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Rob13 11-30-12 02:20 PM

Here are several Giants I have built in the past.

surgeonstone 12-01-12 11:49 AM

Beautiful bikes.

w0lffian 01-25-13 04:11 PM


I have that 2003 tcr upgraded to sram red as well
in fact, Ive been tempted to get a newer frame..
how do those newer frames compare to the older one?
btw.. I'm in sacramento myself

( I know.. Zombie Thread alert)

BarryJo 01-26-13 07:03 PM

My rides:

e_guevara 01-27-13 01:47 AM

Anyone for a little nostalgia?

My Giant TCR c2000. Has since been repainted numerous times. It's a training/backup bike now.


Just put the racing wheels (Mavic Cosmic Carbones 2011) for the photo-op :D

psuaero 01-27-13 10:26 AM

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Still loving my 2010 TCR. It's only Shimano 105 but no problems with that other than it's not Di2. Last summer I picked up new wheels (November 58 clinchers).

ARPRINCE 01-27-13 10:51 AM

For the 2013 TCR Composite 0, it says T-600 Carbon Fiber. What does that exactly mean if I compare it to Cannondale's line-up, it looks like it is a step below SuperSix (I've seen the Giant video about the stiffness etc.). I'm interested because I'm seriously considering the 2013 model with the Di2. It looks so cool and I just love the color scheme (ie. @Rob13 Blue and @BarryJoe Blue) and it has a good price comparatively.

My Giant LBS is closing out the 2012 TCR Advanced 0 but I really don't like the color. Looking to test ride one on spring but probably won't get one until the 2014 model comes out (AUg/Sep).

BarryJo 01-27-13 03:32 PM

Here's the page with all of Giant's carbon fiber materials and the bikes they are used on (see bottom chart).

It doesn't provide comparisons with other manufacturers carbon, just their own bikes.
If you want the blue in a higher end bike, Giant is coming out with their version of an aero bike in March, the Propel. Lot's of blue on this bike.

Canadian_giant 03-15-13 09:03 AM

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Here's my latest acquisition: 2012 Giant TCR Composite 1. As a Defy owner for years, I am looking forward to the aggressive ride this thing has!

johnnywhale 03-15-13 04:14 PM

Just sold this one, sorry for the "wrong" side picture, honest, I didn't know better!

Canadian_giant 03-15-13 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by johnnywhale (Post 15391578)
Just sold this one, sorry for the "wrong" side picture, honest, I didn't know better!

What did you replace it with?

Crabtree4 03-15-13 08:15 PM

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My new 2013 Giant TCR Advanced SL.
PRO Vibe7s bar & Romin Evo Expert saddle.

ColtJ 03-15-13 08:27 PM

Shot from Wednesdays early ride.


RoadMike 03-15-13 08:51 PM

New tires, I really like the look now!

rpenmanparker 03-16-13 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by Hapsmo911 (Post 12991723)
I bought mine last year and like it enough. I started racing this season and bought a bike with Srram and prefer it over Shimano. This year I am hopen to upgrade to Red, waiting to see what frame I will end up with. Might stick with this one although if I did it all over I would have sized down.

Sizing is a very personal thing, but I can't see from the picture how you could size down. You want more exposed seat post? Fewer steerer tube spacers? Shorter stem? You are already near the reasonable limits on all of those. Am I missing something? BTW, verrry nice bike.

rpenmanparker 03-16-13 07:01 AM in advance for the wrong sided photo. What was I thinking? This is my own build up of a used 2009 TCR Advanced frame I bought on ebay. As shown in showroom condition = 13.86 lb, with full riding "kit" (pedals, cages, computer and mount) = 14.61 lb. Previously posted in my thread, "Why Not Lighter".

the fly 03-16-13 10:46 AM

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Built up TCR C1 from ebay/amazon/nashbar parts.

Not really qualified to judge bikes with my limited cycling experience, but I really love how it turned out. So much better than my decade old aluminum Trek (nothing against Trek). It makes me want to ride. Can't ask for more than that.

e_guevara 03-23-13 11:02 AM

Updates on my training/backup bike


New stem - Giant Alloy
New seatpost - Giant carbon-wrapped Alu
New crankset - Shimano 105 5700
New wheelset - Fulcrum Racing Quattro

vale46 06-17-14 03:30 PM

Here is mine.

lsberrios1 06-17-14 03:54 PM

Cool! Didn't know this thread existed. Time to show my TCR... AGAIN!

ColtJ 06-17-14 08:33 PM

Alloyrider 06-17-14 08:34 PM

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Heres a pic of my 13 TCR comp 1

mercator 06-18-14 08:55 PM

lsberrios1 06-18-14 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by mercator (Post 16863480)

I am a little concerned with my fascination for pink... I like it a lot. Nice bike! Nice drop too :thumb:

prorobo 08-19-14 05:53 PM

Definitely not as popular as the cult of Caad thread on here but I might be contributing in here versus that thread soon enough!

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