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raywillson 09-30-10 05:44 PM

need help!
I found a Huffy Aerowind for $75 on craigslist, but I'm hoping to talk her down on the price a little bit. is it worth it? it's obviously used (from what I found it's a late 70's/early 80's model) but it's in pretty good condition.

cpjolicoeur 09-30-10 06:03 PM

Jump all over that mess. It's probably worth $4,500 easy

raywillson 09-30-10 06:09 PM

whoa, seriously?? thanks man, I'll go snag that thing. I just started biking, wanted to make sure I would be getting a decent first bike.

rffffffff 09-30-10 06:14 PM

He's smoking crack. $2,500 max.

awesomejack 09-30-10 06:18 PM

He's kidding. If the bike is in working condition/not total trash, it would be worth $75 on

HMF 09-30-10 06:19 PM

It really depends how much carbon is on it. Tap the frame. If it goes "ting", keep searching. If it goes "tack"- buy it.

Scrockern8r 09-30-10 06:20 PM

^^If you hear buzzing. There's a bee nest inside the frame. RUN!

rekmeyata 09-30-10 06:27 PM

That was a weird bike, it was an attempt from Huffy to make an upscale bike for the Walmart type of customer but it failed. The frame was cheap and heavy, and they used Shimano AX group which was not reliable. It was in other words a decent starter bike. As far as value goes, I wouldn't pay $75 for it unless in mint condition, so maybe $25 if it's less then mint. I also wouldn't try to repair or replace the derailleurs, in fact if you decide to get it I would convert it a fixie, it would be cheaper to do that and in the long run more reliable.

raywillson 09-30-10 07:04 PM

hmmm interesting. idk if I'll be able to talk them down to $25 though. thanks for da help

Seattle Forrest 10-01-10 12:20 AM

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