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CarFreeSnarf 05-07-10 05:12 PM

Identify this Bianchi
Owner hasn't gotten back. Looks good. 600 components. I think I found my new bike.

Sixty Fiver 05-07-10 05:15 PM

The fork looks suspicious... would check that and ask for a good 90 degree shot to verify that it isn't bent.

CarFreeSnarf 05-07-10 05:18 PM

Good call. It's not far and I may check it out next week if I can. This guy has a ton of other bikes. May pick a few up if he willing to work with prices.

Phil85207 05-07-10 05:18 PM

You have one heck of an eye.

CarFreeSnarf 05-07-10 05:26 PM

Looks like it needs a good deal of work, but I'm not about to keep riding an undersized bike or a cruiser. The "police" on the seat probably means it was purchased from a police auction, so at least it was kept indoors. I'm still curious about the model.

rat fink 05-07-10 05:31 PM

Who else doesn't think that the fork is original? It kind of looks like it might have came from a Raleigh.

Sixty Fiver 05-07-10 05:38 PM

It appears to be a Japanese made Bianchi... the quality of these is actually better than many Italian bikes including many Bianchi offerings of the time. These were designed in Italy but the actual production was outsourced which is not a bad thing as Japanese bikes tend to be of excellent build quality.

"Light" probably means 22- 23 pounds which isn't bad for a mid level steel frame.

May be way off base on my pricing here but...

If everything checks out I'd be offering 150.00 as it should be getting a full overhaul which is $90.00 plus service, it needs new bar tape (20.00), the brake hoods are dry rotted (20.00), and that saddle has to go (40.00).

$150.00 and $170.00 comes to $320.00 for what would then be a very sharp looking, smooth running, vintage steel bike... and then it might even be worth a little more than that.

Sold an absolutely pristine bike like this a few years back for $250.00 and would have asked for more except I only paid $40.00 for the bike and it went to a friend of a friend. The bike had been completely serviced and tuned up too.

ptle 05-07-10 05:43 PM

Looks like a decent bike. You can probably get more information in the classic and vintage forum... By the way my Bianchi fork looks bent at that angle too, but it's not. Kind of an illusion.

But yeah $150 seems like a good deal, but I wouldn't go above that because of all the stuff you would have to replace.

Sixty Fiver 05-07-10 05:45 PM

Not sure about the fork... it's an old crappy pic but this is / was Sophia who came with a plain fork but with a different parts spec.

Had she not been a little too tall I never would have let her go and even then... there are regrets.

Mr. Beanz 05-07-10 05:55 PM

My wife's 84 Bianchi with a few mods. Fiddled with it a minute ago, no way could I postiton the fork to recreate that view in the craig ad.:eek:

Sixty Fiver 05-07-10 06:05 PM

Mmmm.... celeste.

That colour alone commands an added premium when the bike says Bianchi.

Sixty Fiver 05-07-10 06:09 PM

Originally Posted by Phil85207 (Post 10780266)
You have one heck of an eye.

I think I have been batting 1000 when it comes to picking out damaged forks... it probably stems from seeing so many of them but cameras do play tricks.

On the bright side... it looks like a minor bend and if the damage is limited to the fork, those can be replaced and even straightened to be nearly as good as new.

Servo888 05-07-10 07:22 PM


You may salvage the brakes, seat post, pedals, stem, bars, and downtube shifters, but the rest is crap. It's a 56cm frame (not 58cm), with a long chain stay (somewhat undesirable); the fork is bent, and the frame will probably need to be straightened. The crankset is toast; you can see how sharp the teeth are, it will need to be replaced. Judging by the condition of the crankset, I'm betting the rest of the drive train is on its last leg. The wheelset can be thrown away; I'm betting at the very least the cones and bearings will need replacing, if you keep the wheelset.

In short; you can probably restore this bike, and make it look great. It's definitely not worth $250. $20 tops.

EDIT: If you have a frame alignment jig; you can probably make an easy $100-$150 on eBay if you sell the frame.

Sixty Fiver 05-07-10 09:14 PM

Servo - You have way better eyes than I do... I can't see inside hubs without taking them apart and one image won't tell what kind of shape any of the bearings are in or the condition of the wheels although they don't look thrashed... the tyres appear to be fairly new and I can't see any daylight between the middle chain ring and chain.

It is a sport class frame and the longer stays may be desirable for someone who is looking for a more comfortable riding bike that might accept fenders and perhaps you missed the part about Japanese made Bianchis being very nicely made bikes.

Anyways... the bike needs a really close inspection by someone who knows what to look for so if the OP doesn't have the skills he should find someone to tag along when he goes to see the bike in person.

I have pulled many a bent fork from bikes that had not suffered any frame damage... just finished working on another Bianchi that had an obviously bent fork but the frame checked out 100%.

Just came back from it's first good test ride actually... and this one is worth a little more than $20.00.

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