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rjs0702 06-03-10 10:36 AM

Chesapeake Riders?
Is there anyone here who rides out in Chesapeake?

rjs0702 06-03-10 11:57 AM

out of all the views I can't believe I can't find anyone who lives around Chesapeake, VA who rides. dang

dkoernert 06-03-10 02:52 PM

Im close. Newport News here

Standalone 06-03-10 04:38 PM

try the regional forums, too...

vinced 06-03-10 04:41 PM

Hampton here.

Falcon64 06-03-10 07:29 PM

Va Beach...

Andy Somnifac 06-04-10 05:33 AM

Yes, there are plenty of rides in and around Chesapeake. Check the Tidewater Bike Association newsletter for a good list of rides. June newsletter:

rjs0702 06-07-10 08:12 PM

Nice. I been wondering where some local riders are? I just moved out here got a new bike and been looking for new people and new rides.

stevegreer 06-08-10 06:29 PM

Va Beach as well.

datlas 06-08-10 06:35 PM

Funny, I thought the title was "cheapskate riders" and I was going to sign up!!

Seriously, I think you will get a more focused response in the regional forums.

Also if you are looking for others to ride with, check out the appropriate local bike club(s) and if you don't know where to start, ask at the area local bike shops.

bob44 06-08-10 08:38 PM

I am in Hampton as well.

colombo357 06-08-10 09:04 PM

I can't stand cheapskate riders with their crappy bikes and ugly clothes.

stevegreer 06-14-10 04:54 PM

Originally Posted by colombo357 (Post 10933926)
I can't stand cheapskate riders with their crappy bikes and ugly clothes.

Quote-worthy post if there ever was one! Too funny man!

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