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Tim S. 06-23-00 12:59 AM

I was looking at purchasing a Fuji Team Road bike from "Bike Nashbar" (mailorder). Is anyone familiar with this bike or reviews it received?

I own a Cannondale and was really hoping to get a "SilkRoad" road bike from Cannondale but decided not recently for several reasons: The costs have gone up to where I am paying more just for the "name". Service here in our area (Switzerland) fluctuates because some dealers are turned off by the recent marketing of Cannondale that requires them to sell certain models in their store and promote what they (Cannondale) want rather than leaving it up to the Local Bike shop.

I normally support and buy from my local bike shop in the States but living in Switzerland and purchasing the bike (during my visit to the states) in the US I will not be able to take advantage of all the great follow-up services of the LBShop back in our hometown (York, PA). I have been satisfied with the service so far from places like Performance cycling and Bike Nashbar.

The Fuji Team bike has great components (Shimano Ultegra) at a great price (compared to others) -around $1,400.

Any thoughts?

-Tim S.

Tim S. 06-23-00 01:25 AM

original post - Fuji Team Bike (correction)
A correction to my original post on the Fuji bike:

The Fuji Road Team bike is sold through "Colorado Cyclist" not "Bike Nashbar" and for $1,300.

The "TOMMASINI Sintesi Ultegra Road Bike" goes for $1,700 but I'm not sure what "noticable" differences I get for the additional $400.

note: It's hard enough convincing my wife of the $1,300 price tag! :-) <g>

Xavier 06-26-00 11:16 AM


Fuji Team is really nothing special. Pretty much lower grade aluminum. Fuji claims they use the Superlight version, but who really knows. Companies like this cut corners to keep prices low.

Again your choice should depend on geometry. If the Fuji doesn't accomodate you, do not buy, many buy the wrong size because that is all thestore had instock or the price was good. In the end you wil regret it. Also take note on shipping charges and taxes you may have to pay if shipping international.

Tim S. 06-26-00 11:53 AM

Thank you for the information on the Fuji Team bike. There are many sizes offered for the Fuji Team bike which is good.

Are you familiar with the "TOMMASINI Sintesi Ultegra Road Bike" as I've seen the name come up on this forum elsewhere? I've just joined the forum so haven't followed threads on this particular subject. I was unable to locate what material the The "TOMMASINI Sintesi" bike is made of and general quality of the bike.

I wouldn't be shipping anything overseas from the States. I would purchase the bike while in the States.

-Tim Shirey

Xavier 07-03-00 12:00 PM


All companies soffer many sizes. at least from a 49cm to a 62cm.

Tommasini Sintesi is very good. All Tommasini farmes are excellent. By far superior to Fuji as far as quality and construction.

Whatever yo buy make sure you buy what you want and the size you need. Do not be persuaded into buying another size, color or frame only because you were talked into it. There are many shops out there that need to unload frames and will say anything to unload them to you. In the end you will regret it.

eatdirt22 04-23-07 07:17 PM

As far as deals go...Fuji is impressive. I've had the pleasure of riding a Team and its a great bike. Just look at the new SL1, amazing piece of equipment at a great price. Still costs upwards of $6,000, but find another bike w/ all the goodies at that value. I just saw the Toyota team riding the race spec Team Issues in the Tour de Georgia this weekend and they looked awesome. As far as "low grade aluminum" goes....I can't say I know what that is, but then again, if you put high grade aluminum in front of me...I wouldn't know the difference either.

Fuji makes some great bikes, just have to try it out for yourself.

KramerTC 04-23-07 07:21 PM

The Fuji Team is a carbon frame, not aluminum.

HigherGround 04-23-07 07:26 PM

Does anyone know the all-time Bike Forums record for the oldest thread resurrection?

KramerTC 04-23-07 07:29 PM

Originally Posted by HigherGround
Does anyone know the all-time Bike Forums record for the oldest thread resurrection?*t. I'll be more careful next time. Didn't see the date of the original post.

LowCel 04-23-07 07:35 PM

Pretty sure the original poster is no longer looking at this bike so might as well lock it. :D

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