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OhioBuckeye 07-08-10 06:34 PM

grip tape issue on my new bike
Hey all. I've got 1 month old Trek 1.2. The white grip tape has started to loosen at on the upper bar. Now my Trek Store makes adjustments free for life on cables and they did tighten this for me but I doubt they'll continue to do this.

My question is this common or should grip tape stay in place permanently? I know I might be holding on a little tight due to being a new rider but coming lose after 3 weeks and 350 miles? does that sound right?

Do you all replace/tighten your own grip tape? Is there a certain type that simply will not budge as I may need this.

cwk132 07-08-10 06:38 PM

It isn't hard at all to learn how to replace and/or tighten grip tape. I would suggest looking at some videos on youtube on how to do it and then just go for it. Most tape doesn't have adhesive on the back and is only held on by tension and the finishing tape so you can re-do it as many times as you want (it took me about three attempts the first time to get it just how I wanted).

Sprocket Man 07-08-10 06:43 PM

If the grip tape is decent quality and installed correctly, it shouldn't be coming off in 3 weeks - it should last a lot longer than that. I'd recommend buying some new tape and doing it yourself. Here's how to do it:

You should save in your bookmarks. It provides good information for nearly every bicycle repair job you'll face.

CCrew 07-08-10 06:44 PM

Stock Trek tape is junk.. Replace it and be done

And it does have an adhesive back, so don't expect to be able to pull it and re-wrap.

OhioBuckeye 07-08-10 06:49 PM

Originally Posted by CCrew (Post 11081397)
Stock Trek tape is junk.. Replace it and be done

And it does have an adhesive back, so don't expect to be able to pull it and re-wrap.

Are you saying all grip tapes have adhesive or just the stock Trek?

lpolliard 07-08-10 07:07 PM

Pick up some Fizik tape and replace, < $20. BF certified.

iam7head 07-08-10 07:36 PM

Originally Posted by OhioBuckeye (Post 11081412)
Are you saying all grip tapes have adhesive or just the stock Trek?

some do and some don't

i personally hate the glue back because all the mess it leaves on the bar.

just learn how to rewrap the tape, it's not just the tape coming loose, cork material can stretch when used and you'll end up needing to rewrap anyway.

i like to tension the tape so it will stay in shape longer(min. over lap), but some rider perfer a more cushioned grip with more overlap(less overlap on road bike because
i ride with gloves but more overlap on fixie/city beater because i often ride without gloves, personal perferrance btw.)

cyclefreaksix 07-08-10 07:39 PM

Rip off that junk tape and start learning how to re-wrap your own bars. I watched a couple of you tube videos and pretty much taught myself how to do it.

ptle 07-08-10 07:41 PM

Make sure it's taped correctly. There's a certain way you're suppose to wrap your bars so that they don't loosen.

Polar Foil 07-08-10 07:44 PM

Yep, just to reiterate, some tape is sticky and some is just "tacky" meaning it kind of sort of has a sticky feel but it's non-adhesive. I hate adhesive sticky tape and I hated having to clean my bars after removing some of that stuff when I got my bike.

If yours has come loose multiple times, it's time to just give up and replace it. Try to talk your LBS into replacing it free if you bought the bike there and you keep bringing it back to be retightened. You might get lucky. Otherwise you can get decent tape for $10 on sale sometimes and it's really easy to do yourself. Check out the Park link someone else already posted. Or Google "handlebar grip tape" and you'll find some videos. Like someone else said if you get non-adhesive tape you can redo it multiple times yourself no problem if you need to, but once you get it right it should be fine for hundreds of miles.

Oh, personally I'm currently using Performance's Forte brand gel tape. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I have a couple boxes of Planet Bike tape I haven't ever opened becuase the cheap Forte tape is still holding up fine. My bike came with some kind of Bontrager sticky tape and I hated it.

ptle 07-08-10 07:44 PM

I like CDR's article...

Polar Foil 07-08-10 07:50 PM

Originally Posted by ptle (Post 11081623)
Make sure it's taped correctly. There's a certain way you're suppose to wrap your bars so that they don't loosen.

Yeah, you're supposed to wrap them tight. :) I've heard (and I think Park recommends) you're supposed to wrap them from the outside in but in practice I don't think it matters much as long as you overlap and tighten well.

Big_Red 07-08-10 09:03 PM

If you have never done it before, it seems like a huge challenge. After you have done it a few times you won't have any trouble. Follow the instructions on the Park site and wrap the correct direction. I bet your shop is wrapping the wrong direction and not tight enough, this is why you are having trouble. If the tape is wrapped the wrong direction you will push is down while riding and make it loose in spots.

Still after many tape jobs, I still hate replacing bar tape, but it is part of the game.

Mr. Beanz 07-08-10 09:37 PM

I've used the adhesive backing type and if it's wrapped correctly, it shouldn't come loose. But like any breakin period, anything is possible.

Don't assume the shop wrapped it correctly. It's suppose to be wrapped in a direction so that when you grip the bars, it tightens the wrap. If you backwrap, it will unwrap the tape with your grip while applying pressure.

Easy to spot. Grip the top of the bars add squeeze. It will naturally roll your fist forward. It should tighten and roll with the direction of the tape. If not, it sucks!:D

Last bike I bought from the LBS, it was wrapped incorrectly. Learn to do it yourself with online aid, Sheldonbrown, Parktool or youtube videos. Pretty easy!:thumb:

milkbaby 07-08-10 09:37 PM

They're doing it wrong.

If you do it yourself, as mentioned above the Park Tool website has great directions (even if their wrapping/spacing is hideous):

jdott 07-08-10 09:42 PM

I'm wondering if you're riding on the tops (the flat part of the bar) and rotating your hands excessively. When you get to the top of the bars, you have a choice - tape so that it tightens when you twist towards yourself (like revving a motorcycle), or when you twist away. If you are doing the opposite of the way it is taped, or both, then it is going to come undone quicker. Ultimate solution - go to the shop, buy some new tape, and point out your situation and ask nicely if they'd mind having the best tape guy retape your bars. That was you split the cost - at our shop tape is $15, taping is $12 - and you get it done as well as possible with an eye towards avoiding the problem you're having. I'd also suggest Fizik, just make sure to get the microtex or dual:tape, not the soft touch microtex. Lizard skin is also great stuff, though expensive. Even the bontrager cork stuff that comes stock on the bike wears well when installed properly - i'm just not a fan of the slimy effect sweat has on cork tape. Like others have said, tight is the key. But tight means less cushion, and less cushion makes the bars less appealing on the salesroom floor. Just tell the mechanic you want tight. If you want more cushion, do that with either gloves or some of those pads under the tape.

pacificaslim 07-08-10 09:43 PM

I could have swore that bikes have "bar tape" and "grip tape" is the sandpaper like stuff you find on the top of skateboards.

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