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calamarichris 04-21-10 09:39 AM

Chain Crossover Poll
How far do you cross your chain? (Assuming your bike has a ten-speed cassette.)

~My bike has 20 speeds and I have no problem going big-big & small-small.

~My bike has 18 usable speeds. (I don't use the outer gears.)

~My bike has 16 usable speeds. (I don't use the outer two.)

~My bike has 14 usable speeds.


Barrettscv 04-21-10 09:53 AM

I avoid cross training by using a standard, 130mm BCD, crank on both my commuter & Ti road bike. I have a triple on my Brevit bike, this also reduces cross training.

I use 16 speeds most of the time, I'll cross chain for a short distance is some situations.


chadteck 04-21-10 09:55 AM

An actual poll might have been better, but I'm not sure why this information would be useful. Haven't thought about it personally, but I'd say any combo where I can't hear the chain is fair game. Of course I try to avoid cross-chaining in most cases. This generally means avoiding the combo of small front/rear and big front/rear.

AngryScientist 04-21-10 09:57 AM

both my 10-sp and 11-sp bikes can cross chain all day long with minimal noise. i try and avoid it just due to the logistics of riding and shifting. if you're fully cross chained, your options for the next shift are pretty limited. so - yes, i cross chain to the max occasionally, but dont make a habit of it.

ptle 04-21-10 10:30 AM

I guess I use about 14 gears... I'm pretty good at not cross chaining and don't mind shifting the FD back and forth.

gettingold 04-21-10 10:53 AM

Only about 14 without noticeable noise. Must be the compact crank. My older double can go big/big or little/little with very little sound.

spwelton 04-21-10 11:04 AM

I have a triple crank and almost always use the center chainring. I'll only really switch the chainring if i need a higher or lower gear. Since I also ride on campus, if I'm in with pedestrians (sometimes I have no choice) I'll shift into the smallest chainring to keep me under 6 mph or so...

So to answer your question, I almost never cross the chain and never do the big/big or little/little combo. I'd estimate that most of my riding is done in one of 4 or 5 gears though hahaha

pdedes 04-21-10 11:46 AM

i'll use 14 gears on my own. in a group, 18 out of the 20

silversx80 04-21-10 11:52 AM

I only use one front and one rear gear at a time.

jwible 04-21-10 11:55 AM

I cross chain big front to big back on the rolling hills. Steady climbs I drop to the little ring.

cccorlew 04-21-10 12:05 PM

My bike is odd in that big-big works really well. Small chainwheel to the lower 3 are pretty much unusable.

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