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Weekend Cycling 9/24-25

Road Cycling It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle. -- Ernest Hemingway

Weekend Cycling 9/24-25

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Weekend Cycling 9/24-25

Sunday: 104 Miles
Coming out of 60deg low
50% Chance of precipitation
37% T-Storms


Last ride that was coming out of a 59deg low, I nearly froze particularly when descending, and that was on a nice clear day. How do I even cope with that + rain!? =(

Arm/Leg Warmers, or they just get soaked and worthless?
Wind/Rain proof vest?

I ate adding new clothing(variable) on an event day *grumble* =/
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I just looked at the NOAA hourly forecast: https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick...Type=graphical

I'm seeing low of 66, high of 85, 10% chance of t-stomrs in the morning increasing to 30-50% chance.

Chance of T-storms is low in the morning when it's cold. Unless you are doing a big descent before 10am, I would go with light rain-resistant jacket, arm warmers, maybe long finger gloves. I don't think I would take knee warmers, but bring them along to the start, and wear them if you need them right away. You could also stick a pair of plastic baggies in your pocket to use as toe covers.

I have this jacket for just this kind of ride: https://www.sugoi.com/usa/eng/Product...droLite-Jacket
It's water proof enough, and rolls up small enough to fit in a jersey pocket. It's also reasonable as a wind jacket, so you won't hate it when it's not raining, like those $20 plastic ones.
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pan y agua
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I've ridden Six Gap in the rain. It can get very cold up there. Weather channel right now says 50% chance of rain and high of 72 degrees.

That means that it could very well be in the 50's or low 60's at the top of Hogpen. Soaked, descending at 50 mph, would be very cold without a rain jacket.

That said, I'm wearing a base layer, bibs, short sleeve jersey. And bringing arm warmers, leg warmers, vest, and rain jacket. Whether I take the rain jacket, and leg warmers on the ride will be a morning of decision.
You could fall off a cliff and die.
You could get lost and die.
You could hit a tree and die.
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Nothing special planned for this weekend. Commuted to work today (22 mile round trip), and I'll probably get in some more utility riding tomorrow. But Sunday I plan to get out for 60-ish miles in the morning.
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The Vernal Equinox was September 23 (Thursday), and occured here at 1:09 pm. Fortunately for us, we've been having spring-like conditions to go along with the arrival of spring over the past week. It's lovely here!! So nice to see the sun ... so nice to experience temperatures in the mid-teens. Finally!!

Friday - no cycling. Instead we dashed into the city after work to pick up new glasses for me. One pair for regular use. One pair with transition lenses to use while cycling!! Exciting!!

Saturday - today we hit the road at 10 am in order to do a 60 km ride and be back here before 2:30. Very important to be back here before 2:30!! I chose today's route ... and chose one we have cycled part of, but not all of, before. The part we had not cycled before was the really hilly section!! In fact, I had forgotten about one of the hills, the steepest one, entirely.

2 km into the ride, we climbed the first hill. Not too bad. 4 km into the ride we climbed the second hill ... the one I had forgotten was there. That was quite a climb!! I was down to 5.5 km on the way up! The rest of the route was undulating, with some wind thrown in for good measure. It was quite a workout, but I felt good most of the way around, and felt great when I finished. It's wonderful to feel good at the end of a ride again.

It was a little cloudy today but the temperature was good - about 15C. Everything is very green around here and flowers are blooming everywhere. The ditches are full of a particular blue flower. The other sign of spring ... the swooping magpies! I lost count of the number of times we were swooped by magpies. I even inadvertently caught one swooping in a photo.

We treated ourselves to slices from a shop with about 16 km to go, and then picked up munchies just before we got home. And we made it home shortly after 2 pm. Just in time for the AFL Grand Final. An AFL Grand Final which turned out to be a history-making Grand Final!!

This is my new set of photos: Cycling in Australia - Spring/Summer 2010/2011

Some samples ...........

Swooping magpie

Sea of blue flowers in the ditch

At the top of the steep hill ... wearing my new sunglasses

View from the top of the steep hill, taken on the way back

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Another ride up GMR with Gina, her 5th week in a row (8 mile clim 2200 ft). Today she said she actually felt better in the late miles after warming up on the climb. Did run into the famous GMR Blogger and buddies. Matt in the blue jersey, Bill in the red helmet and Johnny. Matt was cool enough to hang back with Gina and I for a while and some good chattin' while Glendora Mtn Road blogger flew up the climb. Really surprised that Gina got out of bed at 5:30 to beat the heat haha!

Famous Glendora Mtn Road blogger



Lo Angeles in the distance

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No ride today, 2x CX races tomorrow.
Originally Posted by rjones28
Are they talking about spectators feeding the cyclists? You know, like don't feed the bears?
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Haven't touched the bike in two weeks.
Will start riding again in a week or so until the snow flies. Then it's ski season, and the bike goes back on the hook until March.

Sacrilegious, I know. That's how I don't roll.
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Sunday - on the road again at 10 am, but this time on the tandem rather than our singles.

Today's route was Rowan's choice and was, I think, just as challenging as yesterday's route. It started by climbing right from our doorstep ... a tough climb that has me puffing and panting by the time we get to the top. Perhaps it is because there's no warm-up time before the climbing starts. From there the route had several undulations and several long gradual climbs ... and one stiff climb at the halfway point up to a waterfall.

We lingered in Marysville for a while, having lunch and resting a bit, before tackling the climb to the waterfall. And we walked around a bit when we got to the waterfall before tackling the descent.

Climbing with a tandem is a bit of a challenge ... more difficult (for us with our relative inexperience on the tandem) than climbing with single bicycles. And I find the fast descents a challenge ... but overall, I really enjoy riding the tandem.

Today was beautiful ... you could hardly ask for a nicer day. The high for the day reached somewhere between 16C and 19C, depending on which weather report you believe. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there wasn't much wind.

All up, our ride was 100 km!! The first 100K (metric century) we've ridden in 3 months!! Woo-hoo!!

Cycling in Australia - Spring/Summer 2010/2011

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Nothing special, rode 35 miles on Saturday around the normal routes, combo of trail and pavements.

Raining today, which reminded me that I have to finish overhauling my cross today so I can commute with it tomorrow if the rain keeps up.
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Thurs: first solo century.. tho it ended up short at 99.. but whatever. great temps.. bit more wind than i would have liked but did 6:15 ride time so i was happy with that.
one of the nice views in SE mass

Sun: easy 19mi ride on the bike path before the Pats game.
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I was a volunteer at the Texas Time Trials, and also rode the 12-hour race. I drove down to Glen Rose on Thursday morning, did volunteer stuff Thursday and Friday (and rode just a few miles on the bike) and then the 12-hour event was on Saturday starting at 6:00 AM. I got 158 miles or so. I was 11th out of total of (I think) 13. That was 6 laps around a hilly 26.5 mile loop. The first 4 laps went okay, 5th got very slow, and 6th was better. It rained from about mile 25 to mile 100.

I don't especially like hills, but in the past, I've done better on hills (ie, less bad) than dealing with either heat or wind. Saturday, temperatures were pleasant (around 70?) all day, with minimal wind. So I did about as well as I figured I could. I did set personal bests for fastest 100-mile Century and fastest 200k, and rode farther in one day than I've ever done.
"be careful this rando stuff is addictive and dan's the 'pusher'."
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33 miles today. Rode with the local bike club on the new Sunday route. First sunday group ride ive done in almost 2 months, and surprisingly I finished with the group. The weather couldnt have been any better.
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Saturday: 68 miles, a swim....and a hot dog......after the swim, i realized, i need to work on my core.
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Tour of the Hamptons

Today, my friends and I drove out to the east end of Long Island for the Tour of the Hamptons. 75 miles on the rando bike, 3 PBJ sandwiches, and no flats. Awesome ride past two of the best beaches on the east coast (Georgica and Cooper), several breathtaking mansions on Gin Lane, and mile after mile of flat to rolling blacktop. Finished up with a cup of Hampton Coffee Co, joe. The Kogswell P/R performed like a champ even if I dropped on couple of rollers. Thanks to the good folks at MPBC for staffing the stops and stuffing us with sandwiches.
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50 mi on Sat and Sun in the MS Tour de Tanglewood in NC. Gorgeous Sat but cloudy on Sunday. What a great ride for a great cause. We had a hospital team. Over 1600 riders did the ride.
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I did my first triathlon.


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I feel GREAT today (Monday)! My legs are tired but not stiff and sore. My arms are tired but not in pain. And I feel that nice, comfortable tiredness that comes from doing a lot of exercise in a short period of time when you're fit ... rather than the exhaustion and agony of doing a lot of exercise in a short period of time when you're not fit. This is good! This is a definite improvement over what I was feeling after similar riding weekends back in June.
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Today I climbed and descended Sandia Peak with no helmet. I know it's stupid but I was not gonna wait and sit around with the suburban moms at my daughters practice. I also want to climb 30Kft this month. (not including commuting which is 1500 every week.

It really went easy today but descending was not cool as it rained hard here last Wednesday and there was sand on the side of the road and there were mini rock avalances in 3 places, plus 5PM is when everyone decides to head down on their cars and then I do not have any helmet or gloves for that matter. I asked for a ride from one pickup truck but they were full and did not want to risk getting ticketed if I stayed in the back, besides I probably stank bad. Oh well 30K ft this month. And that was not so many miles for the miles with climbs like < 250.

I carry an old cell phone with a crappy camera...

Here's the debadged Scattante ti.The wheels some heavy velocities and a hand made seat post. I used this bike for all major climbs this month. This is Sandia peak, 10,676 as per the marker.

It has been full moon and the mountain look like this last night. Not my photo some random internet search. I had climbed it last month from house in the valley but it is a chore to get there. It is a century+ for me. I had been climbing it by starting the back side or Carnuel canyon sometimes and had been doing it when I bring my daughter to practice on the weekends and midweek.

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Hot ride on the trail today with Gina. Not much in the way of ride footage so I just posted a couple clips of some madness. We did however run into Lucas at the coast. WHAT! Another set of wheels? Pretty nice wheels, I'll give him that!

Also ran into an older gentleman and friend, 78 year old Jack. Now this dude is one of my heroes. The story you ask? Gina and I met Jack back in 1998 at his age of 65. We had just bought our tandem and were geting prety good at riding it since we rode tandem for nearly a year straight without touching the singles. Keep in mind, Jack still dresses the same. So he pulls up ON HIS UPRIGHT, NOT A BENT and inquires about the tandem a bit, then offers some riding tips. Yeah yeah, who is this old guy? He says, "well see ya kiddies later!" Then BAM he's GONE! OK, so maybe this old dude dressing funny does know something about riding.

We see him week after week and jeepers, the dude is fast! We'd leave the coast together and within one mile, he's out of sight, and we were on the tandem thinking we were doing pretty good. Never has he changed outfit styles and rode his bike with his icechest type helmet, a very deceiving dude on a good but not so fancy looking bike. This is the time in your life when you realize, it aint the bike.

So one day he pulls up showing us his computer registering 24 mph AVERAGE on his ride. Holy smokes! 65 year old dude doing 24! Which leads to a funny story. We're at the coast one day and a large group of hotshot race club riders (according to their jerseys) shows up from a local LBS (I won't mention names to save those the embarrassment haha!). The group of about 15 start to headout from the beachstop then Jack says, "well kiddies, let me head on out with these guys and see if I can keep up". I just laughed and said, "take it easy on them Jack!".

A couple of the guys looked at me and laughed as if to say "yeah right". That's the beauty of Jack's ride attire! Gina and I head out about 2 minutes after the group and Jack. We hit the Honda Center Park to refill water and the group is there. I walked up to the guy that laughed when I made the comment to Jack and asked, "where's the old guy?" he just looked at me and said, " that mother (insert word here) took off and dropped all of us!". I just laughed and said, "that's what I thought haha!". Geeze, I hate to see guys get old, especially the old heroes but it happens. But the lesson learned, you can learn alot for the old guys and don't judge a book by the cover, or a rider by his otfit! 78 now and just won a battle with some cancer, the dude still has the spirit of a warrior! One of those stories I never hesitate to tell.

78 yo Jack and his bent

Lucas the Wheel Man and another new set of wheels

Gina after a hot ride

I SWEAR! I asked Gina to take a pic of me with the beach scenery background. I had no idea she'd capture a bikini, darn Gina trying to get me in trouble!
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well hello there
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Checked out a new club ride. About 40 or 45 miles. meh.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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Originally Posted by Menel
Sunday: 104 Miles
Coming out of 60deg low
50% Chance of precipitation
37% T-Storms


Last ride that was coming out of a 59deg low, I nearly froze particularly when descending, and that was on a nice clear day. How do I even cope with that + rain!? =(

Arm/Leg Warmers, or they just get soaked and worthless?
Wind/Rain proof vest?

I ate adding new clothing(variable) on an event day *grumble* =/
Did pick up some Sugoi arm and knee warmers with the silicone grippers, etc. Stayed cool to cold through ride. They stayed in place, no complaints.
"The Six Gap Century’s ultra challenging route takes you up and down six of the steepest climbs in the North Georgia Mountains. Test your stamina with more than 11,200 feet of vertical climbing over the 104 mile course. Elevations for the six gaps in this ride range from 1,400 feet to 3,460 feet. The toughest climb, Hogpen Gap, will test even the strongest riders, averaging a 7% grade for seven miles, with sections as steep as 15%."
1 Neal's Gap > 2 Jack's Gap > 3 Unicoi Gap > 4 Hogpen Gap > 5 Wolfpen Gap > 6 Woody Gap

7am; Getting ready. 65F, torrential downpour, thunder and lightning, knocks power out at school, blowing tents around. Completely soaked, least I got it over with early… =/

7:30am; Weather let up some, tapered back to just a light sprinkle, we all got in the starting block and off we went. I missed starting with the big cycling group on last/first Century, this was really neat, really slow, but wasn’t too scary. Took longer than I expected to break up, but by the time I reached Neal’s we were stretched out, few in sight in front, few within sight behind.

Climbing Neal’s, “CHA-PING*… what!? Didn’t know what happened, didn’t feel hiccup in drive-train, still had pedal power, so kept on trucking. Got down into the valley after Neal’s and felt like I had no leg power, already fading? Then climbing Jack’s was haaaard. Many of the cyclist I had passed climbing Neal's and through the valley started blowing by me =(. Finally a cyclist came up behind me and tipped me off that my rear wheel was out of true, glance down confirmed that, WAY out of true, he mentioned I probably broke a spoke… So I stopped, and looked, sure enough. Great…. hmmmm what now? *shrug, first time for me* Bike is technically working, so I kept on.

Muscled it to the top of Jack’s, checked on wheel in more detail. I couldn’t turn it by hand easily. It didn’t free spin, opening the brakes didn’t help, it was rubbing in almost the full rotation, against the seat-stays and chain-stays. So I loosened the quick release lever, cocked the wheel a little to the right to get it off of the stays, and tightened it back up. Tinkered with brake tension until I had a little bit if I pulled it all the way to the handle bar, but really didn’t have much. Taped the broken spoke to the adjacent one using two pre-glued patches from my kit. And descending Jack’s I went.

Climbed Unicoi and Hogpen like this.

Hogpen was something else, that hurt. When we hit the road to go up Hogpen, there were I’m thinking 2 good climbs that made me think it was starting, but not really. Then I hit the KOM marker, 10K (6.2Mi) to the top. That’s when the pain started, that was steep, way steep, like straight up steep. There was a rest stop at the halfway mark, sign there said 3.1Mi to go, I stopped briefly, mainly to drink. It’s hard to grab a bottle to drink when your holding onto your handle bars and muscling the bike for all your worth. I saw several people who gave up and walked, a few who zig zagged back and forth across the road. I don’t blame them, it potentially warranted it, but I managed a straight line =)

Top of Hogpen, rest stop, had a Free Flite mechanic, but he had no spokes =( Descending Hogpen was no laughing matter, wow. No rear brake to speak of, drenched roads with the volunteers warning of slippery conditions. It took all I had to keep it under 30mph in some sections.

Next rest stop, another mechanic, had a spoke kit. Spent forever trying to fix it, getting old nipple out, trying to fit spoke, apparently all of his were to long or to short. Tried to rethread one custom to fit. In the end, no repair. He did partially true it back in for me when he put it all back together, and readjusted brakes, yay! But during that long break, my legs got cold and cramped some. What did I have to warm them up with, but straight into Wolfpen Gap =O

Pretty uneventful from there, business as usual climbing Wolfpen and Woody, just pedaling, battling fatigue, grey skies, rain. I imagine there were some pretty spectacular sight's if viewing distance wasn't worthless. Descents were cold, very cold, and ground was extremely wet, I rode the brakes and descended much more cautiously than usual =/

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Little disappointed I didn’t make it in under 7hr moving time, but burnt a lot of time fighting friction in that rear wheel, and waiting around on repair.

  • Bottle 1: Accelerade, 7 scoops , ~840 cal
    • 2 Scoops in first bottle starting out
    • 2.5 scoops in two different zip lock baggies for my 2 planned refills.
  • Bottle 2: 5 NUUN Tablets
    • 1.5 in first and second bottle, when it was running low that second bottle seemed bland, so used 2 full tablets for third bottle.
  • ~4 Larabars, 920 cal
Went through about 6 bottles of fluid total.

I like the nutrition details on the Accelerade, and it does really well. But jeeeeez, makes bottle NASTY.

All my shenanigans with bike fit/changes/upgrades served well, bigger cassette was probably a necessity on Wolfpen, shoes/pedal system held up perfectly with no numbness/burning, saddle treated me great with no numbness/pain(a little sit bone pain, but that's not so bad), GP4000 tires did great still holding even on the wet and no flats, switch to bib-shorts meant comfort and no readjusting and no more getting rubbed raw!

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