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thewings 08-31-10 02:42 PM

Steerer Tube Measurement
oy , i have a quick ( undoubtedly stupid ) question :

I need to replace the fork on my 700c roadbike - I've established that I need a 1" threaded fork . however i have been told I need the length of the steerer tube in millimeters . Does the length of the steerer tube include the bolts and hardware above it ? or is it just the actual "tubular" part of it ? It is a 40 millimeter difference ( 17 mm vs. 21 mm )

thanks a lot ,


umd 08-31-10 02:47 PM

You can always cut it down after but you can't make it longer again...

If they want the measurement so that they can cut it down for you, then you want the length of the steerer tube itself. If they just want to make sure they order one that is long enough, then it doesn't really matter I suppose.

Bluechip 08-31-10 03:10 PM

Can't you just measure the old one? Base of steerer tube to the end of the threads.

Psimet2001 08-31-10 03:15 PM

For a 1" THREADED yes measure just the "Tube" section. what does your hardware look like on top of the tube though? take a picture and post it. You sure it isn't threadless?

umd 08-31-10 03:18 PM

Oh threaded, didn't see that :crash:

umd 08-31-10 03:19 PM

Originally Posted by thewings (Post 11388991)
It is a 40 millimeter difference ( 17 mm vs. 21 mm )

Wait, this doesn't make sense either...

ultraman6970 08-31-10 05:16 PM

If threaded just take the fork out the bike and measure the fork threaded tube in mm or centimeters. All those forks come sort of in the same size (middle tube) the issue is the threading, if the tube is too short probably the LBS will need to retread the fork.

Would be good to have a picture of the bike at least because from what the OP mention there are too many combinations to play with.

JohnDThompson 08-31-10 08:00 PM

Steer tube length for a threaded fork is measured from the fork crown race seat to the end of the steer tube. Subtract the length of the head tube and you have the maximum stack height for your headset. If your steer tube is longer than your headset's stack height you can always add washers. If it is shorter, you will need to find a different headset. The shortest headset I'm aware of is 32mm stack. If you don't have that much on your steer tube you will need a different fork with a longer steer tube.

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