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G6612 02-04-10 06:43 PM

Giro - very happy with customer service
I purchased a Giro Atmos helmet from an online vendor and when I got it I noticed that some of the material around the support snaps was missing so I contacted Giro (Bell) directly and they sent me out a new helmet with no questions asked. I will be a Giro customer for life based on how they handled this situation. - TWO THUMBS UP!

Hammertoe 02-04-10 06:50 PM

Good to hear...

I wonder how their crash replacement policy works...

During cross practice I was coming around a 90 degree right hand bend and the next thing I knew my head slammed into the ground...

Sat there dazed for a little while repeating "I hit my head pretty hard"...

Cracked the helmet...

Saved my head...

ahsposo 02-04-10 07:41 PM

Giro has been great to me. The helmet replacement policy is very good. You send them your broken helmet with a description of your accident and they give you a coupon to get 50% off (I think check the website) a replacement helmet. I had a hard time finding replacement sweatpads and they got some right out to me.

Mr. Beanz 02-04-10 10:45 PM

My wife's Pneumo is a limited edition forma bout 3 or 4 years ago. The retension system broke and I had heard that Giro would replace it if contacted. I emailed them, sure enough, new retention system and pads. They did ask for serial # and MFG date though. So what, original owner no worries!:thumb:

She's once again happy in pink!:D

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