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Fuji Team road bike

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Tim S.
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I was looking at purchasing a Fuji Team Road bike from "Colorado Cylclist" (mailorder). Is anyone familiar with this bike or reviews it received?

I own a Cannondale and was really hoping to get a "SilkRoad" road bike from Cannondale but decided not recently for several reasons: The costs have gone up to where it seems like I am paying more just for the "name". Service here in our area (Switzerland) fluctuates because some dealers are turned off by the recent marketing of Cannondale that requires them to sell certain models in their store and promote what they (Cannondale) want rather than leaving it up to the Local Bike shop. From talking with some bike shop owners, it sounds like Cannondale is getting a bit "puffed up" with the big increase in popularity around Europe.

I normally support and buy from my local bike shop in the States but living in Switzerland and purchasing the bike (during my visit to the states) in the US I will not be
able to take advantage of all the great follow-up services of the LBShop back in our hometown (York, PA).

The Fuji Team bike has nice components (Shimano Ultegra) at a nice price (comparatively speaking....) -around $1,300. The "TOMMASINI Sintesi Ultegra Road Bike" (from Colorado Cyclist) goes for $1,700 but I'm not sure what "noticable" differences I get for the additional $400. It's hard enough convincing my wife of the $1,300 price tag! :-)

Any thoughts on these 2 bikes?

-Tim S.
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no clue
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Are you saying that you will buy a mail order bike in the USA and have it mailed to Europe? If so, won't you have to pay mucho dollars for shipping/import tax/VAT tax and so on?

I've noticed that in UK bike mags, a Trek or Cannondale sells for about double the price in the USA, which I've assumed had to do with those sorts of factors.
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As I've said in a different post, no bike is worth more than $1500 (for purely bicycling purposes!).

Two factors to consider :
1) This is true since at that price range you get such good values, that more than do the job - it's a bicycle after all!

2)The extra money required as you cross the $1500 mark is only worth it if you know exactly what you want. i.e. you value that Colnago frame or you especially desire those DuraAce components. Else even the 105 that often comes standard will not deliver a noticeably inferior performance.

I'll add, Fuji higher end bikes are good, I just don't agree with names like 'Team' and 'Team Issue' since I don't see tier one Euro pro teams riding them and that's the only selling point for me. i.e. I have confidence using Ritchey products since I see them on CA/Thor Hushovd's Look

Good luck with your decision!
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I've been testing a few fujis and find them very nice. They're one of the best deals I've seen. It's doubtful that the $400 difference you see is due to actual quality or performance. You should see if a shop can order one for you locally, just to save on shipping. They're not a USA brand so the price you get may not be much different, but that's pure speculation on my end. There really isn't any maintenance required on the fuji that any shop couldn't do. I'd highly recommend a fuji though. Many of my team mates ride one with great results. I'll probably be riding one soon.
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