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CrownEE 07-23-10 05:41 AM

CAAD9 - 5 ok for the long ride?
I just found a 2009 new CAAD9-5 in my size at the LBS for under $1000. It sounds like a good price but I wonder about comfort on the long rides, since I'm not into racing but like to take long rides.

Anybody riding a CADD9 on a century ride?

brianbeech 07-23-10 05:47 AM

I've got a 2010 CAAD9-5 and love it. Haven't been on a century yet, but around the 50 mark I feel great!

akonikoff 07-23-10 07:47 AM

I also have a 2010 CAAD9-4. Longest ride on it so far is 66 miles and I felt fine. Just keep your handle bars higher for a less aggressive, more touring style profile.

topflightpro 07-23-10 07:57 AM

Caad 9s and most aluminum bikes are fine for long rides. If you are starting to feel sore, reduce your tire pressure.

I had an old Specialized aluminum S-Works that used to beat me up pretty good. But by reducing the rear tire pressure from 110 psi to 100, I was able to go 100k with no problems.

telebianchi 07-23-10 08:04 AM

If you can ride a century, and the route isn't 100 miles of fresh chip seal, then any bike will be fine so long as it fits. I've ridden centuries on an all-aluminum Fuji cyclocross bike with no problems from bumps, buzz, whatever. I've done 70 milers on an all aluminum, including fork, Specialized Allez.

By almost all reports, the CAAD9s are good bikes. If it fits, ride it.

jgt_madone_newb 07-23-10 11:35 AM

Been thinking about the same issue myself. Have also been experimenting with different tire and wheel combos for ride quality. As of right now, I'm planning on riding 450 miles of RAGBRAI next week on my 2010 CAAD 9, with Easton EA90 Aero wheels and Conti GP4000s. Seems to ride pretty good to me. Might change my mind by next Saturday, but it'll be fun anyway.

Triguy 07-23-10 12:28 PM

With all the money you're saving, invest in a saddle you like, good supple tires and the comfort should be fine.

Tober1 07-23-10 12:36 PM

Get some 25's, run em low and some good shorts. Should be fine.

andrewluke 07-23-10 12:48 PM

yeah... +1 on the good shorts and saddle. My CAAD9-7 came with the Selle San Marco Ponza Power saddle and I couldn't do 10 miles on it - way too narrow. I got a wider Specialized saddle and it was a bit better and I'm good to about 70 but after borrowing a buddy's Fizik saddle, I have a new winner.

KevinF 07-23-10 01:11 PM

I've never been on a CAAD9, but I had its old predecessor, the CAAD2 (late-90's vintage). I rode about 50 centuries on it over the years, including some 100-mile days on chipseal, back-to-back centuries a few times, etc. The "uncomfortable-ness" of aluminum is highly over-rated.

PoulsboRider 07-23-10 02:34 PM

I just rode the Seattle to Portland ride last weekend on my 2010 CAAD9-5. 120 miles day 1 and 82 miles on day 2. Aside from a slight issue with my shoes, I felt fine. I don't see any need to go with wider tires. My 23s worked just fine.

2ndGen 07-23-10 08:04 PM

Since the question has been answered to death already (and all good answers), can I just point something out?

You got a GREAT DEAL on a CAAD9-5!


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