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Singh 04-25-10 12:12 AM

Working out and biking? Do they mix?
Yeah, of course they can mix, but I go and do leg work outs in the gym (mainly squats). This conflicts with biking and my recovery for gains...

Has anyone else had this dilemma? If so do you just stop leg workouts in the gym completely?

NCMTBIKER 04-25-10 06:33 AM

It hasnt hurt me any,i work out two to three times a week in between riding

JaceK 04-25-10 07:12 AM

I weight train regularly in addition to cycling, during the winter I strength train 6 days a week. In the cycling season I switch to 2 days a week endurance training. It typically takes 3 weeks of adjustment before the day after doing legs in the gym doesn't screwup my cycling for the 3 days after. I do squats, hack squats, and other assorted leg work. The other foot note is that I lose a significant amount of muscle mass and strength during the summer. I have been doing this for 8 years and I am still trying to adjust my training to dampen the body mass swings. However your body will adjust to the type and intensity of training you do. That is providing yu do not over train, listen to it, and allow for proper recovery, rest, and nutrition.

Miami Dave 04-25-10 07:39 AM

The only times when my muscles get really sore from riding are after Saturday's 85 mile group hammerfest, and when I do intervals. As a result I have the following schedule:

Sunday - Long Recovery Ride 50 miles
Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - Leg Workout
Wednesday - "Recovery Ride" in the morning, upper body training in the evenning
Thursday - Interval Ride
Friday - Off
Saturday - Group Ride

Uni-Vibe 04-25-10 08:55 AM

Long ride on weekends 50 or so
Shorter more intense rides during the week
Couple of days a week, stay off bike, do light upper body workout in gym.

Not scientific, but it works pretty good.

pedalhard 04-25-10 02:04 PM

Use periodation[sp?] meaning at different times of the year you will do different things in the gym, once the full season on bike starts[now] I cut down to 2 days and just do maintance 10-12 reps med loads this to keep some strenght thru the season in the off season I work much bigger loads with less reps and as the season is nearing very high reps 40-60 light loads. If you are body building no it does not mix with cycling 2 different systems but strenght training improves your biking.

San Rensho 04-25-10 03:51 PM

A large part of track riders training consists of doing weights. Ask on the track forum fro advice on riding and doing weights.

ShootingCoach 04-25-10 05:31 PM

Having worked out since High School football, I still hit the gym 3 days a week. I try to ride 3 days a week. The workout was modified to accommodate cycling. Less heavy leg sets in the gym (except calves, reverse calf, abductors and adductors), three Metric Centuries a week on the 'Dale. Arms, back and chest workout intensified. Abs dialed up.

64th birthday coming up in a few weeks. Works for me.

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