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liu 07-03-09 11:12 PM

What specialized road bike is this?

I am in the market for a used Specialized Bike and have come across a seller which does not know the model of his allez. He just said he knows it is a 2006 bike and is asking $500 (w/out pedals). Does anyone know by looking at this to verify the year and model so I can look up more info on it?


thecyclist 07-03-09 11:50 PM

It looks like a 2008 allez, either double or triple, if its stock it has sora fd, sora shifters, and tiagra rd

Diegomayra 07-04-09 12:41 AM

Its avg. pricing for a bike this year. I would reccomend getting better components on your first bike. At least full tiagra or 105'.
<-------Owns 2009 Allez. No complaints so far.

mustang1 07-04-09 12:48 AM

check specializeed's website... go to bike section, then archive. Maybe see if the paint scheme matches with anything. I just checked the 2006 archive but couldn't find a paint scheme that matches the photo. Not sure how else to tell, but maybe the archives will help out?

liu 07-04-09 01:27 AM

Thank you for replies all. I was browsing Specialize's site and comparing each image and like mustang1 said, I did not find any matches in the 2006 -- however I found a similar (if not exact image) of a 2008. So I don't know if the seller was just mistaken.

I am a beginner cyclist. Are the shifters for the bike near the brake or on the top? I prefer them near the brake and was wondering how easy and costly it is to replace it if it is not. I don't want to spend money tuning it and fixing it up to my liking than just buying a new car in the first place.

Element GT 07-04-09 02:08 AM

Depends. To shift to a bigger gear you press the brake handles in, to shift to a smaller ring it was either have another lever just behind the brake lever that you hit with your index finger, OR it will have a lever at the top and inside part of the handle bar you hit with your thumbs. I prefer the former. It's sleek, easy, and I can do any shift from any riding position.

Not sure how much it would cost to go from the thumb shifters to the index ones. I got a allez too and it came with the finger shifters (STI)

Most of my components are tiagra and some are 105, sure can't complain, it's a great first bike!

*note* looking at your picture. It looks like it does not have the finger shifters, though it is hard to tell.

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