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Mansram01 05-14-10 12:08 PM

Anyone own/try the Shimano WH-7850 Dura Ace Wheelset
I'm contemplating a second set of wheels. I currently ride on Mavic Ksyrium SL's but I was thinking of buying another set of wheels mainly for climbing. These seem really light and since the spokes are non-bladed and perhaps that might help with crosswinds as well (the Mavic's catch a lot of wind). I also like that they seem to be handle both tube and tubeless. I've never tried tubeless but it doesn't hurt to have the option. Experience or recommendations anyone? Thanks!

p.s. The price point seemed rather decent too...

jfw1956 05-14-10 12:25 PM

Just got the clincher version today. I'll let you know my thoughts after I get a chance to try them out this weekend. Coincidentally, they will be replacing a set of Ksyrium SL SSC's.

learnmedia 05-14-10 12:48 PM

I assume that you are referring to the CL24s and not the CL50s. I love mine. However, the spokes are indeed bladed with very high tension. The hubs are as good as any. Buttery smooth. They're stiff enough for me at my current 157 lbs. I am using them as my everyday wheels. Thinking about getting the C50 clinchers for aero benefit based on my great experience with the C24s.

Edit: Responding to another post about these I just noticed that Chainreaction has the pair for $654.00 in stock right now (I paid $724.00 for them 6 months ago.). That's half of what they are generally available for in the states. Free shipping too.

Great wheel at a great price. Get 'em.

Mansram01 05-14-10 04:31 PM

You're right. I was referring to the CL24's. We're about the same weight too (well until recently somehow I'm now 161 lbs). Thanks for the review and for finding them at Chain Reaction! That price is better than what I originally was looking at. Thanks for the referral. :)

JFW1956, let me know what your thoughts. Thanks.

jfw1956 05-18-10 12:04 AM

Went on a 50-mile group rode this weekend. Really like the CL24s. Smooth, fast and great on climbs. I'm 188 lbs. and these wheels are plenty stiff, but comfortable - more so than the Ksyriums. Overall, I'm very happy with my new wheels.

jermso 05-18-10 12:59 AM

can't recommend a better all-purpose clincher than the c24.

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