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chop_suey 06-12-11 08:18 PM

Pics of my Lemond
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hey just wanted to post a few pics of my ride, lemme know what you all think
its a 98 Lomond Buenos Aires

jamesdak 06-12-11 08:33 PM

Very nice and clean looking. My Zurich is sort of a mess. They are sweet rides though aren't they?

chop_suey 06-12-11 08:34 PM

Thanks! & yes they are!

M_FactorX19 06-12-11 08:38 PM

nice. i love Lemonds. ill always have a soft spot for Lemonds as that was my first road bike.

rjones28 06-12-11 08:39 PM

Very nice.

Nachoman 06-12-11 11:30 PM

That chain is so pimp.

AAZ 05-13-13 09:31 PM

Nice bike. Your '98 is a different color from mine, which is light blue with yellow decals.

shoota 05-13-13 10:08 PM

That bike deserves a wireless computer.

pdxtex 05-13-13 11:02 PM

so whats the story? original owner? it looks like its seen some sensible upgrades also. is that black 105?

YOJiMBO20 05-13-13 11:15 PM

Lamest necrothread ever.

Look at the OP date, people.

chop_suey 05-20-13 06:14 AM

^^^ hahaha, it has been a few years. No im not the original owner, and yes that the black 105

AAZ 05-26-13 10:40 PM

The claimed year is all wrong unfortunately.

Nice bike though.

alexaschwanden 05-27-13 12:37 AM

Nice bike.

chop_suey 05-27-13 04:51 AM


Originally Posted by AAZ (Post 15671052)
The claimed year is all wrong unfortunately.

Nice bike though.

What year model do I have? I was told it was a 98 from the guy I bought it from, o well.

AAZ 06-03-13 07:16 AM

I have a 1998 which looks very different:

Yours is (mostly) a 1997.

rooftest 06-03-13 10:44 AM

Surprised it still has the Race Lite wheels - those things are damn near worthless.

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