM

Pretty nice ride. There's a big bridge over key biscayne that you go over and some of the guys sprint afterwards to the community at the end. They also loop key biscayne at least once, so you might climb the bridge like 4 times. Also, once you're inside Rickenbacker they pretty much take over one of the lanes headed down ,so it might get a little crazy with the cars and guys trailering their big boats to the boat ramp.

jonathanrules 07-03-09 05:50 PM

i miss living down there. and pinecrest the city, not the school. south miami. i drive down to key biscayne every saturday morning for a ride

kensuf 07-07-09 06:13 AM

Well, I'm an old skool S. Miami/Coral Gables brat myself, and my trip down was to visit close friends for the annual 4th of July party..

The information I was looking for was on the group ride that leaves from Pinecrest Elementary every Saturday morning. Here's the summary from my experience this past Saturday that I posted in the 33..

Originally Posted by kensuf
OK, here's the scoop.

The ride rolls out from Pinecrest Elementary, the corner of Red Road and S.W. 104th Street, at 7:30AM sharp. There is a scooter with neutral wheel support that works as the "official". Someone announced the primes list and how many laps (Saturday there was 3 laps worth $400, $50 for lap 1, $100 for lap 2, and $250 for the final lap), and the ride takes off.

The route winds through the heart of South Miami, to Coral Gables, through Coconut Grove down South Bayshore to Key Biscayne. Once we hit Sunset on our way to the Gables the pace picked up to ~30 and never went below until we got onto the key.

When the ride hits the key, it becomes a circuit race doing laps between Bill Baggs and the toll booth; the primes are given out at the sprint point at the bottom of the Rickenbacker on the way back to the toll.

Probably 150-200 people were on the ride. I sat in until we hit the bridge heading south, then worked my way to the front and attacked. I got a solid gap with one guy on my wheel, then we worked together for 3 or 4 minutes before two other guys bridged up to us (one was wearing a state champion jersey), and we stayed away until Bill Baggs. Since I had promised my wife I'd be back by 9 (I thought the ride was going to be just one lap, I didn't know about the circuit race), I bailed after one lap through the key.

Definitely a fun ride, but also definitely filled with the "South Florida Flair," if you know what I mean. But where else can you go for a ride and win money without having to pay an entrance fee?

jesspal 07-07-09 06:18 AM

Saturday mornings at Key Biscayne are a lot of fun. There are a ton of people riding in the morning.

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